Old School RuneScape: Interactive Map 2021 [OSRS]

A (new) interactive map of the RuneScape surface! Including the entire Teleport Network, Monster Spawns, Resource Spawns, Wilderness Map, Quests and more!


RuneScape Surface Map

Hey everyone!

Myself and a few others have been putting together an interactive map for Old School RuneScape! After many months of work and 2500+ location pins later – it’s finally ready! \o/

OSRS Surface Map


Right now we only have the surface done – but we’re planning on adding dungeons, interiors, etc.

Some of the things on the map:

  • Points of Interest (Altars, Transportation Links, Rune Altars, etc.)
  • The Teleport Network (Fairy Rings, Wilderness Obelisks, Special Item Teleports, Spell Teleports)
  • Resources (Trees, Mining Areas, Fishing Spots, etc.)
  • Enemies – Bosses & Monsters (for Slayer tasks)
  • NPC’s, Shops & Workstations
  • Quests, Kourend Tasks & Minigames
  • + plenty more!

By Tspoon

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