Outer Wilds: Minor Hint Guide

A simple ambiguous guide to unexplained functions and things that went wrong the first time I tried them.

Note: Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye is now available on Steam!


– The Cloudy Moon –

  • Despite the common referral to its poles, you don’t enter through them directly.
  • Remember the lessons from the towers to properly enter it.

– The Mask Room –

  • The entrance to this room requires shelter before entering, and thrusting downwards while entering helps as well.
  • Teleportation is based on the center of a planet or planets, not whether it is facing it.

– The Sun Station –

  • The gravity is based on the center of the satellite, around where the debris is. Try to align yourself with the center of it instead of landing on the top or bottom so your ship does not fly off.
  • Wear your spacesuit while coming near it, and be wary you might get thrown around the interior.
  • It isn’t necessary to finish the game.

– General –

  • Your spacesuit has an increased thrust while under the effects of gravity. While thrusting upwards, press and hold space at the same time to gain a short burst of increased thrust.
  • The third input on Alien shuttles is to lock on to the nearest planet. It has a strong landing and can throw you out, which is a problem in most scenarios, but can be used creatively in others.
  • Your scout can rotate its camera via the first four number keys. Remember to use your scout often if you’re ever uncertain. Your scout can take pictures in your hand by pressing 1 or 4, and can switch back via the same method. If you do not recall your Scout, it can be useful to finding places that otherwise may be far too difficult.
  • Everything you see is well thought out and has reason to be there. This is an invaluable mindset to come into the game with. Expect (almost) everything to matter.
  • Hold R while in the spaceship to rotate. Try to stay near your spaceship. In your spacesuit locker, there is a small panel on the left that heals you and restocks your fuel.
  • You can not get rid of Ghost Matter.
  • New signal frequencies are obtained by getting close enough to one and equipping your signal-scope.
  • There are multiple endings, only one of which gives you a sense of completion. To get this ending, you must uncover almost every major secret the world holds.

By Noe

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