Nova Drift: How to get Divide by Zero Achievement

A guide on the upgrades and strategy needed to survive and get 40 warp explosions



Disclaimer- This will take a bit and you will likely be over level 35 by the time you unlock this achievement

Goal- Cause 40 warp explosions

Starting equipment and strategy

Weapon- Blades
Body- Engineer
Shield- Warp

Strategy- You will be breaking your shield a lot whether you like it or not. It is best to grab hull upgrades like Force Armor and Reactive Armor. since you will be breaking your shield, why not weaponize it? grab shield recharge upgrades along with Volatile Shields. you won’t need much else then that since the amount of shield bursts happening at once is going to do lots of damage


The only way to even get that many warp shields is with constructs

DO NOT take any upgrades that will disable you from firing your main weapon!

Important upgrades-

  • Shielded Contracts (construct)
  • Advanced Engineering (contract)
  • Drones (construct)
  • Loaded Mines (construct)
  • Minefield (construct)
  • Turret(construct)
  • Splinter (weapon)
  • Volley (weapon)
  • Fusillade (weapon)

—-Optional Upgrades—–

Survival Upgrades-

  • Efficiency (hull/shields)
  • Regeneration (hull)
  • Regenerative Shields (shield)
  • Force Armor (hull)
  • Absorption (hull)
  • Shield Cooldown (shield)

Offensive Upgrades-

  • Volatile Shields (shields)
  • Flash Shielding (Shields)
  • Rocket Drones (drones)
  • Overclock (turret)
  • War Machine (turret)
  • Discord (Wild Mod)

My full upgrade list-


  • Blades destroy enemy projectiles, if your getting overwhelmed, throw your blades and clear a path!
  • Prioritize enemies with lasers or things that go through your shield
  • Blades can reach behind obstacles like that red-black hole boss’ orbs and the front shielded mine enemies. use your blades to help your contracts.
  • Keep your drones by your side, you don’t have a personal shield, so use them as one.

By Evilerskull88

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