Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis: PSE Burst Guide

This is a guide to help players understand the PSE Burst mechanics in pso2:ngs. So that farming bursts will be easier and less frustrating for everyone involved~


Where can we find PSE Bursts?
  • PSE Burst can only occur in 8 player combat sectors.
Best way to increase the PSE Burst Meter.
  • Go to a 8 player combat sector. Lv1 or Lv2. (Resol Forest, Mt Magnus, Vanford Laboratory Ruins)
  • Look for the current E or T marker on the map and kill the marked monsters only!
  • As soon as you notice the E or T marker move to another location you must stop attacking everything, even if it is half dead already just let it go~ Because as soon as the marker moves the boosted chance to increase the bar also moves with it!
  • When the PSE Meter reaches 4 bars and you clear a T event, the PSE Burst will trigger and last for a few mins while spawning a large amount of dolls, with a boss at the end of it. (None of these dolls will be Enhanced types)
  • Profit~
Other Notes
  • When it Storms the PSE Meter will get pushed to max and stay there until the storm is over regardless of what is killed.
  • Be careful at T events when there is yellow mobs close to the marked blue mobs. Try to only kill the blue ones if possible. (As seen on minimap below)

In game guide that mentions the chance increase at E and T events.

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