OneShot: All Achievements Guide 2022

A guide on how to get all achievements for completionists.


Chaotic Evil
Don’t do that!

Location: The Barrens

There are 2 ways of getting this achievement. One is to try putting the light bulb in the metal crusher in one of the building. You can also try combining the crowbar (or metal rod) with the light bulb.

Not fun.

Location: Any

Interact with a generator while it’s on.

Extreme Bartering
Exhausting all possibilities, are we?

Location: The Glen

There are a few items that you will need in order to get this achievement.

  • Lightbulb
  • Wool (Make sure to refuse first offer for dye and ram t-shirt)
  • Dye
  • Ram T-shirt
  • Seed
  • Tube of water
  • Amber
  • Feather

Try trading all of the items listed with the trader.

Ram Whisperer
Herd rams with ease.

Location: The Glen

Finish the ram herding puzzle without ringing the bell.

Favorite food.

Location: Refuge

This achievement can be found through the simple act of progressing through OneShot. You can get this achievement when you bring Niko to the café in Refuge before you enter the Tower.

We Ride at Dawn

Location: Refuge

Go into the 3rd room of the apartments and enter the 3rd door in that room. Interact with the roomba on the floor and ride it around until you’ve covered the entire apartment. Go to the door once you’ve finished cleaning the entire floor.


Location: Refuge

Find the door in the Back Alleys with the ram graffiti on it. Once you’ve found it, interact with the door while having the ram T-shirt equipped.

Read books in the library.

Location: Refuge

Interact with all of the glowing books in the library. (And the ones in George’s room)

A sidequest.

Location: Refuge

Once you’ve reached Refuge, use the seed on the guard robot to gain access to the garden. Put the seed in the pot in the middle of the garden. After talking to Plight, go to the apartments. Enter the apartment with the plants in front of it. Talk to the gardener inside of the apartment. They will give you dirt that you need to put in the pot. Exit the apartments and fast travel back to the garden. Put the dirt in the pot with the seed. DO. NOT. USE. THE. TUBE. OF. WATER. YET. (Trust me, I made the mistake of watering the plant before getting the water pill on my first playthrough.)
Help Plight fix the elevator button, and get to the ground. Once you’re on Vendor Street, find the person with the water cup head. Talk to them and they will give you a water pill. Fast travel back to Elevator Street and go back to the surface. Once you’re back up, put the water pill in the tube of water. Go to the garden and water the plant with the medicated water. After these steps have been followed, choosing “Return the sun” at the end of the session will give you the Rebirth achievement.

Back to its roots.

Beat OneShot without closing the game. (Except for sleeping and the puzzle at the tower base where you have to close the game.)


After beating the game once, go to Documents/My Games/OneShot and delete the file named “save_progress.oneshot”. This will give you the option to do the “Solstice” route.

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