Party Hard: 100% Achievement Guide

As a game completionist, I’m a bit let down by how the lack of 100% guides for this game. So I decided to make one myself


“Natural” Achievements

Achievements you’ll probably get as you try to beat the game if you play as intended

Start Party Hard

Start Party Hard


Self-explanatory. Though I’ve read that this achievement unlocks inmediately after starting
a new game, it might be bugged because the achievements for using traps 50 times
and escaping a cop have a higher unlock ratio than this one, and that should be impossible considering its requirements.

If you have any issues getting this achievement, try starting a new game multiple times or checking if your Steam Client is offline.

Wait, It Will Be Fun

Use 50 traps


You’ll probably get this one by just playing the game for a while, unless you have
some kind of phobia against traps. Then you’re on your own bud 😉 .

If you don’t get this achievement naturally or you’re trying to rush it, just play any level
with a lot of traps (pool party, miami party, casino party) and activate as many as you
can then restart.

Sweet Dreams

Kill 50 sleeping partygoers


If you’re like me and really like exploiting NPC sleep spot camping tactics, or you just hate slackers, then you might already have this achievement before being even halfway through the game.

If you’ve somehow completed the game without getting this achievement, try
playing as Katie and kick people to carry their stunned bodies into secluded
areas of the level then kill them there.
If you don’t have Katie unlocked, then just try playing levels with a lot of NPC
sleeping spots (biker party, bbq party, neontop party) and do the same strategy as above but just abuse naturally sleeping NPC’s instead of stunning them yourself

Catch me if you can

Escape from a policeman


Another self-explanatory achievement. Just escape a cop once on any level and
you’ll get this one.

If you have trouble escaping from the men in blue, try going in and out of a
shortcut repeatedly until he eventually gives up, which is signaled by a speech
bubble above him.

Hey, Stop!

Kill 20 partygoers who are running to call the police


This one is a pretty easy one for people who like going stabby-stab in closed areas with small groups of people. In these cases, you’ll usually end up progressing toward this achievement accidentally.

If this isn’t the case for you, try recreating a situation similar to what I described above. Don’t try to actually chase partygoers who are sprinting toward a phone, since their running speed is the same as yours so they’ll always outrun you.


Complete the game
Note: This achievement unlocks the Policeman Darius character


The description says it all. Beat the final level, Underground Sick, with any character and you should get the achievement as the ending cutscene plays.

Medium difficulty achievements

These achievements might be a slight bit harder for some people or require using a particular tactic to get them which some might miss.

Shadow Master

Kill 30 people without alarming anyone in a single level


The wording of this achievement’s description confused me initally, but it’s actually pretty simple. All you have to do is kill 30 people without any of their bodies being reported or seen by other partygoers.

If you can’t get this achievement just trying yourself, try playing Open Air (the forest level) and camping the upper right dumpster with any character (though i used Katie to get some of the more stubborn NPC’s up there). If you’re lucky, you can get the Ninja achievement with this strategy too, but that’s a story for another section.

Rider on the storm

Kill 15 people with a single car


Though this is a fairly straightforward achievement, I had some problems getting it when I tried to.

If you’re in my same situation, try playing Neontop Party (the roof level) and starting a conga line with the trap by the DJ station, then quickly running to the helicopter landing area and activating the Golf Cart to kill the group coming from the left of the map.

I’m sexy and I know It!

Get your ass kicked for dancing


Probably the easiest way to do this is running toward a bouncer (buff guy in all black outfit) and as soon as you’re near him, start dancing. He’ll beat you up shortly after for staying in his line of sight and you’ll get the achievement

Garbage Collector

Hide 50 bodies


Another rather self-explanatory one. You can use the “Shadow Master” strategy I explained earlier if you don’t get this achievement by yourself


Kill all robbers in Casino level


In the Casino Party, at the upper right of the map, there’s some kind of vault with loads of cash accesible from the outside, and it’s guarded by a single bouncer.

A while after the level starts, a bunch of NPC’s with balaclavas, the “robbers”, will come out from a van right outside the vault entrance and will all beat up the bouncer at once. The bouncer will fight back and they’ll keep fighting for some time, which is long enough to let you stab them while they’re busy. You can also wait until they’ve killed the bouncer and start robbing the vault, but you’ll have to be faster since they’ll be alerted by your presence and flee in this stage.


