Perceptions of the Dead 2: All Endings Guide

Potential spoilers ahead!


Misty Mourning
There is only one ending in this episode, however, there is a dead end at the final choice.

– Let him have it! = Ending
– Stop Him Now! = Dead End

Undercover Undead
Ending 1

– Split Up
– Meh
– Truth!
– Run!
– Buy More Time, Cut Yourself

Alternatively, you can get a dead end if you choose the ‘You Will Break If You Do This Again, Throw Away The Blade‘ option instead.

Ending 2

– The More The Merrier
– Stay Here

Ending 3a & 3b

– The More The Merrier
– Follow The Directions
– Tease = Ending 3a
– Comfort = Ending 3b

Garage Reverie
Ending 1a & 1b

– Ride
– Path Of The Acolyte = Ending 1a
– Path Of The Medium = Ending 1b

Ending 2a & 2b

– Refuse
– Invite Her To A Haunting = Ending 2a
– No, Wait, That’s A Terrible Idea = Ending 2b

House Haunting
Ending 1a & 1b

– Run = Ending 1a

– Fight = Ending 1b

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