pear potion🍐: Complete Map (All Paths & Annotations)

Complete map for pear potion, annotated with all paths, path unlock conditions, wands, collectible fruits, and keys!



Although the in-game map shows you every location you’ve been to, it doesn’t show the pathways between those locations… so for my own personal benefit, I started taking notes as I explored… and eventually ended up with a rough map that showed all the paths between locations!

This map turned out to be quite useful while I was searching for secrets (and for a couple of the Steam Achievements as well), so I figured I’d clean it up, add some more notes, and post it on Steam. So, hopefully it’ll turn out to be useful for some of you as well!

Map and annotations based on pear potion version 1.6.1 (14/Mar/2021).

Complete map (all paths and annotations)

All paths (some paths are invisible, so try pushing against the walls to find them), path unlock conditions, wands, collectible fruits, and keys.

Also shows 1 boss and 3 respawn cauldrons that don’t appear on the in-game map.

Complete map (all paths)

If you want to explore and discover things like the key and wand locations on your own, here’s a map that shows just the pathways (all paths shown, but without the unlock conditions) and the missing boss and respawn cauldrons (which were missing for some reason from the in-game map).

Complete map (in-game)

And if you just wanted the complete version of the basic, in-game map (so you can see whether you’ve missed any locations), here it is!

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