Rain World: Green Lizards Guide (How to Avoid & Fight)

This Guide contains information on Green Lizards, the most common Lizard, how to avoid or fight them, and fun facts. Note: I have not beaten the game, some things in this Guide can be wrong and that’s okay.


Green Lizards are the most common Lizard, and can be dangerous to newer players if they don’t know what they’re doing. Green Lizards have the second largest health of all Lizards, but they are not very hard to avoid, all you need to do is jump over their head or run and you’ve escaped. But if you want to fight them, either use a rock or a Firecracker Plant to stun them or make them run away. If stunned, jump over their head and spear them 6 times, this may be difficult. If retreating, throw the spear at their weak body to deal damage. Repeat 6 times and you have killed it.

Fun Facts
If against a wall, throw a spear to stick them to the wall, they will not be able to escape and can be killed easily. Green Lizards hesitate a moment before attacking, use this to your advantage and you’ll kill them easily. Green Lizards are immune to Red Lizard bites, which results in them usually killing Red Lizards. Green Lizards make good pets,

Green Lizards require 1-2 food to be tamed. I’m pretty sure you can feed them every food that can tame them, like Cicadas. Green Lizards are the easiest to tame and the best to tame. They pacify every Green Lizard around the area and make them good. They are also good in combat and (from what I’ve gathered) do not run from vultures.

Green Lizards aren’t the best Lizard in combat, but they are incredibly good as pets and are pretty bulky. The Answer: Green Lizards are balanced in most categories but suck in others.

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