Pervert Action Timelapse: Cheat Codes

Here is a short guide on how to cheat in Pervert Action: Timelapse. including the cheat codes you may use frequently.


Pervert Action Timelapse Cheats Guide V0.50

Entering the codes: Go to the entrance room of the apartment (this will only work once you can start navigating around the apartment with the mini-map) and click on the closet that opens a little when you hover over it. A box will pop up and you’ll need to click on the letters to enter them.

NOTE: the codes are case-sensitive! So it matters whether or not you use capital letters.

  • boost love/lust = hotstuff
  • +$1000 money = cashmeup
  • Jealousy 0 = nofights
  • Hirai has had sex with all ladies = cheatwin

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