Pillars of Eternity: 100% Achievement Guide 2021

A guide on how to obtain every achievement in Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity



PLEASE READ!!! Enabling console commands will disable ALL achievements. So if you intend on wanting to fiddle with console commands, do NOT do it on characters you’re achievement hunting on

This is a guide giving either detailed or brief descriptions on how to obtain every achievement in the game.

This is one of the hardest games to get every achievement in, so if you’re going for it, good luck and I hope my guide helps out a bit!

Getting every achievement should take minimum 3 playthroughs to 100%

Unmissable Achievements

Completed Act I, II, III and Won the Game!!!

You cannot miss these achievements as long as you complete the game.

Impossible Achievements

Kickstarter Backer

Unless you were a backer for this game, this achievement is unobtainable by legitmate means.

Full Game-Related


Complete the game without taking any companions after Cilant LisZero Knockouts

Complete the game with no party members dying. You can reload a save if one of them dies in combat

No Rest for the Pro

You will need to complete the game with fewer than 10 rests. This one is easier than it sounds, I used a Rogue for this and Relative Pacifism achievement as it doesn’t depend on ‘rest’ abilities

Relative Pacifism

Complete the game killing less than 175 enemies. There’s a really good guide for this achievement here[psnprofiles.com]

These above achievements I got altogether with the above guide. Don’t take any party members

Super Murderer

You will need to kill 1500 enemies. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, you can complete this on a casual playthrough.


There’s a really good guide on this achievement here[www.trueachievements.com]


Path of the Damned

Complete the game on the Path of the Damned difficultyYou have to chose this before creating your character and you cannot turn it off once you’ve committed to it. This mode gives all enemies a +15 accuracy and defense status. There’s also more enemies per encounter.


Complete the game in Expert mode

Expert mode disables all ‘helper’ modes, aka dialogue stat checks, spell indicators, combat overhead boxes and more.

Trial of Iron

Complete the game in Trial of Iron mode

One life only. If the entire party is wiped, your save file is deleted and you must start from the beginning. However you can back up your save file and if you die, close the game, put your backup in your Pillars of Eternity save file location and reload the game.

Note: You can play on Expert and Trial of Iron modes on ‘Story TIme’ difficulty. You do not need to play on Path of the Damned (see Triple Crown for more info).

Triple/Frozen, SOLO Crown

Note: if you intend on going for 100% achievements, scroll down to The Ultimate for more details

Party Member Achievements

The Watcher With Eight Friends, Fish Guts and Murder and The Giftbearer

All party member locations can be found here[pillarsofeternity.fandom.com]

Make an Adventurer

Visit any inn and make any level adventurer. This should be one of the first achievements you obtain.

Crafting/Enchanting Achievements

Alchemist, Chef, Trappy, Scribe, Enchanter and Legendary Enchanter

Note: You can only enchant ‘unique’ armor and weapons, aka ones highlighted in yellow. Right-click the item you want to enchant and go from there \These achievements are really straightforward. You can craft from the item menu.

As for Trappy, all you have to do is buy 5 traps and then place them wherever you want.

Levels of Old Nua

First, Middle and Last 5 Levels of Old Nua

I recommend doing these right before going to kill the final boss and when getting to the capped level, as there are enemies that will kill you underleveled

Boss Fights
From the Clouds to the Depths

For this achievement, you will need to kill the Sky and Adra Dragon-The Adra Dragon can be found on the 15th floor of the Endless Paths of Old Nua
-The Sky Dragon can be found at Hylea’s Temple, which can be accessed from Northweald.

Note that you must kill them, you cannot spare their lives.

Stronghold Achievements

5/All Upgrades in Stronghold

These two are very easy to get. Do note that if part of Caed Nua is destroyed, you must rebuild it.The Heir of Caed Nua

This quest can be completed in Act 2. When you return to Caed Nua in Act 2, you will get an invitation in the Great Hall telling you to go to Ducal Palace in First Fires, this will start a chain of quests involving Lord Gathbin.

The last part of this quest involves going to war with Gathbin, however I strongly do not recommend doing this until you’ve recruited enough army, you won’t stand a chance if you’re underleveled and lack stronghold members.

The Storied Adventurer

A full guide can be found here[psnprofiles.com]


Appease all of the gods

You can get this during Council of the Stars [pillarsofeternity.fandom.com] questInstead of choosing one, you will need to do all of the quests.

Bounty Hunter

A full list of the bounties can be found here[pillarsofeternity.fandom.com]

You only need to do 4 of them and most of them are easy to complete.


You should get this during a casual playthrough out of nowhere.

The White March

The White March – Unmissable Achievements

Watcher at the Breach, Herald of the Old Flame, A Voice from the Deep and Called to their Labor
As long as you complete the main questline of The White March DLC, you will not miss any of these achievements.

The White March – Boss Fights

The Siege of Crägholdt

You’re given this quest the same time you begin The White March DLC, however I absolutely do not recommend doing this the immediate moment you’re given it. If you’re playing on Easy or higher, wait until you’re level 15 otherwise you’re in for a very difficult fight with Concelhaut. Killing Concelhaut and his goons will earn you the achievement.Terror of the White March

Killing the Alpine Dragon will earn you this. He can be found in a cave at the southern portion of Longwatch Falls.

Among the Moss and Peat

You will get the quest The Phylactery’s Promise after killing Concelhaut and completing the quest ‘The Iron Flail’, only then you will get this quest. Once you get the quest, travel to Mowrghek Îen, you will have to kill Llengrath and her dragons, this is considered the hardest fight in the game.

If you are having trouble with any of these fights, switch over to ‘Story’ mode in the options menu.

The Ultimate

The Ultimate

Description: Complete the White March and Pillars of Eternity, defeat all dragons, all bounties, and both archmages on Expert, Trial of Iron, and Path of the Damned modes without taking any companions after Cilant Lîs.This is the hardest achievement in the game and one of the hardest of all time in any game ever. This achievement is basically Frozen Triple Crown SOLO but you must kill every dragon, archmages and complete all bounties. No party members are ever allowed and you may NEVER turn off Expert mode.

The archmages are Concelhaut and Llengrath.

Here’s a Youtube video if you want to go for it:

You can also check out these playlists if Rogue doesn’t interest you: https://www.youtube.com/user/Ultrabuu85/playlists

Good luck and if you get this achievement, be proud of your accomplishment.

The White March – Other Achievements


You can get this achievement by doing The Grey Sleeper[pillarsofeternity.fandom.com] quest
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