Quest Hunter: Missable Achievements Guide

A short guide on how to not miss two of the achievements.


On the enemy’s side

When you get to the Red Camp location, find the gear cube that magically makes your legs move slower and drop it on the pressure plate to access the camp. Walk inside but for once save your enthusiasm to shovel everyone in the face immediately! Instead tell the guard you’ve come to speak to the boss.

Walk a couple more steps and Fat Blackbarbel will question you. Answer that you want to join their club.

After he’ll ask you what you’re good at, pick one of the three options and complete the task. Speak with Fat Blackbarbel again to turn in the quest. This unlocks the “On the enemy’s side” achievement.


As continuation from the exciting adventures above, Fat Blackbarbel will ask you to deliver a letter to Gloomnose, the barkeep in Black Skull inn. For this you have to continue into Act 2. Open the Ancient Gates at the location of the same name, and you’ll get access to the Black Skull inn location. Enter what is clearly a tavern and speak with the barkeep. Order an ale to prove your manliness, and finish the conversation. He’ll immediately send you back to Fat Blackbarbel.

Return to the Red Camp location, and speak with Fat Blackbarbel again. He’ll give you another task to bring him Pork Knuckles, answer that you’re on your way to do it.

The Pork Knuckles are those pretty useless meat healing items so you probably have a ton of these already, just talk to him again to hand them over. After that you get a third quest to extort money from a butcher. Choose the option that asks how you can give him a lesson.

Go to the location called Butcher’s House, enter the house, ignore the needy wench you saved earlier, exit through the backdoor, and speak with the Butcher. Tell the Butcher that the Bandits sent you, but say that you want to help.

He’ll say to talk to his daughter inside the house, she’ll want 2 bottles of poison. If you don’t have any poison, just go ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ up until you find them or craft them at the cauldron in camp locations. Once you hand these over, you’ll get a poison cake and the “Chef” achievement.

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