Placebo Love: Beginner Guide

A list of my tips for Placebo Love beginners


Main Gameplay

Influence is the currency of Placebo Love.
When talking to people, you can choose to tell a truth, half truth, or lie. You get influence by telling people what they want to hear, which shows up as little butterflies after you make a choice.
Each response gives an amount of influence from 0-3, and some responses can give the same amount.
Every week you can meet with people 3 times a day on the weekends, and you will need to plan accordingly. You cannot meet with the same person twice on one day, and anyone who’s available will have a text bubble icon above their profile. If you have already met with someone this week, then an “INVESTED” square will show up on their card. If you don’t meet with a character any time during the week, the next week they will show up as “NEGLECTED” and you will need to influence to meet with them.
Also, Lorne has to spend time alone at least once every week, so plan your days with that in mind. Lorne’s card will show a circle icon if he hasn’t spent time alone yet.
You will not be able to get max bonds with every character on your first playthrough so you will have to choose some to neglect. Be ready.


At the beginning of the game, save your influence, and don’t buy apps.
When Lorne gets time at work, you can upgrade your powers using influence which will help you get more influence to buy things. In contrast, the apps mostly just provide info and fun facts.
Don’t use up all of your influence buying an app or upgrade. Sometimes there will be events which you can spend one or two influence to activate. During week 4, there will be a chance to spend 10 influence and you might want to at least have the choice. There is also another such event during week 7.
Some characters prefer being told lies, some hate half-truths, etc. You get more influence by telling each character what they want to hear, but you should be careful as some characters could realize you are lying.
The characters’ responses will change depending on what you tell them or talk about, and also depending on your relationship with other characters, which I think is really neat.
Lorne has to spend time alone at least once every week, so plan your days that that in mind. Lorne’s icon will show a circumpunct symbol if he hasn’t spent time alone yet.
You can hold control on your keyboard to speed up time, it’s useful if you wanna speed through transitions or go through something you already saw. However, it will also advance text. Also, tab will bring up a transcript of your conversation.You will meet some characters through other characters so if you neglect one early on you might not meet another. If you talk to lots of people Lorne will bring up interactions with different characters when talking and you’ll get bonus influence which I think is really cool.

When given the choice to talk to Nadia or Diana about romance/work/hobbies, if it’s an early bond then you may have to pay influence (10) but later it will be free to talk about. However it may also be brought up in conversations.

“When choosing between romance/hobbies/work, it will affect small things in bonds and in certain endings, kind of like an artificial randomizer. Every time you are asked to choose one of those cards it’ll add to the associated stat so it’s possible to change the stats as you go. Also, the Capsamyn is linked to it, biased on your starter choices but you can force it to do different things and that secretly changes those stats. It’s not a huge part of the game, just makes things slightly fresher from player to player.”
For example, some things in the contacts app will change and you get a different Capsamyn depending on which of the three you’re most interested in.

– Press tab to see the conversation log.
– Hold ctrl to fast-forward through certain parts of the game. You can also change text speed to fast in the settings. Note that if you change something in the settings you have to save or it will revert back.

Influence Guide

Butterfly/Influence Guide:

– This information is subject to change.
– Lorne must spend personal time alone once per weekend.
– You will have to miss out on certain bonds, as there are only 18 weeks.
– Earning influence is important, but remember that your choices can change the story. Keep in mind that the choice worth the most influence may not be the one you should choose.
– When in doubt, choosing partial is likely a safe bet.
– Recommended to buy drinks rather than apps earlier in the game

Vending machine/drinks: (Prices raise by 5 influence after each purchase.)
– Aspect of Aergia: Unlocks the opportunity to buy 3 more apps on the phone.
– Aspect of Pistis: Gain partial (mini) influence when telling the truth. (2 mini = 1 whole)
– Aspect of Dolos: Gain partial (mini) influence when telling a lie. (2 mini = 1 whole)
– Aspect of Mammon: Guarantees 1 extra influence after every bond.
– Aspect of Shukra: Neglected bonds require less influence to engage. (todo:add how much => )
– Aspect of {Player Name}: Alone Time can be bypassed by spending 10 influence on Sunday Evening.
– Aspect of Lonely Void: “Become Greater… alter Future… Don’t know what this does yet, will update when I find out.

Apps: (Prices raise by 5 influence after each purchase.)
– Messages: Read your emails.
– Calendar: Lorne’s schedule history.
– Contacts: Status of acquaintances. (Bonds, schedules, and facts.)
– Archive: Read old articles.
– Mundane Places: See previously visited locales, and fun facts about them.
– Geppetto: Shows how often Lorne tells the truth, and his favorite subject.
– Futures: Shows possible endings, how to get them, and unlocked endings.
– Trophies: Achievements.Misc:
– Events that require influence will occasionally happen. (Can range from 2 to 10.)
– Recommended to have 10 influence saved up for weeks 4 and 7.

Week 1 and 2 Dialogue Influence:

Week 01:


Meeting Nadia at the train station:
– My mother and I don’t talk much.
Truth = 1 | Partial = 1 | Avoid = 1
– I want to hang out with her.
Truth = 3 | Partial = 2 | Avoid = 1


Reunion with Mother back home in Belltree:
– South America is called the Capricorns now.
Truth = 0 | Partial = 2 | Avoid = 1

Meeting Diana at the café:
– I’m certain I met her yesterday!
Truth = 0 | Partial = 1 | Avoid = 3
– I don’t think I’ve ever felt more awkward and confused.
Truth = 1 | Partial = 3 | Avoid = 1

Mother needs her coffee:
– Yes, but I don’t want to talk about it.
Truth = 1 | Partial = 3 | Avoid = 0

Reunion with Tristan at the bar:
– He looks exactly the same.
Truth = 3 | Partial = 1 | Avoid = 0


Time with Mother:
– She didn’t let us watch what we wanted.
Truth = 0 | Partial = 1 | Avoid = 2

Time with Diana:
– It was 100% you, no doubt about it.
Truth = 0 | Partial = 3 | Avoid = 1

Time with Tristan:
– It looks like he’s already started drinking.
Truth = 3 | Partial = 3 | Avoid = 0
– He’s changed a lot since the accident.
Truth = 0 | Partial = 2 | Avoid = 0

Week 02:


Conversation with Annie:
– I don’t feel like having company anyway.
Truth = 1 | Partial = 1 | Avoid = 1


Conversation with Rawn:
– I think I’m in love.
Truth = 2 | Partial = 2 | Avoid = 2


Bond 01 at Up Tasseograph with Nadia:
– I must seem desperate for friends.
Truth = 1 | Partial = 3 | Avoid = 0
– That’s not how you pronounce it.
Truth = 1 | Partial = 2 | Avoid = 1


Here is when the game starts to branch out and get a lot more complicated. If I was to format the rest of week 2’s guide like above, it would be extremely complex and take a lot of work. I have made the decision to go over Sunday like so:

If you choose to meet with Nadia in the morning, then you will have the bond with her. If you choose to meet with Nadia in the afternoon, then you will instead meet Victor.

If you meet with Annie and choose to talk to her about romance, then it will bring up the topic of Lorne meeting two people (Nadia and Diana). From what I have seen, telling the truth to this results in a lot of influence.

If you meet with Rawn after having talked to Annie about Nadia and Diana and talk about Annie’s Assistance, then you will earn more influence and a new dialogue prompt will be brought up. Also, feel free to ask Rawn about how he’s doing first. He’s a cool guy!

Please note that many of these events can happen over the span of several weeks. Manage your time wisely, but don’t stress out about it either. Remember, influence isn’t everything. Enjoy the game!

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