Paperball: How to get Fallout-Achievements Easily

A simple guide to getting the Fallout Mania, Frenzy and Royale achievements


Basic intro

This is a basic guide for getting all the fallout achievements in this game. Those being Fallout Mania, Frenzy and Royale. A fallout is what happens when you fall off stage (hence the name), however you will also fallout if you press the Tab button (Y on controllers). That is classified as a retry but counts as a fallout too when in the main story mode.

To get these achievements easily, we’ll be using a button presser to get the achievements for us. Removing the need for ourselves to press the button.

The guide

STEP 1: Download the AutoSofted Auto Keyboard program or an alternative.
*I imagine most alternatives will be similar to my example here. And make sure it’s safe!

STEP 2: Set-up the program and have it so it presses the retry button over and over again, pretty self explanatory. You can look-up a short video for this on YouTube as well.

STEP 3: Once ready, enter a level, I’d advise a story mode stage since you get a visible death counter. Press your binded key and watch as how the level keeps restarting and your counter goes up.

STEP 3.1: You can shrink the window in options so you can grind deaths and watch YouTube videos at the same time. This is advised if you’re about to eat lunch and want to watch something while also getting these done.

STEP 3.2: You can also turn off Coco’s voice and the background music. I’d do this if I were you.

STEP 4: Waiting. These achievements (especially Royale) will take a LONG time to get. And sometimes the Paperball application may auto-window out as well. Make sure to check-in on the game every 15-30 minutes if this is the case with your PC.

Extra tips and outro

To get these achievements in a timely but organised manner I’d advise a minimum of 2-hours per day grinds for the achievements. 7,200 fallouts a day from two hours of grinding is fine. 7,200 x 11 is 79,200 which is more then enough counting your fallouts from normal gameplay as well.

The biggest hurdle with this process is being unable to use your PC while you do it, seeing how you need the game to be open.

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