Purrgatory: All Snowglobes Guide

This is a guide to getting all seven snowglobes, how to get them, where to put them and a map of the locations. Spoiler Alert!!!


Snowglobe Locations

These snowglobes will be included in the order from the fastest you’ll probably get them to the longest time it’ll take to get to them. When a requirement is mentioned to get the snowglobe, that requirement applies to the snowglobes after it as well.

Snowglobe #1: The first snowglobe is in the library, and you can get to it right away. Look for it on the shelves.

Snowglobe #2: The second snowglobe is only available once you get the key to upstairs, in the locker in the first room you get to.

Snowglobe #3: The third snowglobe can be found in the closet, on a shelf.

Snowglobe #4: The next snowglobe is in the meowseum, on one of the shelves by the exit. You can only enter the meowseum after you find the code to the door. (hint, its very simple.)

Snowglobe #5: The next snowglobe is in the house, in the room just before Natalie’s room.

Snowglobe #6: The second to last snowglobe can only be acquired on Tori’s route, by digging up the dirt in the activity. It’s something that you WILL get, no matter what.

Snowglobe #7: The last snowglobe is also on Tori’s route, and can be acquired in the part where you climb down the rope. You have only one chance to get this one, so if you dont grab it, youll have to start over. Theres a very good chance, however, that you will find and grab it, as you cant miss it.

Where do I put them??? What does it do???

The location of the seven snowglobes is by the escalator that leads to the warehouse, where you put all seven into a large box with indention for them. This opens up a door that leads down a long hallway with writings about salvation and freedom. At the end of the hall, you come to a door, and…

Kyungsoon has eaten it. She ate the supposed object that would provide salvation, one that you cant even identify now that its in pieces. Oh well.


All highlighted parts of the map are the locations with the snowglobes. This map was taken from another guide, “Official hints + solutions” by Niv.

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