Project Playtime: How to Edit the Map

Here is a tutorial on how to edit your map in Project Playtime.


Before we start:
  • In this guide I will teach you how to change the location of Puzzle Pillars, Lockers, Grapple Handles, Dash Handles, Toy Machine Deposits, Player Deposit Holes(?) and Crash Doors
  • Editing the map takes a lot of time, so it’s only recommended to do it if you’re playing with friends.
What you need for this Guide:
  • Universal Unreal Engine Unlocker (UUU)
  • Friends (recommended)
  • Enough time
  • Hands
How to download UUU and use it:

How to install:
Install Universal Unreal Engine (
How to open:

  1. Open PROJECT: Playtime
  2. Open UUUClient.exe (Universal Unreal Engine)
  3. Select Project Playtime as the process that the dll should be injected in
  4. Now it should look like this:
  5. Press “Inject DLL”
  6. Switch to the Project Playtime tab
  7. NOW host a game

It’s important that you first inject the dll and then host a game.
How to open the console:
Press the key that is in your Configuration (I recommend using the Comma)

Now you should have everything you need a start.

How to edit the map
  1. Open PROJECT: Playtime, inject the dll and host a game
  2. Open the console and type in pause (Now the game is paused so it won’t start)
  3. Open the console again and type in toggledebugcamera (Now you are able to fly with the camera. Use WASD to move.)
  4. To destroy an object point at it and type in destroytarget
  5. To summon an object type in one of these commands:
  6. summon BP_PuzzlePillar_C (Puzzle Pillar)
  7. summon BP_PullDownDoor_C (Crash Door)
  8. summon BP_ToyMachineDeposit_C (Toy Machine Deposit)
  9. summon BP_Locker_C (Port-A-Lounge)
  10. summon BP_WhackAWuggySpawnPoint_C (The holes what the Wuggies get out)
  11. summon BP_NetworkDashHandle_C (Dash Handle; Warning: some Dash Handles are impossible to destroy)
  12. summon BP_NetworkSwingHandle_C (Grapple Handle)
  13. summon BP_WormholeEntrance_C (Player Deposit Hole (?))
  14. After you finished type in toggledebugcamera
  15. Open the console again and type in pause (Now the game is unpaused)
  16. Now you will notice that a nameless player joined the game. He is a bug.
  17. Wait until 6 other people joined
  18. Type in toggledebugcamera. If everything went right you will be this nameless player. DON’T move with him.
  19. Now you have only 10 seconds. Type in toggledebugcamera.
  20. Wait the game to start
  21. That’s it. Play the game.
  22. After the game ends, quit. It won’t work another time. If you want to play it again, host another game.

Notes: You can destroy other objects too but they will still be visible to other players

By FZ_Wowa

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