Pathologic 2 Full Map

Pathologic 2 Full Map Big Size With Everything I’ve Found.


Full Map
I made one map to help me find everything, hope it can help you too.

Simplified Map
I think it’s a better version, without the “water” on the map, cause after a while we know where the water is. So, feel free to update your map simplifying it this way whatever you want:

Let’s think about the map!
Looking this map made me think “which part of it have more resources?”, so, let’s check out:

 Save Locations: 14

Left: 3
Center: 7
Right: 4

According to it’s size I think the saves are well distributed, but there are areas with lots of save locations while other without any. Like the “Left part of the Center” and the “Upper part of the Right”.

I feel more confident in the parts I can save nearby, So I’m probably walking more in the “bottom Right” and in the “Right Center”, if that makes sense.

 Dead Shop: 10

Left: 2
Center: 6
Right: 2

The dead shop is distributed by its respective days, being 5 and 6 on the left, while 4 and 11 on the right.

 Hidden Treasures: 6

Left: 0
Center: 1
Right: 5

This is where I wanted to get. Look, if you loot the Right part you will get better stuff easier.

 Kids Treasure: 22

Left: 5
Center: 11
Right: 7

This is more well distributed, but look the places they are, I bet you can always make a rote to pass by the most of them when going your way. Most of them are in the edges, at night it’s a safer place to look, some worth it things, right?

These boxes reset at 07:30h, exept for day 3. Remember to always put something good back at the box when you leave it, or the chances to find something good other day will decrease.

 Blood Roots:17

Left: 4
Center: 9
Right: 4

If you have blood to spare make sure to pass by this spots and get some mystic weed.

 Herb Hotspots

Bottom: All of them

It’s all in the bottom part of the map, so, if you are passying by, good harvest. You can get lots of it and sell some at the Pub Broken Hearth, it’s really worth if you have some time to spare.

Look, on the map there are some spots randomly around the end of the river, but it’s not quite accurate, okay? I just put there some icons to mean they are there, look over the place, you might find more ou even less than the amount there’s on the map.

 Playground: 26

Left: 4
Center: 13
Right: 9

Kids are everywhere, they are very well distributed. Looking at the map i see there almost always some kids near a Fast Travel Canoe. So, if you’re in a hurry just try to remember the ones that don’t have and avoid those.

 Water Pumps: 24

Left: 5
Center: 10
Right: 9

In the “Right” there is more. While the in the “Center” there more at the bottom. But there’s a lot of water pumps, I think you will find them easily.

 Water Barrels: 26

Left: 8
Center: 9
Right: 9

There’s more Barrels than Water Pumps, so for sure you will find some water spots and will run for all this map, remember: be healthy drink water.

Pathologic 2 Full Map Big Size Vanilla
So, why there is a Vanilla Map here? Because I think you could want to make a map too. Thing is, I had to made one map myself. I searched for hours on the internet and just found maps without quality or full resolution ones with things above it.

So, feel free to use this map whatever the way you want.

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