Raft: How to Expert Wrangler Easily

How to get the Expert Wrangler! (Capture 50 Animal) Achievement Easier.


What you need before you can do this Achievement is the following:
A Raft with an area for the animals to be housed in.
The ability to make the Net Launcher and have one.
To make it you will need:

2 Scrap Metal
4 Plastic
1 Metal Ingot
2 Bolts

Please Note: You will need to make more Net Launchers as this item does wear out after a number of shots. (On Easy it is around 22 shots)

Ammo is another issue you will need to solve. This will mean killing a good number of Puffer Fish (1 Fish 1 Goo/Powder) to obtain the Explosive Goo and then refine it in the smelter to make the required amount of Explosive Powder. The plus side is you do get the 3 achievements Puffer Fish achievements if you don’t have them already.
So in short you will need to make a minimum of 50 Net Canisters and this will require:
200 Rope
200 Scrap Metal
50 Explosive Powder

Stage 1: Capture some Animals
To make your life easier when trying to get the achievement you will first need to capture a few animals. Now normally you will find between 1 and 3 animals on bigger island. But this will mean finding Boars and Skreacher’s too.
After finding an animal catch it and take it back to your raft and place it in your pre-made pen.
(Don’t forget to have grass and tools to harvest milk and wool from the animals. No Food, No Stuff)

Stage 2: Re-Capture the Animals in the Pen
Now that you have a good number of animals (Suggest 5 to 6) on your raft, you need to start re-capturing them again.
I would suggest not capturing the same animal twice in a row and after a round of captures go and do something (Water plants, start cooking, smelting, etc) and then come back for another round.
I have found sometimes it will not count a capture so this should lower the chances of this happening.

And it’s Done.
And after 50 captures you are done with a new shiny Achievement on your profile.

Hope the guide helped have a great one.

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