Lose a level with a single partygoer left to kill


For this one, just try playing any easy level like the BBQ party or the Biker party and attempt to beat them as you would normally. Then, make sure one person is alive and if they don’t call the police by themselves, then try approaching them while you carry a corpse from your earlier killings. They’ll race to the phone and when the police arrives, just stay still and let them catch you

Relatively hard achievements

All achievements that are straight up difficult or luck-based go in here (except grind achievements, those go in the grind section)

Murderer / Slayer

Kill 10 people in a row / Kill 15 people in a row


Both of these achievements can be obtained relatively easily by playing the Casino Party level as the Ninja and throwing smoke grenades at either the crowd in the middle of the building or the crowd waiting in line outside of the casino and then quickly cutting the crowd down with your katana. The actual challenge of this achievement is getting the Ninja character, which I will explain how to do below.


Complete a level without any bodies being seen
Note: This achievement unlocks the Ninja character


Now this one might be one that took me most effort. Maybe you’ll be a bit luckier than I was. So first off, unlocking Katie is almost ESSENTIAL for this achievement, so you can either read how to do that right below, or you can try and get this achievement in the Miami Party, which is the only level where you can play as Katie without unlocking her.

So let’s assume you have Katie unlocked, and that you wish to get this achievement. First, head for A)the BBQ party or B)Open Air, the forest level. If you chose option A, the strategy is simple. Get to the kitchen area in the left of the level, then either pick up sleeping NPC’s or stun them yourself with Katie’s kick ability and then carry them to the small room to the left, with the potted plant and the window shortcut. When you take them there, kill them and carry their bodies to

this small corner

NPC’s cannot get up here by any normal means, so it’s like a makeshift body dumpster. Abuse this as much as you can. Remember that sleeping or stunned NPC’s can wake up on you about 5 seconds after picking them up, so time your kills right.

And don’t carry their sleeping bodies straight to the corner, kill them in the small room instead and then get them there.

Repeat this strategy until there are no more partygoers in the left part of the map, in which case you’ll have to move to the right side of the map by the 2 trees and the dumpster.

In here, the strategy is making sure there’s no one in the upper half of the area and when there are only 1 or a couple partygoers, kick and kill them then dispose of their bodies in the dumpster.

If no partygoers are in the area, leave the area and kick any in the lower left of the map, carry their bodies back toward the area, stab them and hide their corpses.

Rinse and repeat until there are only partygoers left in the middle of the map.
When this is the case, just kick them and carry their bodies to the bathrooms one by one until you’ve killed them all.

If there’s any NPC’s left in the 2 rooms left of the house, just repeat the left area strategy but carry their bodies through the upper window shortcut instead.

OOOORRR you could just ignore all this and try the Open Air strategy that I mentioned in the Shadow Master part, right in the above section of this guide. Whatever works better for you.

Chase Breakers

Escape the police 5 times in a single level
Note: This achievement unlocks the character Katie


The original wording of this achievement’s description (escape cop 5 times) implied that the escapes were cumulative, but after reading through discussions and testing I can conclude that’s not the case. I fixed the wording for this guide.

So, escaping a cop 5 times in a row is actually a bit of a pain. First off, the police in this game have very simple AI. When they are called, they can have a culprit or not in mind, which depends on wether the caller saw anyone near a body or not. If no one is found guilty, then the cop just bags the reported bodies and leaves. If a culprit was found, he’ll try arresting him first (if the culprit was a partygoer, he’ll actually bag the bodies first and arrest him next).

When policemen try to arrest someone, they’ll chase that person through the map, always aware of their position. The first time a cop comes, it’s really easy to tire him out. When he does, he’ll just give up and leave.

If the cops are called again and you’re the culprit this time too, he’ll have much higher stamina and can run about 1.5x the distance than last time. It’s pretty hard to outrun him in this stage, so using shortcuts is recommended.

The third time he comes he has the stamina of a god, and it’s literally impossible to outrun him without using shortcuts. But did you know there’s actually a way to escape the scary guys with batons without running a single mile? That’s right, TRAPS! Just time a trap right and you can easily kill these guys. Be frugal with traps and only use them when you need to escape a cop.

