Passed Out Prologue: How to Get Leaderboard Rank #1 in Hardcore

In this guide I will explain how you can rank #1 in the leaderboard.


How to get Leaderboard Rank #1 in Hardcore

Step 1
  • Always choose the spawn point near the bridge and the ambulance

Step 2
      • Loot weapons, helmets, medicine and backpacks no longer than 60 seconds and see that you get the best stuff
Step 3
      • When killing, focus on the other players more than the zombies
        1 Player = 2.000 Points
        1 Zombie = 200 Points
        Extraction = 10.000 Points
        Position = (1 Place) 50.000 Points
        Headshot = each 40 Points
        Helmet = each 40 Points
        Hits = each 10 Points

Step 4
      • As soon as the extraction starts you should have killed all players and now focus only on the zombies (kill between 300 and 800 zombies)
Step 5
      • Use grenades once a large amount of zombies has accumulated
Step 6
      • In the last 1 – 2 minutes, make sure you go to the helicopter.
Step 7
      • When you reach the helicopter, make sure you have collected flares so that you won’t be attacked during the extraction.
Step 8
      • Boooom ur Leaderboard Rank #1 in Hardcore
Step 9
      • Flex
Step 10
      • Repeat



Best Weapon: (AK47) (Decapitator)
Best Heal: (Medkit)
Airdrop YES/NO: (only when its near)

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