Quasimorph: End of Dream – 100% Guide

This guide will guide you to finish this demo with 100% achievement And it will teach you some unsaid things …



This game has its own mechanism. You can play the game only using the mouse or you can use the keyboard, but the main focus is on the mechanics of fighting with enemies and working with weapons.

Load Out

Load Out It is considered one of the most important parts of the game. At the start of each operation, you will be told to set your Load Out and get ready to start the mission.
My suggestion to you :

  • The pistol ( you can use other guns if you take it with you from past missions )
  • a stack of ammo (every gun has special type of ammo )
  • 5 bandages
  • 5 splits
  • food
  • clothes or armor
  • you can add more …

You can evacuate to bring your found equipment back home and use it later. Doing so will also keep your character’s level. we also have style and skill tree called class
pick one you like to play with it

  • Scouts of Hades are guns and shooting
  • Eclipse Blades is for Melee and sharp blades

Fight the enemy

When you are fighting with the enemy, always focus on your character’s hp and ammo, try not to take risks and be more in walking mode than running. Move away from your enemy when you take damage and then start healing yourself
Different parts of your body can be injured during a fight
Pressing H you can mouse over the damaged body part and see what you have sustained
Bleeding and and non-fractures you can throw on a bandage
Some injuries may require you to use multiple healing items before it’s fully healed
You’ll also take damage that can’t be healed with basic medicine
Rags can be used any type of damage but you won’t regen your health back
Be careful to treat the wounds quickly so that you don’t get damaged because then you have to watch your character die

easy or hard

The counter on the bottom right goes up turn by turn; it indicates the difficulty of the enemies and the buffs they receive. Cigarettes will decrease it as will effigies found on certain enemies , I don’t know if it is possible to bring it down in another way or not, but try to complete your mission faster because if you don’t do this, the enemies will not only become stronger, but they will also respawn and look for you to hunt you down So it is better to loot as fast as possible and avoid rotating in the map and also we have some map jammers . they can be destroyed , if you break them all you can read the map again by pressing M on your keyboard

hardest missions

Obsidian Flats is the most hardest mission in the game and Of course the last one . Here you really need weapons and ammunition… the level of the enemies is completely different from the previous two missions and most likely you will not only fight with human enemies but also with demons and monsters
My suggestion is to use your maximum power

we have a Boss fight at the end of this mission but you going to be fine after 4th try 🙂


we have just 2 Achievements

Bio trash
In space no one can hear you scream
Begining of the End
I’m awake, mortals!

Bio trash : just die once

Begining of the End : finish the game ( the game have just 3 missions )

average playtime to 100% : 2h

By W̷.̷A̷.̷R̷_̷a̷n̷g̷e̷l

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