One Piece Odyssey: Controls for Exploration and Combat

Here are the basic controls for One Piece Odyssey on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


One Piece Odyssey Controls

Combat Controls

Action Input
Move Left Stick
Camera Control Right Stick
Auto Run L3 button
Action ◌/B button
Jump X/A button
Observation Haki △/Y button
Change Lead Member L or R D-Pad (Directional Button)
View Map Touchpad
View Menu Option button
Aiming Mode L2 button
Run R2 button

Exploration Controls

Action Input
Attack Up D-Pad (Directional Button)
Item Left D-Pad (Directional Button)
Battle Skills Right D-Pad (Directional Button)
Confirm ◌/B button
Go Back X/A button
Tactics △/Y button
Change Turn Order L1/R1 button

That’s all the game controls for One Piece Odyssey. as the game is upcoming, we will update more information in near future.

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