RAID: Shadow Legends – Beginners Guide for Clan Boss

Quick Guide for Efficient Progression in Raid: Shadow Legends


What is Clan Boss and What Does it Do?

The Clan Boss is a formidable opponent in Raid: Shadow Legends that players face in Clan Boss battles. The Clan Boss has multiple difficulty levels, each offering better rewards but also posing greater challenges. It attacks every turn and inflicts devastating damage on players’ champions, requiring careful strategy, teamwork, and preparation to defeat.

  • Here’s a breakdown of the rewards you can get from defeating the Clan Boss in Raid: Shadow Legends:
Clan Boss Chests

These chests contain valuable rewards and are obtained by dealing damage to the Clan Boss. The quality of the chest depends on the amount of damage dealt and the Clan Boss difficulty level.
Rewards from Clan Boss chests include:

  • Gear: Rare, Epic, and occasionally Legendary equipment pieces.
  • Skill Tomes: Used to upgrade champion skills.
  • Shards: Ancient, Void, and Sacred shards for summoning champions.
  • Potions: Various potions used for upgrading artifacts and champions.
  • Accessories: Rings, amulets, and banners with stat bonuses.
  • Silver: In-game currency used for various purposes such as leveling up champions and upgrading artifacts.

Champion Selection:

Effective champion selection is crucial for success against the Clan Boss. Here’s a mix of free and top-tier champions:

  • Warpriest (Rare): Offers healing and increased defense, essential for survivability.
  • Executioner (Rare): Effective in dealing damage and applying poisons to the Clan Boss.
  • Slayer (Uncommon): Applies poison, contributing to overall damage output.
  • Jareg (Epic): Provides ally protection, defense up, and continuous heal, essential for sustaining the team.
  • Skullcrusher (Epic): Offers counterattack and ally protection, increasing overall damage output and survivability.
  • Rhazin Scarhide (Legendary): Brings a combination of debuffs and strong attacks, making him invaluable for both damage and control.

Creating the best team for Clan Boss (CB) in Raid: Shadow Legends requires a combination of champions with specific roles and synergies. Here’s a well-rounded team composition that covers essential roles for CB battles:

  • Painkeeper (Epic): Offers continuous healing, turn meter reduction, and a powerful poison debuff.
  • Occult Brawler (Epic): Applies strong poison debuffs and increases poison damage with each hit.
  • Coldheart (Epic): Deals significant damage and applies a powerful Heartseeker debuff, which scales with the target’s max HP.
  • Martyr (Legendary): Provides ally protection, counterattack, and increased defense.
  • Skullcrusher (Epic): Offers counterattack, ally protection, and increases team survivability.
  • Draco (Epic): Applies weaken and decrease defense debuffs, significantly boosting team damage output.
  • Bad-El-Kazar (Legendary): Offers continuous healing, cleanse, and removes debuffs from allies.
  • Mausoleum Mage (Epic): Provides continuous healing, increased defense, and ally protection.
  • Peydma (Epic): Offers healing, defense up, and weaken debuff.
Damage Dealer:
  • Vizier Ovelis (Legendary): Extends debuffs, increasing their duration and overall damage output.
  • DPS (Any Champion with high damage output and synergy with team buffs/debuffs): Examples include Rae, Royal Guard, and Venus.
Turn Meter Manipulator:
  • Apothecary (Rare): Increases turn meter, provides speed buffs, and offers healing.
  • Doompriest (Rare): Provides continuous healing, cleanses debuffs, and increases turn meter.

This team composition covers essential roles such as poison application, debuff management, sustain, and damage output. Adjustments can be made based on available champions and player preferences. Additionally, ensuring proper speed tuning and gear optimization are crucial for maximizing team effectiveness against the Clan Boss.

Bonus – champions that helped me:

  • Fahrakin the Fat

  • Artak

  • Vizier Ovelis

Gear Requirements:

To effectively tackle the Clan Boss, you’ll need gear that emphasizes survivability, damage output, and accuracy:

  • Life Steal Set: Essential for sustaining your team through the battle.
  • Speed Set: Helps your champions act faster, enabling more turns and more damage.
  • Accuracy or Perception Set: Ensures your debuffs land consistently, maximizing your team’s effectiveness.
  • Defense Set: Increases survivability, reducing damage taken from the Clan Boss’s attacks.

Note: This guide is intended for low-level players. Stay tuned for future guides covering artifacts and champion builds tailored for optimal performance.

Skills – Masteries – Tips

When selecting champions for your Clan Boss team, prioritize those with skills that offer:

  • Decrease Attack: Reduces the damage your team takes, increasing survivability.
  • Poison: Deals significant damage over time, crucial for wearing down the Clan Boss’s health.
  • Weaken: Boosts damage from all hits, maximizing your team’s damage output.
  • Ally Protection: Shares damage among team members, reducing individual champion damage taken.

For Clan Boss battles, prioritize masteries that enhance your team’s damage output, survivability, and debuff application:

  • Offense Tree: Focus on increasing critical rate, critical damage, and damage output.
  • Defense Tree: Invest in defensive masteries to increase survivability, such as additional healing and damage reduction.
Strategy Tips:
  • Speed Tuning: Ensure your champions’ speeds are optimized to apply buffs and debuffs in the correct order.
  • Buff and Debuff Management: Maintain essential buffs and debuffs throughout the battle to maximize damage and survivability.
  • Sustainability: Prioritize champions and gear that enable your team to endure the Clan Boss’s relentless attacks.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly assess and adjust your team composition, gear, and strategy to optimize performance against the Clan Boss.

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