Ragnarock: Fixing Black Screen, Rift S controllers, Main music and other issues

The Ragnarock V1 release is now available on Steam. Since the Early Access version released on Steam in December 2020, it was very well received with 96% positive reviews (title ranked in the highest category, “overwhelmingly positive”) out of over a thousand reviews. however. there are some known issues with the new version. here is the solution to fix these issues.


1. Black Screen at start (Window N edition)
– In your Windows settings, go to Apps / Optional features, or paste this link into your browser to open it directly : ms-settings:optionalfeatures?activationSource=SMC-Article-14209
– Click “Add a feature”
– Look for “Media Feature Pack” and install

2. Black Screen at start (Virtual Desktop)
– Unplug the HMD / Virtual Desktop and launch the game
– Exit the game and plug your Virtual Desktop back.


3. Rift S controllers are flying off like they are loosing tracking
– Try switching USB ports for your Rift S (Depending on your motherboard, all USB ports might not be equally powered)
– In the Vibrations menu, try lowering the Amplitude setting to 0.3 (or even disabling vibrations entirely)
– If you still encounter issues, please check these :
-> Restart the Oculus Runtime Service.
-> Reseat the Rift S cable.
-> Swap PC USB-A ports.
-> Disable USB power saving.
-> Enroll in the Oculus Public Test Channel.
-> Repair the Oculus software.
-> Try using a powered USB hub.

4. Main music “ducking” when drum sound is played (music level is reduced for a short time). Reported on Windows 8.1
– Upgrading to Windows 10 solves the problem

5. Hitting the runes doesn’t seem to register correctly
– Try lowering your drums using the drums and hammers settings. In general, your drums should be approximately at hip height.
– Please note, to register a hit, your hammer must completely exit the drum before re-entering it when you hit the next rune. Also, you must hit the surface of the drum with the forward face of the hammer (not the face with the lightning symbol).

Credit to Dev NoLaSP


If you have any other issues. you can join Discord to find more solutions.

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