Everything in this part is placed in order when I got the achievements. In the second part achievements are split in categories. To get all the achievements all that needs to be done is to complete all possible missions available, but keep in mind that there are a few skippable achievemnts even by doing that. Some of them need you to lose during particular fights in third and sixth chapter, so better save regularly.

Good night, Fancia

First achivement, we get it after starting the game.

A good start

Shortly after the game starts, we experience our first fight. We get it after we kill the last darkritter.

Adventure, or the prelude of conspiracy?

After our first battle we get into a short conversation and then get the achievement.

Time Chamber

(ingame) ESC —> Training

Brighter light

(ingame) ESC —> Perk

You have to upgrade one.

Petals of Dreams

During main campagin Felicia will touch some relic and we will be able to get new upgrades. We also get this achievement.

Someone else’s business

We get it upon completing our first side mission.

From zero to ten

We get it after 10th fight.

Become your ideal self

We get at the end of the first chapter.

Ever-youth Tulip

We get it after side quest My Sister IV, which can be done during our time in Starshard beacon.

Evening Primrose

We get it after side quest Amnesiac IV, which can be done during our time in Starshard beacon.

Failure is the mother of success


Rebel without a cause

We get this achivement at the end of second chapter.

Strategy master

We get it at the start of third chapter, during the fight on the swamp.

Warm-hearted Illuminator

As written, you have to complete 40 side missions. By doing every single one you should get this achievement during first duel on arena during your time on the swamp.

Spirit Willow

We get it after completing side quest Dark Duel IV during 3 chapter on the swamp.

Highland Sunflower

Complete Maze With Branching Paths IV while staying in Earthcaress Beacon.

The pain of growth

We get it after arriving at Highmoon Beacon.

Goddess of War

If you are doing every mission it should unlock during third chapter.

Oblivion is the best remedy


We alawys “wake up” in the end

Complete third chapter.

Illuminators, Time, Lives

By doing everything I unlocked it after leaving Light Pollution’s base.

Nightsky Cercis

Complete Farmland Investigation IV in fourth chapter.

Silent Cercis

Complete Secret of Earthcaress Beacon IV in fourth chapter.

Wisdom Catkins

Complete Dream Racer IV in fourth chapter.

Light Weaver

Complete Starkiss Also Has Worries? IV after coming back to the Starshard beacon.

Silver Lining

Complete You Are Not Alone IV while staying at Starshard beacon for the second time.


Complete Illusion IV after leaving Starshard beacon.

As long as we reach that place

We get it at the end of the fourth chapter.


Complete Like a Guiding Ray IV in fifth chapter.

Bella Rosa

Complete This Tender Night IV after returning to Rosecrown beacon.

Azure Daisy

Complete Enhancement Training IV after returning to Rosecrown beacon.

Snow Lotus

Complete Duty of an Arboranger IV after returning to Rosecrown beacon.

Neon Glitter

Complete Road of Idol IV after returning to Rosecrown beacon.

Breeze Moss

Complete Green-Haired Deity IV after returning to Rosecrown beacon.

Fog Ocean Seremban

Complete Pure Stars IV after returning to Rosecrown beacon.

Bliding light

Max out your perks. All needed photons should be collected after 52 main mission.


Complete fifth chapter.

Nameless Flora

Complete My Partner VI in sixth chapter.

Canyon Orchid

Complete Younger Sister’s Resolution IV in sixth chapter.

Dream Carnation

Complete Arboranger Mission IV in sixth chapter.

Sunset Calendula

Complete Way of a Sage IV in sixth chapter.

Spear Begonia

Complete Expert in Illuminator Issues IV in sixth chapter.

The garden

By doing everything it should unlock after 55th main mission.

Welcome back

Choose reality. To do that you need to finish all 6 Alina’s side missions.

The girl who fell to earth

By doing everything it should unlock after 57th main mission.

All the nights in the world

Complete all side missions. By doing everything, the last one appears after 57th main mission.

Most radiant light ever

By doing everything we get it after last side mission.

Abyss Lycoris

Complete River of Memory IV in last chapter.

Ultra blossom

We have to get level 10 of Fancia’s flower. It happens after last side mission.

Afternoon time of music with you

It should unlock after ending the game.

Good morning, Fancia

Finish the game.

The infinity of lists

It should unlock after finishing the game (at least after )

Bouquet to someone important

It should unlock after finishing the game (at least after

Towards the future…

One of the endings. To get this achievement we have to gather all 34 Blessing Flowers and also decide earlier to stay in reality (which requires finishing all six Alina’s side missions).

Long-gone memories.

We get it for loading save file, which we get after finishing the game.

Fps Crisis

Use 9 different bonuses in blessings tab. It is possible on blessing flower level 9.

Being the deity

One of the endings. You have to stay in reality (so you need to do all Alina’s side missions) and then decide to inherit Inlixa’s power.

Farewell and proceed

One of the endings. We have to stay in reality (so you need to do all Alina’s side missions) and then don’t inherit Inlixa’s power.


Birds in the cage, flowers in the mirror

Reject reality, embrace dream and after that win against Alina.

Remembrance of things past

It should unlock after witnessing all the endings.

Request from a thousand years ago

During a fight with last boss die by a black hole.

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

It should show after doing every ending.

So close, so distant

Decide to choose dream in 6th chapter while talking to Lumina and lose druing second phase of fight with Alina (after special cutscene with her attacking from the sky).

Deity from outside the Arboretia

Acquire all the achievements.


Main story quests

Side quests

Gameplay quests/miscellaneous

Endings/skippable achievements