Pupperazzi: 100% Achievement Guide

This is a guide for getting all steam achievements in Pupperazzi! I tried to include tips and tricks for some of the more confusing achievements. Good luck and have fun! Guide is in order from last achievement to first in order to account for complexity.


Pupperazzi 100% Achievement Guide


Complete the Puppypedia!

This is probably one of the final achievements you will unlock and you will naturally make progress on it as you go through the game.

If you don’t know what you’re missing go to the overworld and click on home, you can view your Puppypedia from there.

Here are some examples:

Sad = Play the Violin (Tip: if not found you can obtain from the store/vending machine, I got mine on the Muttropolis level) right near a dog and then quickly snap a picture of them.

Tony Bark = At the skatepark on Buppy Boardwalk. You may have to get a picture of the dog doing a trick on the half pipe. (Tip: if its hard to get a shot once you unlock the UFO for the camera this may be easier!)

Spooked = Place the vacuum (Tip: can be obtained from the vending machine, I got mine on the Muttropolis level) near a dog and snap a picture.

Showing off = Get the big stick from the vending machine and give it to a small dog.

Mellie = On the Mellowstone area. Throw a hotdog (Tip: obtained from the picnic table outside, look and you will find it) into the water inside the cave and a sea dragon should start swimming in the water.

Kneepads = Find the skatepark on Bubby Boardwalk (2nd area unlocked) and take a picture of a skating dog. (Tip: try changing the outfit of the dog if not working to ONLY have kneepads on. This might aslo hold true for the other entries like Top Hat, Straw Hat, etc!)

Friendly = Pet the dog and take a picture!

Digging = Giving a dog a bone (Tip: can be found on the ground or from a vending machine) should trigger this (they will run away and it looks like they are shaking and that’s the digging animation)

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Take photos of 20 different sleeping dogs. (Tip: as it says this is different dogs, my best luck I had was taking pictures of every sleeping dog I found- eventually it will unlock.)

Acclaimed Phodographer

Complete all follower audiences.

Say ‘Cheese’

Take 20 photos of blinking dogs.


Take 10 photos in midair. Tip: untested but I don’t think you need dogs in these photos, just jump and take some!

Portrait Artist

Take 20 centered, close-up, head-on, single-dog photos. Tip: this one is a bit tricky, try to make sure there are no dogs in background- also pets them first and move to a area without dogs (they should follow you) to make this easier.

Art For Art’s Sake (hidden achievement)

Take 20 photos without any dogs. Tip: you can just take photos up in the sky or straight down to avoid dogs in background if you are having trouble.

En Douge

Take photos of 20 different fashionable dogs (dogs wearing two or more accessories). Tip: at a certain point in the game you will be able to go up and press ‘F’ (depending on keybinds) to change accessories on a dog which should help if you cannot find dogs spawned in with 2 or more accessories.

Archivist (hidden achievement)

Save 20 of your favorite photos.

Trigger Happy (hidden achievement)

Attempt to take a photo with empty film roll 10 times. Tip: this can easily be done at the start of the game if you spam the tigger button!


Take 30 photos of dogs wagging their tails.


Take 20 close-up photos of dogs with their tongue out.

Get My Good Side

Take 30 photos while crouching in game of dogs.

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