Pathologic Classic HD: “Little Sister” Locations

A visual guide to make your Changeling playtrough less annoying.


== Who is the Little Sister and why is it important to find her ==

The little sister is a mechanic introduced in the Changeling route from day 6 onwards.
Clara’s sister will begin to appear after that date and will permanently infect districts if you don’t scare go out of your way to find her. She announces her hideout everyday with a secret letter that will say where she is located. Things like “I can see a bell from a window” or “I’m near X” or sometimes she can be stupidly cryptic and since she usually hides inside infected houses, it’s not like entering every infected house every day is a cool and fun thing to do (unless you bother to do the puzzle), and is completely understandable if this “puzzle” overwhelms you, which is why I’m making this guide. If you do like the puzzle to find her, as it tests your knowledge from the past two routes, that’s ok! that is also welcomed here.

The “Little Sister” quest is a hidden quest that starts with a letter that gets triggered after sleeping for 4 hours or more, although you can find her without even receiving the letter so if you want to get that out of the way first, feel free to do so.

– Day 6

She spoke to me in a dream…

…and she said, “I made a mistake, for I wanted to do the right thing, but instead I have lost my gifts, exhausted my powers and dissolved into the crowd of simple people. I need to go into hiding now, to avoid their false accusations. An alarm bell can be seen from the window of the house where I find shelter. The air is glowing-hot all around it. Before long it will toll heavily over Gorkhon.”

On day 6, from the left to the entrance to the cathedral (where the houses are), follow the path to the end of it (without entering the grass path) and enter the last house there. It should be the third house on that line. She is located at the top floor near a closet
(pics of day 6 were taken on day 7, which is why it could look a little different)

Map location

View of the path in the direction facing the cathedral entrance

View from the end of the path, at the door of the house where you can observe the back of the cathedral.

It all ends in less than seven days. The inquisitor arrives tomorrow.

– Day 7

You can inform the Inquisitor of the purified locations for some money, after finding your sister, starting from today.

She appeared before me in a dream…

…looking scared and miserable. She said, “They persecute me, they hunt me, they try to track me down. They are so close to capturing me that I had to change my hideout four times in a single day. I am covering up here, at the brink of the town, where they won’t find me so easily. From the windows I see two bonfires being lit are they trying to smoke me out? Are they going to put a watcher atop the ruined stairway surrounded by columns?“”

On day 7, to the left of Younger Vlad’s house entrance, there is an infected house. Go through the right door of it (aka the one that is the most close to Younger Vlad). She will be located, again, in the top floor.

Map Location

Front of the house

View of the house near Younger Vlad’s place

It all ends in less than six days.

– Day 8

After finding your sister, from now on you can lose 30 reputation for telling The Haruspex or The Bachelor where your sister is but The Haruspex will give you a Panacea as a reward, meanwhile The Bachelor will give you 4000 coins each time you snitch on her.

I saw her in a dream once again…

…and although she was covering her face with her hands, I saw that her lips were oozing blood. I saw blood trickling from beneath her eyelids and glittering in the cracks of her desiccated palms.

I heard her mumble through her fingers, “This is not the crowd that seeks me now, not these mindlessly fervent people I came to love so much, not them, but two demons, two destroyers, armed to their teeth and devoid of human compassion! They hate me even more than they loathe each other, they want nothing more than my death.”

“…They will capture me, make me an object of trade, they will pay generously in silver and blood to learn where I am and tear me limb from limb. The names of the demons are Artemy, spawned by the Heat of the Earth, and Daniil, begotten by the cold Celestial Flame…”

“…from my window I saw each one of them bring a butcher down within the flaming Suok Ring. They are fighting each other now, but neither will win the fight…”

Map location

In the map, below the long block, you’ll see a passage that will divide in 4 ways in total. Just follow the Termitary wall until you reach the grass path that leads to the arena ring.

Don’t go in there as the door is only there from the front. Turn right instead and go through the infected district to the third house at your left.
Clara will be located at the ground floor at the end of the hallway in the room to the right.

View of the houses from the back

You can find her supporters on the back of Lara’s house.

It all ends in less than five days. The army arrives tomorrow.

– Day 9

As I woke up, I heard her voice…

…saying, “Who has betrayed me? Who has led them to my hiding place? Would I have known where to conceal myself next, were it not for the warning of my faithfuls who brought me inside? For my enemies gathered everyone they could and surrounded my shelter. Would I have escaped were it not for my miraculous powers?”

… In that three-sided yard, my faithfuls saw me from high above and set out to rescue me, protect me and give me shelter. For they have witnessed the miracles I have shown them and were convinced by my righteous deeds…”

Today, Clara’s sister is located in one of the house surrounding the Stairways to Heaven, between to rat banners. She will be located past the kitchen on the ground floor, behind a paper curtain.

Map Location

View from the front (so you can see both banners)
Since there are two doors and there isn’t really a landmark to point at other than the map, enjoy this view from the Stairways to Heaven. It’s the door between the two pillars.

Her followers are located behind Isidor Burakh house.

The town is dying. It all ends in less than four days.

– Day 10

I dreamt of her tonight, just like the night before…

…she was all tortured and torn. All she did was look at me; she didn’t say a word this time. She was hiding in the house yet again, cowering in the corner, away from the windows. The crowd was roaring outside. They shouted, they made all manner of racket… but this time it wasn’t her they were after.

They were celebrating the arrival of the bull that appeared unexpectedly in the middle of an empty lot. Some of them screamed that the Bos has risen from beneath the ground. The others shouted that it came down from heaven only to be pierced by the stake that was prepared for it down below.

Today clara will be located near the Bone Stake lot, at the top floor of the house that has some military and fences surrounding it.

Map Location:

The house where the sister resides (right)

The followers, in the other end, are located between the theater and Capella/Vlad’s house, in a corner of the house next to the stairs.

Map Location of the Followers:

Once you see these stairs when going to the theater from Vlad’s place, head left, hugging the wall and you’ll find them there.
It all ends in less than two days.

– Day 11

It was just as if she was waiting for me…

…for as soon as my eyes were shut she appeared before me. “They have betrayed me,” she said, “My faithfuls have given me up. I only have you now, my soul, my inseparable connection…”

“…I would have asked you to join me, but I have no notion of where my feet have taken me. Frightened, I fled the Theatre. I ran down the stairs and came to a place which seemed hard to stumble upon. I concealed myself there, in a small house between the two larger ones… There is no way I can come near the windows, and there is no one here to answer my cries…”

“…Find me, come visit me and comfort me. In return I will comfort you…”

This time Clara will be pretty near from the last time the followers were in, just a little houses down the line.

Map location:

The follower location this time is a little nasty as it only has one entrance, which is why I doodled the way with paint for easy explanation.

Map Location:

You go behind the rat banner towards that little park. The followers will be there.

It all ends tomorrow. Good luck, and nice job getting so far.

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