Progressbar95: How to Fix the Missing Font Issue

How to fix the wrong font problem for PB-DOS



When playing under Linux, you might noticed the bios and PB-DOS looks are a bit bland. It’s because there’s a special font for them to give them this DOS-like look but is not loaded for some reason and making the game fall back on some default font.

This guide will help you fix this.


Because PB-DOS sucks pretty much on Linux without this fix.

Why it’s happening?

I have no idea. šŸ˜€ I think the font used here (called DOSFont.ttf) is in some strange TrueType format that derps with Wine…



  • Download theĀ Modern DOSĀ Font. (You can download it here.[])
  • Unzip the archive, using your archiver or the command line.
  • In the archive you’ll get different formats for the font. We’ll useĀ ModernDOS8x16.ttf. The others will work too but this one has the best look in game.
  • Go to the fonts folder of ProgressBar95. It should be located atĀ ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Progressbar95/Resources/fonts/
  • Delete the file calledĀ DOSFont.ttf. (Or rename itĀ DOSFont.old)
  • CopyĀ ModernDOS8x16.ttfĀ in that fonts folder.
  • RenameĀ ModernDOS8x16.ttfĀ asĀ DOSFont.ttf
  • That’s all! Enjoy!

In command line

All of this is doable in command line. Here’s the commands to do once you downloaded the font.

These commands will unzip the archive, remove the faulty font in game then move the working font in the game’s fonts folder while rename it correctly.

This implies you have theĀ zipĀ andĀ unzipĀ programs installed in your distro. If not, installĀ zipĀ with your package manager.

This also implies the archive got downloaded in yourĀ DownloadsĀ folder. Change the command if you downloaded it to another place.

~ $ unzip Downloads/
~ $ rm ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Progressbar95/Resources/fonts/DOSFont.ttf
~ $ mv ModernDOS8x16.ttf ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Progressbar95/Resources/fonts/DOSFont.ttf

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