Nyaruru Fishy Fight: 100% Achievement Guide

100% Achievement guide for Nyaruru Fishy Fight


Unmissable Achievements

These 10 achievements are automatically acquired as you follow the story:

Sober her up!
Lily has been drinking too much, it’s time to sober her up.
Catch the thief
You found the stolen money!
Sober her up again!
She is drunk, is she really drunk?
Good night
Give the deceived lady a good rest.
We work together
Together we have defeated our enemy!
A familiar place
This place looks familiar.
Irin says this is our secret.
Vampire Killer
How can you be so strong to defeat the vampire lord Dracula?
Big rat
Look at those mouse murals on the wall.
A friendly cat
Tell Eliza that Nyaruru is very friendly.

Missable Achievements

These 8 achievements need to be finished within specific times during the story. The following are in descending order:

Best friend

Get hit in the head by Lily’s frying pan.

While fighting Lily in the Magic School get hit by her frying pan. In the low chance you miss it, it may be possible to get it in the boss rush.

Stealing money is not good

Return the stolen money back to Lily.

  1. When you first go to Lily’s house, steal 500 gold from the leftmost cabinet in the first floor.
  2. After coming back to Meow Town with Lily (after beating the Principal’s cat), go to Lily’s house immediately. After a bit of dialogue there will be an option to return the stolen gold and you should choose to return it for the achievement.

Yuri’s Rabbit Doll
  1. Go to the following location in Dark Forest during the first night (after beating the Principal’s Cat) and head towards the rabbit doll.
  2. Go to the following location in Lake Clarice during the second night (after beating Berries) and move towards the rabbit doll to get teleported to Yuri.

Beautiful night

Enjoy the beautiful starry sky with Lily on the rooftop.

During the first night (after beating the Principal’s cat) instead of returning to Meow Town, go to the Magic School with Lily. Go to the topmost balcony in the school and a short event will occur.
This is the balcony I am talking about:

A timid cat

Run away alone in the battle with The Eye of Plague.

During the fight with the Eye of Plague in the first labyrinth, keep using Cat Tumbling (Up + Y on an Xbox controller) on it till you can jump over it. Leave the fight through the right for the achievement.

Master is the best

Her arms were so reassuring…

During the fight with Nyarutoru after you reach half of her health, a teddy bear will pop up at the leftmost corner and two rabbit dolls in the rightmost corner. Keep attacking the bear’s eyes till they pop out and then move the eyes towards the rabbits by attacking the eyes. The eyes will pop into the rabbit with no eyes and the fight will end. You will become a white cat after which go to the left towards Yoru.

On the Back of Yakcats

Reach the top of the yakcats tower

After defeating the projection of Theia in the Sea of Stars, go back to the Magic School. There will be a tower of Yakcats to the left of the school. Go to the top balcony of the school and reach near the top of the tower.

Lily’s mocking

If you’re defeated by Theia…

Get defeated by Theia once for the achievement.


All 4 endings depend on your actions right before or during the final fight with the Plague Witch so it’s possible to get them all from one save just before the fight.

Achieve Ending 1

When the rabbit doll shows up around halfway through the fight, choose “Focus on the Present”.

Achieve Ending 2

When the rabbit doll shows up around halfway through the fight, choose “Accept the Past” and defeat Yuri. After that, use your ultimate ability on the defeated Yuri to trigger a 2nd phase.

Achieve Ending 3

When the rabbit doll shows up around halfway through the fight, choose “Accept the Past” and defeat Yuri. A pit pops up on the floor and you should choose to go down it.

Achieve Ending 4

Fast travel to the church labyrinth and go back to where you fought Shadow Lily. She’ll show up and go towards where the Plague Witch was trapped. Follow her and enter the crystal.

Miscellanous Achievements

These 4 achievements can be acquired at any time:

How can you sleep like this?

Fall asleep while being squashed.

The boulders in the game can squash you. I recommend going to the following place in Dark Forest and lowering your health to near death through the traps/monsters, getting squashed and then immediately falling on the trap.

A new sleeping position

Fall asleep upside down.

Go to Frozen Plateau. Lower your health till close to death and attack a wand to become upside down and then die to a monster or trap.

The price of greed

Calico cats are not happy with their stolen snack.

In Frozen Plateau there are a couple spots where calico cats are guarding fish. Simply eat one for the achievement. This is one of them:

Wanna to play acrobatics?

Enter an area without a ceiling when inverting.

In Frozen Plateau in the area right before fighting Eliza, jump above the rock formation and use the ultimate skill Fish Shockwave to attack the wand from there.

Boss Rush

Boss Rush is unlocked after you finish the story. It has these 4 achievements which are self explanatory:

Long journey
Complete the Boss Rush.
Glory of cat
Rated 30+ stars in Boss Rush.
Aura of cat
Rated 40+ stars in Boss Rush.
Cat goddess
Rated 50+ stars in Boss Rush.


With this you should have all 30 achievements. Please let me know if I missed anything or if anything needs further clarification and I’ll update the guide. Thanks for reading!

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