PickCrafter AMP Codes (July 2021)

Here are almost all the valid AMP codes in this game!


PickCrafter AMP Codes

Working Codes:

kmess – some uranium
zzzzzz – some circadian dust
wonster – some sapphires
jhsu – some coffee beans
dan – some dawn stones
balduranne – some aether shards
martiepie – some magical books
havi – some gunpowder
rockshield – some ambers
awwman – some gunpowder
crazyforcoffee – coffee pickaxe
boley – chest
pinkBall5 – chest
250rts – chest
doggo – chest
sassyRobot7 – chest
gorgLife2 – chest
superdoggo – chest
riptide5 – chest

Note: All these above codes work 2021. if there is anyone not work. please leave a comment and let me know. we will update.


Expired Codes:



How to Get More Codes:

Well check


this Twitter account, it usually posts codes when there events!

By Kacperek

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