Nordic Ashes: How to Unlock All Characters

A guide to show you easy ways on how to get specific characters.


Unlock all Characters

Welcome to this guide!

in the following guide, you will get some tips on how to unlock all the characters in an easy way. Keep in mind there are probably different ways to approach this; this is just how I managed to do it.


Beende Niflheim auf Hard mit mindestens einem Eis-Herz
Spielt hierfür am besten als Amaranth und skillt ihre Fähigkeit “Smaragarmreif” die euch alle 50 Sekunden ein grünes Herz gibt. Grüne Herzen gehen automatisch an letzter Stelle. Sprich, sobald ihr 2 Eisherzen habt, könnt ihr schauen das ihr euch einen Puffer aus grünen Herzen aufbaut, damit ihr so die Eisherzen schützen könnt.Complete Niflheim on Hard with at least one Ice Heart. For this, it’s best to play as Amaranth and level up her skill “Emerald Bracelet,” which grants you a green heart every 50 seconds. Green hearts are automatically placed at the end. So, once you have 1-2 ice hearts, try to build up a buffer of green hearts to protect the ice hearts.


Obtain 2 full green hearts in one round
To achieve this, you simply need to have at least 2 green hearts in a single round. Choose the character you feel most comfortable with to avoid taking damage. There isn’t much else to consider.


Find his gravesite
In the character selection, you will be shown the exact level you need to play and the wave you need to reach. Once you are there, search the map for Blud’s gravesite (tombstone with a red moon on it) and touch it. It should open, and a question mark should appear.
(Screenshot to follow)


Conquer “Halvard the destroyer”
Halvard is the second mini boss in Midgard.


Free 100,000 Enemy Shadows
For this, just play the game, as soon as you manage to kill 100,000 enemies, you unlock Hansi.


Have at least 8 hearts of any kind in one round
It’s best to focus on relics that add red hearts. It doesn’t matter if they are full or empty hearts, as empty ones can be filled with potions. However, blue hearts should also be taken if you don’t find enough relics by the end of the round.Helpful relics include:
Butter Cookie
Loaf of Bread
Sea Urchin

If you’re unsure how to unlock these, you can either check the achievements in the game or refer to this guide.


Enter the shop 7 times without buying anything
In the character selection, you will see the character name as “???????” – for each visit to the shop where you don’t make a purchase, one “?” will disappear. Absolutely nothing should be done in the shop, and the crystal should not be collected. To be on the safe side, simply leave the shop immediately. The easiest way to do this is with Talkor since you generally want to keep your gold with him.Some sources on the internet suggest that you need to have unlocked 7 relics and 7 artifacts each in the glossary. Unfortunately, I couldn’t personally confirm or refute this as I unlocked M.I.S.S.I.N.G. very late in the game.


Talkör’s Favor
To gain my trust, you must shop with me 25 times. You can always find Talkôr at the end of each pre-boss room*.


Slay “The Skavenger King”
That is the first mini boss in Midgard

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