The casino level a ton of traps, so try playing there if you want to get this achievement. Remember that after about 2 or 3 escapes, the FBI will come.
They cannot be stabbed, will patrol the whole map, come in pairs, always arrest you if you are in their line of sight and their line of sight is worse than a mole’s. Don’t count of the last part tho, you never know when they activate their third eye just to mess up your hard work. Also, if they spot you, I’m pretty sure they’ll never get tired of chasing you, so be careful.

Oh, and though a lot of people getting the “Cunning” achievement along with this one, I actually wouldn’t recommend it since just killing the cop 5 times is much easier than actually completing the level with the FBI around, so try aiming for this other achievement later on.

Old Castle

Complete Castle Level
Note: This achievement unlocks the character “Edward One”


I’d give some advice of my own on beating Old Castle, but it’s really nothing that’s not already included in this very well made guide. Kudos to the author.


Kill 20 people in a row
Note: This achievement unlocks the Butcher character


Honestly, this achievement sucks. There’s this one guide in particular that I based most of my explanation on, but there are some details that aren’t pointed out here. First, it seems that the only reliable character to get this one is Darius, the default character.

The Hinter doesn’t work, likely because his “splatter” kills (the ones that leave no bodies behind) seem to break the progress for the achievement even when the combo shows you to have more than 20 kills.
The Ninja isn’t recommendable because it takes forever for him to get to the item briefcase without being seen, and his default smoke grenade doesn’t last for long enough to get all the kills required.

So yeah, sticking to the default character and staying close to the strategy said in the guide I mentioned should work. Luck is required still.

Relatively hard achievements, continued


Complete a level in 3 minutes or less


For this one, try using the Hinter character in Neontop Party. As soon as the level starts, rush to the fuse box below the dance floor and use it to kill anyone above said floor.
Then, go around the burning dance floor toward the DJ station and right below that, use the trap that starts a conga line from the leftmost part of the map. Right after that rush toward the Golf Cart near the helicopter symbol and activate it, killing the whole line and then some.
These kills leave behind no bodies, so try to keep in line with that and stay stealthy yet fast.
There’s very few people in the map, so don’t bother hiding the bodies you leave behind.

Oh, and use the other traps too, extra kills are never a bad thing when you’re rushing. If you do it right, you should this achievement in no time


Complete level with FBI


Just get the FBI into the party by escaping or killing 2-3 cops and complete the level as you would normally. It sounds hard, but it’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Try the biker party for this one. I tried the casino one but it took absolutely forever because the FBI patrol RNG kept ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ me over.


Complete any level without using traps 3 times


This one is really easy. Just don’t use traps. If you are easily tempted or have short-term memory, then try playing as Policeman Darius. He has the inability to use traps as his biggest disadvantage, so basically you’re getting the most out of this character by playing as him while getting this achievement.

Grind achievements

My least favorite type of achievement right next to FOMO ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Surprisingly, the grind achievements in this game are relatively scarce and most are naturally obtained

Venomous Rush

Poison 100 people


Just use all poison traps as you play the game, and you might get it by the end. If not, then play campus party over and over again using the poison trap by the bean bags. Do note that they don’t have to die from the poison for it to count toward the achievement.


Kill 1000 people


I got this one before actually finishing the game. Maybe I’m just bad and had to restart way more than the average player, since most players had to grind to get it. If that’s the case for you, I recommend using the fuse box trap in Neontop Party to speed things up


Kill 50 persons with horse


Pretty easy, actually. Just play Biker party, there’s a higher chance of a horse to appear on that level because there are two spots when most levels have only one. What counts and what doesn’t count as a horse kill is pretty inconsistent though, but I’ve seen that stunned people are the most inconsistent in counting. So try only killing awake people


Die 100 times


If you have the High Crimes DLC, try either getting killed by the dogs in the Ghetto level or the cops in the Police Dpt. If you don’t have the DLC, just enable the fuse box in Neontop Party and quickly sprint toward the dance floor so that it kills you along with the partygoers. Rinse and repeat


Play Party Hard 100 times

 - Copy.jpg]

As some people on have pointed out, this achievement doesn’t count just starting up the game. Apparently, to progress, you have to start the game, select any level and perform any action, like stabbing, moving, etc.

So just do exactly that quitting every time and you should get it after a while. I’ve read about a few scripts that help you with this, but I’m not so sure they actually work, you’d have to try yourself.

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