Planet Coaster: All Achievements Guide

This guide will show you all about achievements and how to get them!


Planet Coaster All Achievements Guide

achievements in planet coaster can be quite hard to get. That’s why I created this tutorial on how to get them all! (This is in NO order!)

Welcome to Planet Coaster!
This is an achievement that you get at the beginning of the game. Simply click somewhere on the globe and that will place your avatar.

Your Fired!
Click on ‘Park management’ tab, and hire a staff member and then fire it.

Salt on the Sences
Create the ‘Monsieur Frites’ stand and go in finances, set the salt to max.

Money Spinner
This is quite a hard achievement, you have to get 10k cash in a month!

Marketing Mogul
Spend 10k in marketing in 1 month. I know it is crazy

Loan Survivor
Now this one is actually quite easy. You need to create loans and repay them until it shows a total of 20k cash.

The Ratings Are Through the Roof!
For this, create 10 fair rides in sandbox mode (for easy purposes only) and open them, that will achieve you with 1000 park rating which is what you need.

Investing in People
All you need to do is upgrade atleast 1 staff member to max. This can take about 2 – 3 in-game years.

Scream if You Want to Go Faster!
create a coaster that has a maximum speed of 100mph.

Speed Freak
Create a coaster that reaches a maximum speed of 150mph.

Faster than Lightning
Create a coaster that has a maximum speed of 200mph.

A Head for Heights
Create a coaster that has a 80m drop.

Jaw Dropping
Create a coaster that has a 150m drop.

Coasting Along
Create a 750m long coaster *phew, these are taking a while to write :/*

Don’t Stop Me Now
Create a coaster that is 1,500m long.

The Ride of Your Life
Create a coaster that is 2,500m long.

Hang Time
Create a coaster with 5 moments of air time.

Air Raising
Create a coaster with 10 moments of air time.

Air Miles
Create a coaster with 15 moments of air time.

You’re a winner!
Rename a go kart track to ‘bollard’ and ride it until you win a race.

A Star is born
Collect 1 bronze star in a career mode

Rising Star
Collect 1 silver star in the career mode.

Brightest Star in the Sky
Collect 1 gold star in career mode.

Star Studied Career
Do all of star achievements above in the same round.

Princess Amelie’s Fairy Tale
Unlock ‘Princess Amelie’s Fairy Tale’

Dex-R’s Science Shenanigans
Unlock ‘Dex-R’s Science Shenanigans’

King Coaster’s Royal Decree
Unlock ‘King Coaster’s Royal Decree’

Rise to the Challenge
Complete a challenge in the challenge mode

Challenge Experience
Complete 5 challenges in the challenge mode.

Challenge Veteran
Complete 10 challenges in the challenge mode.

Doing Your Homework
*Don’t worry it’s not real homework :/*

Complete 1 research project

Crashing The Party
Make a coaster crash on 300+ guests.

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