Pathfinders Mini Words: 100% Guide (All Levels Walkthrough)

This guide cotains the answers for all the levels.
All achievements are for completion, should take ~20 mins to 100%


Important Notes
All the letters must be used at least once to complete a level.
Some letters must be used multiple times later on.
The game tends to glitch sometimes and you’ll end up writing the same letter multiple times. In this case, just quit and re-enter the game.

Level 1: Dog

Level 2: Star

Level 3: Fish

Level 4: Car, Pen

Level 5: Tomato

Level 6: Soap, Bed

Level 7: Doll, Cat

Level 8: Bull, Ant

Level 9 Boot, Nine

Level 10: Motorbike

Level 11: Bike, Drum

Level 12: Toast, Red

Level 13: Bread, Moon

Level 14: Green, Soup

Level 15: Pants, Rice

Level 16: Watch, Lion

Level 17: Peach, Fork

Level 18: Brush, Wolf

Level 19: Flute, Corn

Level 20: Nineteen

Level 21: Socks, Pear

Level 22: Clock, Bird

Level 23: Yellow, Bus

Level 24: Eraser, Cow

Level 25: Eleven, Hat

Level 26: Bear, Bee

Level 27: Book, Cake

Level 28: Brown, Comb

Level 29: Camel, Mouse

Level 30: Watermelon

Level 31: Stove, Melon

Level 32: Donkey, Garlic

Level 33: Cloud, Horse

Level 34: Dolphin, Table

Level 35: Penguin, Shark

Level 36: Fourteen, Ship

Level 37: Twenty, Belt

Level 38: Beetle, Milk

Level 39: Shorts, Seven

Level 40: Kangaroo, Two

Level 41: Juice, Sofa, Egg

Level 42: Pizza, Door, Cup

Level 43: Airplane, Sun

Level 44: Broccoli, Six

Level 45: Sandwich, Tree

Level 46: Mushroom, Snail

Level 47: Pocket, Pasta

Level 48: Monkey, Mango

Level 49: Ruler, Pencil

Level 50: Seahorse, Water

Level 51: Shower, Earth

Level 52: Violin, Donut

Level 53: Rectangle, Soda

Level 54: Ambulance, Zero

Level 55: Triangle, Handbag

Level 56: Giraffe, Square

Level 57: Eggplant, Ball

Level 58: Potato, Cookies

Level 59: Octopus, Onion

Level 60: Crocodile, Knife

Level 61: Twelve, Apple, Frog

Level 62: Circle, Salad, Five

Level 63: Coffee, Paint, Glue

Level 64: Mirror, Towel, Sink

Level 65: Sausage, Purple

Level 66: Candy, Coat, Ten

Level 67: Chicken, Spoon, Peas

Level 68: Sixteen, Plate, Ring

Level 69: Cucumber, Cheese

Level 70: Scissors, Fridge

Level 71: Chocolate, Dinosaur

Level 72: Piano, Hippo, One

Level 73: Balloon, Pan, Pig

Level 74: Banana, Zebra, Blue

Level 75: Fifteen, Skirt, Fly

Level 76: Hotdog, Tiger, Four

Level 77: Rocket, Peanut, Crab

Level 78: Lettuce, Spider, Cap

Level 79: Butterfly, Paper, Duck

Level 80: Sunglasses, Elephant

Level 81: Notebook, Snake, Shoe

Level 82: Umbrella, Carrot, Beans

Level 83: Thriteen, Window, White

Level 84: Saxophone, Sheep, Glass

Level 85: Tangerine, Eigh, Steak

Level 86: Microwave, Papaya, Pool

Level 87: Submarine, Comics, Pink

Level 88: Telephone, Cherry, Rain

Level 89: Popcorn, Pumpkin, Truck

Level 90: Hamburger, Puzzle, Three

Level 91: Gorilla, Toilet, Grapes

Level 92: Computer, Orange, Turtle

Level 93: Toothbrush, Dress, Desk

Level 94: Backpack, Ladybug, Tablet

Level 95: Seventenn, Coconut, Music

Level 96: Pineapple, Guitar, Gloves

Level 97: Helicopter, Crayon, Train

Level 98: Videogame, Avocado, Flower

Level 99: Strawberry, Rainbow, Whale

Level 100: Calculator, Rabbit, Chair

Congrats on your 100%!

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