Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Deluxe Edition: How to Enter the Town Hall Freely (Ground Door Key & Rainbow Star)

glitch that allow you to to enter the town hall its very easy to do .
you can do it by yourself but if you do it with a friend it will be 10 times easier .
if you want the rainbow stars do it by yourself . ( it cost you 7 stars to get 1 rainbow star ) .
if you wan’t the key do it with a friend . ( it cost you 25 stars to get the key) .
(because it’s very hard to glitch out of the town hall ).


Step one ( characters )

you need to play as the all-star if you are doing it alone .
if you are doing it with a friend your friend ( the player that is joining your word ) will play as the
all-star .

and you will play as the chomper

Step two ( entering the town hall)

the player that is playing as the all-star have to go to the bush that give you quests ( the bush that is in the plants side )

you have to stick to the bush turn around put a ( dummy shield abilitie ) (press 3 ) now you are stuck between the bush and the dummy if it done correctly the character will keep glitching jumping now you can go on top of the bush .

now you do it again on the bush like the photo BUT you have to do it fast put it behind you then turn very quick when your face is in the corner of the town hall use you ( sprint tackle abilitie ) ( press 2 )
keep doing it keep doing it until you glitch inside of the town hall now you can do just two things when you are inside .
buy the key for ( 25 stars ) .
pay ( 7 stars to get 1 rainbow star ) .

Step three entering the town hall ( co-op step )

if you are doing it with a friend your friend have to enter the town hall when he is in the town hall
go to the same wall as in the picture .

then your friend must be near the wall
use your second ability ( sprint burrow ) ( press 2 )
and eat him

now you wall inter the town hall if you want to exit with the key just repeat your last step but on opposite sides .

Step four ( what to do with the key ?)

after you get the key from the seagull by paying 25 star
( if you die or respawn you will lose the key and you have to do it again but don’t worry you don’t have to pay 25 stars again )

get out of the town hall and go to the locked door in front of the gnome temple in the under ground area it will unlock the door and now you can enter the trials of gnomus area .

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