Orcs Must Die! 3: 15 Tips & Tricks to Start

Make the green fiends in Orcs Must Die! 3 life difficult? Then I have 15 tips, tricks and strategies for you!


Tip 1: reset improvements
Are you gritting your teeth at a level because you just can’t stop a certain type of enemy? Or do you want to improve a certain trap, but you lack skulls?

Then it might be advisable to reset all improvements. This will give you all the skulls you have given back without loss and you can give them again, for example to modify a certain trap so that it exploits the weaknesses of a particularly annoying opponent. This approach is particularly recommended before and after war scenarios, as there are some additional traps available here that are only important in phases.

Tip 2: upgrade your weapon to the max
No matter how many traps you have, your weapon is the key to victory in most rounds. Therefore, you should always make sure to improve them regularly. Because with it you can thin out attacking waves of opponents early on and stop enemies breaking through before they even reach the crack.

Tip 3: Sell Ineffective Traps
Will the opponents come through another goal in the second wave? Or do the routes of your opponents change by placing a barricade? Traps that have already been placed may then be obsolete.

Traps that are no longer of any real use can be sold without loss between two waves of opponents. The financial resources freed up in this way can now be used more effectively elsewhere and make your life so much easier.

Tip 4: Use or create bottlenecks
Opponents at bottlenecks can be fought particularly effectively. The narrower the passage, the easier it is to defend it. Opponents can hardly or not at all avoid your traps here. You can also use your weapon to fight opponents particularly efficiently here.

So it pays to focus your defense on bottlenecks on the map. If there is no bottleneck, these can also be created artificially with the help of barriers.

Tip 5: Fewer but stronger types of trap
Especially at the beginning it is advisable to specifically improve only one or two types of trap in order to reduce their costs and significantly increase the damage they cause. Although this is at the expense of the variety in the game, you get very powerful defense tools that can be placed in larger numbers due to the reduced costs.

Tip 6: Pay attention to the weaknesses of the opponents
It is not uncommon for your defense to be put to the test by a single type of enemy. Be it a troll, earth lord, ogre or other troublemaker, everyone has their own weak point. You can and should inform yourself about these before the start of the round in order to be able to optimize your defense accordingly.

Tip 7: earn extra skulls
Is the campaign just not moving forward? Then additional skulls should be the solution! With them you can further increase the effectiveness of your traps and fight your way through difficult levels.

The easiest way to earn additional skulls is through the Weekly Challenges or Endless Mode.

Tip 8: Attack opponents early
Attack is the best defense! The earlier the opposing waves are attacked, the better! Ideally, you thin out the attacking enemy masses directly at the goal, before they hit your traps. In this way their capacity is not overused.

Tip 9: optimize the set of traps regularly
You have an opponent who is allergic to ice, but only have traps in your luggage that cause fire damage? You have wide corridors, but the barricade is not in your trap set? That doesn’t sound like a good chance of success!

Before each new round you should urgently check whether you have actually put the right traps in your set and remove any unnecessary ones. Because once the first wave rolls in, you only have what you have packed before.

Tip 10: Intercept small opponents early on
Are you less worried about small opponents than big ones? With that you could succumb to a dangerous error!

Small opponents are often not only extremely nimble, but also like to appear in larger numbers. If not stopped effectively, they can set off many of your traps and pave the way for stronger enemies to follow. Because in the worst case, these can pass your traps unmolested during the following “cool down phase”.

Tip 11: 2 fronts? 2 strategies!
Are you facing an attack from two sides at the same time? In this case, it may be advisable to use traps to strengthen one front and focus on the second front. Because nothing brings you more distress than having to hurry from one hot spot to the next.

You can usually compensate for the lower number of traps on a front with your own combat strength. Through the increased use of traps on the other front, your back will ideally be kept free and you will not have to intervene personally until late in the round, if at all.

Tip 12: Hodor!
In front of gates and doors that have to be broken through, opponents inevitably come to a standstill. So this is the ideal place to set traps. Whether you freeze the opponent, hurl them or let arrows pierce them (or preferably a combination of everything): Hodor (hold the gate) is the motto!

Tip 13: hang the little ones…
and the big ones are allowed to run. This is an old popular saying that can also be found in Orcs Must Die! 3 should apply from time to time. More precisely: If a larger number of enemies break through your defense and is about to reach the rift, you should concentrate on intercepting the smaller enemies. Because to intercept them you need far less time and hits than for the strong enemy types. If in doubt, let an ogre reach the gate specifically if you can stop three orcs in exchange.

Tip 14: combine your traps
The combination of different traps is often particularly efficient. For example, enemies can be slowed down using the tar trap and at the same time targeted with the arrow wall. In this way, the reloading times of the arrow wall can be bridged and there is hardly any escape for your opponents.

Or confuse your enemies with the killer bee tree until the large sling trap that you placed directly behind it is ready to be shot again … there are hardly any limits to your creativity.

Tip 15: Do not overdo the combination of traps
While it can make sense to combine traps, not every seemingly effective combination is really useful on closer inspection.

In this way, one and the same floor area can be covered by several traps in parallel. Conversely, this means that several traps can be triggered by just one opponent. If one of the activated traps had already been sufficient for this opponent, the second would have been triggered in vain and its fighting power would have been wasted.

Ultimately, it is always important to weigh up whether it actually makes sense to bundle potential damage in a certain area.

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