Planetary Annihilation TITANS: Mods List for the Overwhelmed Newbie

Planetary Annihilation: Titans is a fantastic game! And it’s got mod support! And a dedicated modding community has been tweaking it for years, so anything you want, or didn’t even know you wanted, is probably a mod already. Not just big things, like overhauls. Little things, like interface tweaks to make the game just a tad easier to engage with.

BUT– there are so many! And they’re all in one big list! Nobody has time for this, right?

WRONG! I scrolled and clicked so you don’t have to. Here’s a list of mods that–mostly–don’t change the game, just how easy it is to interact with or look at. (Obviously, any mods already under the “Recommended” tab aren’t on this list. They’re recommended for a reason; you should check them out.)



Fast Delete (wondible)
Adds a hotkey for deleting units without the confirmation dialogue. Put it somewhere you won’t hit it by accident.

Strategic Filters (wondible)
Adds hotkeys to toggle unit icons for various classes (surface, air, orbital, AA).

Missile Command (wondible)
Adds a small panel for managing nuke silos.

Keyboard Viewer (wondible)
Makes assigning hotkeys massively easier! A must-use, especially if you’re using mods with their own hotkeys.

Select Extension (DIrtySanchez)
Adds hotkeys for idle scouts and fabricators (on-screen and off), or all radars. You can select all of a certain type (AA, artillery) within a previous extension, or remove them from the same. There’s also a button for single nearest, so you can select all idle fabbers and then the closest one to your cursor. Very useful, highly recommended.

Super Select (coldboot)
Another good one to have. Cycle forwards and backwards through current and previous selections. Deselected a group you still needed? Just cycle back to it. Also tab through units within a selection, just like Dawn of War et al.


(Note: I’m not including Skyboxes because they’re easy enough to find if you just search for “Skybox” in the filter.)

PA-FX (Alpha2546, ♥♥♥♥Lancer, dom314)
Adds some graphical effects. The one I noticed most was bloom. Also adds some lights and such to certain buildings (and units?)

Favorite Color (DeathByDenim)
Select a favorite and alternate color scheme in the settings menu, and one of them will be chosen automatically (first come, first served) at the start of every match.

Green Fab Spray (dom314)
Ever notice how builders always have glowing green highlights? The fab spray used to be green as well. This reverts to the original color.

Nuke Shockwave FX (nickpap, Alpa2546, killerkiwijuice)
Adds a cool ground effect shockwave to nuclear missiles. Doesn’t affect commander explosions.
Commander Icon Fix (stuart98)
Fixes the build bar icons for two of the commanders.

Darkish Nights (stuart98, bgolus)
Makes the night side of planets a little darker. There’s another one, Dark Nights, but I don’t recommend it because you can’t see what you’re doing. This one hits the sweet spot for me.

ClassicColors (TrophySystem)
Fab spray, commander alt-fire, and commander explosions have their original colors (green/blue/blue) instead of team color.


Contextual Pings (Ferretmaster)
Not really “chat”, but close enough. Different pings for different things, like locating an enemy commander.

Longer Pings (Captain Conundrum)
Pings last three times as long, so you have a chance to react.

Who Paused? (mattshadowwing)
If anyone pauses, they’ll send a chat so everyone knows who it was.

Enhanced Chat (MoleZz)
@-tag players in chat. Press space bar to autocomplete name. Names are listed under chat box for reference. Everyone with the mod installed will hear a chime (configurable) when they’re mentioned. All and Team chats are separated for convenience.

Who Deleted That for Titans and Classic (mikeyh)
Whoever deletes a unit will send a chat message, so there’s no intra-team trolling.

Team Colored Chat (dom314)
Adds a colored bar beside each name in chat for easy team identification.

Chat With Player (wondible, Cola-Colin, mikeyh)
Easily start private chat with player in current game. Look in the top right, I believe, next to the commander icon.

Mod Help Player Guide (wondible)
In chat, type !commands or !topics to get basic info on the available mods.

