Parasomnia: 100% Achievement Guide

A quick guide to help 100% Parasomnia.



Welcome to the 100% Achievement Guide for Parasomnia by NutellaOrgies.

There are a total of 6 Achievements which should only take about 10-15 minutes. Unfortunately there are so many rooms in this game that it’s hard to keep track of my steps especially when it feels like you might be backtracking a few times. But keeping mental notes of what rooms you entered isn’t hard as some rooms have a specific detail to them.

NOTE: The game is not completed in the maze, Only go into the maze for 1 achievement.

Well, let’s go

This achievement unlocks at the start of the game once you walk out of the first room.


Keep going straight without making any turns (unless forced to at 1 point) until you come up to a room with fire in it. (pictured below)

The note says you found a shortcut. Go in to get your achievement. You will start again around the 3rd room.

Dead End

Go to the room just before the “shortcut” room and enter the other door. This one leads to a maze. I can’t be of much help here because it’s a maze with a monster running after you so I didn’t have time to actually track my path as I was running for my life and pausing the game still has the game running in the background.

NOTE: This is the only achievement in the maze, you do not need to go into the maze to complete the game. Only for this achievement. So once you get the achievement, you can either die or restart the game

Anyway, when in the maze, keep running around until you find a wall with the word “LEFT” on it. Follow that and keep going straight again until you hit walls then keep turning left when forced to. You will eventually come up to another dead end with a bench.

Read the note on the bench to unlock the achievement.

You’re the best

When you come up to the maze, enter the other door instead of the maze and keep running around until you find the area pictured below. It leads to a staircase. Once you enter it, you will unlock the acheivement.


The last push

When you’re in the staircase, it will feel like Penrose Stairs (stairs that never end), but trust me and keep going down until you get spawned into a second area.

Read the note on the door and continue into the next room to unlock the achievement. Then start heading upstairs into the hospital.

And you are good

Head upstairs into the hospital and find the exit door (pictured below). Input the code 1208 into the keypad on the left of the door (you might need to turn off your flashlight to actually see the keypad). The achievement will unlock when you press enter.

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