OneShot Fading Memory: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a full guide on how to get all achievements in OneShot: Fading Memory.


“ad sielo”

Start again fading memory storyline with another saves.

“speed demon”

In fading memory storyline, in house were you arrive, find scissors and run with them.

“Electrical conduction”

Touch the activated generator in barrens (outpost backroom) or in power room.

“Ad ascensio”

Finish original storyline in this mod

“My burden is dead”

You need to kill Niko…After closing the game in fading memory storyline, dark light or darker light, you have chance to kill h . (below there will be a dialogue before closing, thanks to it you will be able to match the “chance”(if you are monster))
first closing: 0%
This action will temporarily save your progress. However, this will take a toll on Niko.Are you sure you want to do this?
Second closing: 10%
There is a chance Niko won’t make it. Are you sure you want to do this?
Third closing: 25%
I don’t know how much more Niko can take. Are you sure you want to do this?
Fourth closing: 65%
“User`s name”, you really should stop soon… Niko can’t take much more.
Fifth closing: 70%
I… This is near murder…
Sixth closing: 85%
“User`s name”, Niko’s odds of survival are worse than if they were playing a game of Russian Roulette…
Seventh and after: 90%
This is lunacy.

“Pointy conundrum”

You need to touch the big green gem in hallway

“The longest day”

Finish solstice storyline in this mod.

“Test of patience”

Click at this plant +- 50 times

“The world is ending”

Complete dark light (original storyline wiith 45 min timer)
Attention: Now, due to a bug, it is impossible to legally pass. WE NEED FIX!

“The pressure is on”

Complete the darker light (original storyline with 35 min timer).
Attention: Now, due to a bug, it is impossible to legally pass. WE NEED FIX!

“Lost friend” and “Blackout”

These achievements are almost the same with only one difference at the end. I will highlight this moment.
All will be in fading memory storyline after activating generator.
Firslty: you need to find and read 2 notes, one in sleeping quarters, second in a secret room in the mine shaft.

Secondly: you need to talk with menderbot, he will somewhere here;
Chose second dialog, after this, leave him and talk againg, after addition dialog leave him and talk again, after last dialog, he will run away to the mines. run after him the same path that you ran after the second note.
And here the difference:

“Lost friend”: as soon as you enter the room, run to the closet and pick up the jack and help him. You will have 15 sec for this. after this leave the mine shaft with him.

“Blackout”: as soon as you enter the room, you may do nothing until music plaing. After this talk with him.

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