POLYGON: How Ingame Money and XP Work

This Guide will tell you the basics of How you can get money, what you can use it for and how to level up.


What do you do with Money and XP?

XP gives you Levels, with levels you can unlock guns in the store which you can buy with money.
XP levels you up all the way to Level 40 which is max lvl (actual XP doesn’t have a limit just the levels) You get there by gaining 1,890,000 XP, Now that high of a level doesn’t necessarily give you anything, It just shows how much you have progressed.
There are gun unlocks at levels: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24.

SCORE = Money and XP

In POLYGON, Your ingame score = your XP and Money you will get from that particular game,
You can either quit or finish the game, You will get the amount of Score you have as XP and Money anyway!
Here is the list of what gives you Ingame score and how much exactly:

  • 1 Kill = 100 Score
  • Headshot = 50 Score If the enemy dies, You receive nothing from a single headshot if the enemy survives until they have healed up to 100 health.
  • Assists = 1 damage you assist in an enemy kill = 1 Score.
  • Point Capturing: If you capture the point from the enemy, Getting the point to white awards you 100 Score. If you capture it to Your teams color (whether that be Blue or Red) You will be awarded 200 Score.
  • Winning a game = 500 Score. Losing Does not give you any extra!

End of game screen:
(Remember that you do not need to wait for the end of the game to receive your Score!)

How VIP affects Gain

This game also has VIP that you can buy from the shop or receive from the battlepass.
VIP Has a Multiplier effect on your gain from the Ingame score to XP and Money
The rate is: 2X (+100%) For XP: 100 Score = 200XP
And 1.75X (+75%) For Money: 100 Score = 175 Money

Hope it helped!
By Ebin

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