Notes (DeathByDenim)
Keep notes on players for future reference.

Mod Ping (The Magnificent Werty)
Ping your enabled mods in chat, as a way to share them. Kind of necessary for a game with so many good and useful mods as this one.


Twitch Viewers (wondible)
Display Twitch viewer count in game. Have to specify the Twitch account in settings.

UI Enhancements (DeathByDenim)
Auto-expand [SINGLE PLAYER] and [MULTIPLAYER] buttons in the main menu. Show rank in main menu after badge. Focus the cursor on the password field in the main menu. Focus the cursor on the lobby ID field in the replay browser. Allow for pressing <Enter> after manually entering a lobby ID to load it. After playing a ranked match show your new rank in the game over screen. If you have PA: Titans, it add a new filter to the game browser to filter Classic/Titans games.

Visible spawns (Ferretmaster)
Displays teammates’ spawn points. Good for coordinating in team games, although I suppose you could just ping.

Sandbox Unit Organizer (wondible)
Organizes units in the sandbox and removes glitchy unimplemented units.

All-In-One Spectator Tab (Quitch)
Better organization of the spectator stat window.

Show Lobby Password (wondible)
Because no one’s looking over your shoulder. Those dots are pointless. Just show me what I typed.

Who Dat? (wondible)
Show team name in unit hoverbox.


UI CPU Performance Fix ([VOC] Michiel de Ruyter)
For whatever reason, that spinning circle on the loading screen eats up a lot of CPU overhead—probably to serve as an indicator of CPU load in real time. This disables the spinning, so the game loads faster.

PA-Diag (wondible)
Produce a report on loaded mods for debug. Be sure to set the hotkey in settings.


Ready Up for Titans & Classic (mikeyh)
Adds a “start when all players ready” checkbox. Prompts players to ready up when the game is full and the map loaded.

Connect Buttons (wondible)
Adds a button on the main screen to connect to local or private servers.

Reckoner for PA (Dissonant)
Tracks stats from multiple sources to rate team balance. Good to have for team games

Super Stats (flubb)
Community stats tracker. Not sure if the server is still up.

Auto Name for Titans and Classic (mikeyh)
Automatically names hosted games according to their characteristics- game mode, number of players, etc. Makes games more searchable.

Auto Start Game for Titans & Classic (mikeyh)
When the box is ticked and everyone is ready, the game starts automatically.

Game Invites Client for Titans & Classic (mikeyh)
Makes it easier for players to invite others to private games from in game.

Lobby System Preview for Titans & Classic (mikeyh)
When the map is loaded, a preview of it is displayed in the lobby.


These obviously do change the gameplay somewhat, but it’s easier to find people that use them than people who don’t.

Legion Expansion (too many modders to list)
Adds an entirely new faction with different units; the base game only has one faction, albeit one so varied that every player basically has a unique faction. If the MLA (vanilla faction) are the Terrans, the Legion are Protoss. If that makes sense. Doesn’t affect Galactic War, but good for skirmish and multiplayer. To choose the Legion faction, pick one of the red commanders.

Also, this one doesn’t like to come up in a filtered search for some reason, so you’ll have to scroll for it.

Second Wave Expansion – Companion (Anonemous2)
Adds new units to both MLA and Legion. The new MLA units will show up in Galactic War. Not sure yet what think about it, but I’m including it. It will conflict with Legion (or any other mod that introduces units) unless you check the “Merge (experimental)” box on the left of the screen.


Bug Mode (ferretmaster)
Scenario editor, with built-in horde mode. Adds a few units, so you’ll have to merge if you’re using Legion.

System Sharing for Titans & Classic (Captain Conundrum, mikeyh)
Makes it easier to organize and share system maps. Can also delete shared maps.

Honorable Mention

This one’s just plain cool. Not a must-have for vanilla play, but worth a look.

Titan Commander (stratege1)
Your starting commander is a Titan who can build anything. Have fun.

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