Pizza Ghest Walkthrough (All Quests & Bosses)

Here is a full walkthrough for the Pizza Ghest game.


Pizza Ghest Walkthrough

1. Quest. (Water, fire, earth, wind) Fire – lighter, Earth – cactus, Water – Get the fish from the aquarium, take a glass to pour water), Wind – fan.
2. Quest. Throw your favorite thing – BEER or pet.
3. Quest. Cook porridge – take a pan, put it on the stove, then pour milk, add cereal and heat, then give it away.
4. Quest. We walk through the floors until the Garbage Eater leans out of the garbage chute, we bring him a cardboard box of pizza and an old piece of pizza from the apartment.
5. Quest. Go to apartment 696, ring the door, the demon neighbor will open, we will need to go to his apartment, find our pizza in the refrigerator, after the dialogue you will be sent back to the apartment (rooms and the contents of the rooms will change)
6. Quest. Get down to the lowest floor and click on the panel. In the dialogue, ask “how to do the rite”, you will be directed to a book that will spawn in your apartment. 1 candle at the garbage chute, 2 candles in the apartment in the shelf, 3 candles in the elevator. Then we put candles near our apartment and lure the demon into it, then we are teleported to a pizzeria.
7. Quest. Walk in the pizzeria (do not stumble over buckets and mops), after a while you should find a girl behind the cash register.
8. Boss fight:
1. stage – Throw a bucket of water at the triangle when it falls to the ground (repeat 3-4 times)
2. stage – throw fish into a triangle (to inflict damage we throw 2 fish in a row, 1 fish removes armor, 2 deals damage); (repeat 4 times)
3rd stage – throw cacti into the triangle (we throw it at the moment when it aims at us)
4. stage – Throw buckets of water into a triangle (throw point-blank)
9. Final boss:
Stage 1 – Throw things (they are on carts) at the boss
2. stage – the same thing.
Game completed! Congratulations!
P.S. In the menu, you can put the “easy” level of difficulty.

By grihajedy🎄 and  D’dosya

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