Ravager: Complete Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough forΒ Ravager, covering the main plot, waifu storylines, lewd scenes, stat building, and more! Everything you need to navigate the numerous choices and challenges the game provides.


1) Overview

In Ravager you play as a royal dragon, cast from power by an usurper, with the goal of reconquering the kingdom and claiming the throne that is rightfully yours. The story plays out over five acts, each of which adds new mechanics. Alongside the main plot, you’ll be gathering and banging a harem of waifu, and these bangings can be either gentle and emotional, or nasty and violent. You have a lot of options on how to play this, and indeed part of the fun of the game is in embodying the main character and developing his personal code of honor.

Note that while the game does not judge you for your particular sexual proclivities, there will be consequences to your actions. This walkthrough will mention only decisions that will cause major branches in a scene or have significant effects later on, like locking off later plotlines. If a decision point isn’t mentioned, it’s probably irrelevant, so just do what you find most dragon-ish. (Or most fun.)

You cannot see everything on a single run, so I advise against trying. Just do what you want. After all, you’re a dragon- that’s what they do.

Gallery Scenes (aka sexy events) will be indicated by a (G).

Needless to say, there are spoilers throughout this walkthrough. I’ll block out some of the juicier bits, but read at your own risk. πŸ™‚

1.1) Frequently Asked Questions (CHECK HERE FIRST)

Q: How long is this game?
Five acts, though at the time of this writing, the main plot is complete only through Act IV. Future updates will include Act V, and also flesh out Acts III-IV further. There are no plans for a sixth act.Q: Is this walkthrough up to date?
Well, at time of writing, the current version is 4.3.3. Updates to the walkthrough will be posted shortly after the release of new content. I can’t say when, exactly; I don’t have any special relationship with the developers, so I get the new content the same time as you.Q: How do I avoid dying at the end of Act III?
See Section 2.3.9

Q: How do I find treasure?
See Section 4.6

Q: Can I capture Maelys alive?
You can! See Section 3.8

Q: Can I get a waifu back after giving her to a horde or lair faction?
Nope. They’re gone from your harem for good. That’s the price you pay for the morale boost.

Q: But I want Darja back from the Infernals!
BOMP BOMP ba-BOMMMM, Weeeeeehhhhhhh.

Q: How do I get Breaker?
You need to build the torture chamber.

Q: Why can’t I build the torture chamber?
It requires the “Torture” tag active in the Preferences menu. Also, like all lair upgrades, it costs 1 treasure to build and takes time.

Q: When will the lair upgrade I ordered be built?
It takes a day or two. Try sleeping to advance time.

Q: Is the bathhouse useless?
Kinda, yeah. You can have a soak to reduce your wounds, but realistically most players rollback when they take a wound for nothing, and by the time you can build the bathhouse there’s not that many ways to get wounded. There may be lewd bathing scenes added in the future, but there are none presently.

Q: Is it possible to have Mina the Merchant and the Mercenaries in the lair at once without making Mina a prisoner?
Yes. When she meets the Mercs, you have to imprison her, or else she’ll leave. However, once she’s imprisoned, you can make amends to her by giving her the dress Petruk finds midway through Act III. This gets Mina back to being your trustworthy business partner, without affecting the Mercenaries’ loyalty.

Q: Are the traps in the lair useless?
They’ll help you capture the catgirls (See 3.12 for details). Other than that, they have no use.

Q: Is there pregnancy content in this game?
Currently, three waifu have pregnancy storylines: Enid the Commoner, Heloise the Inquisitrix, and Valzira the Witch. Note that those last two are mutually exclusive. See their respective sections for details. More pregnancy content is planned for Act V.

Q: The conversation with the Inquisitrix is bugged!
No, it isn’t. Keep playing and things will become clear.

Q: Yes, it is! I select “WHAT JUST HAPPENED.” and the game says I chose “NO.”
(sigh) Look, if you must know: the Inquisitrix has mind control powers and has ensorcelled the dragon. The reason the dragon doesn’t do what you choose is that the Inquisitrix is in control of his actions right now. Continue playing, and you’ll have a chance to break the spell.

Q: A choice that you/someone else mentioned isn’t there.
Check the preferences menu; some scenes and branches are blocked off if an applicable fetish tag is disabled. You can enable or disable tags on the fly, but you may have to scrollback the text and replay the last few lines for the new settings to kick in.

Q: I found a lewd scene, but it wasn’t added to the Gallery.
The devs don’t add scenes to the Gallery until they’re both written and illustrated. Try again next version.

Q: Do you have a 100% save file?
There’s no such thing as a 100% playthrough of Ravager- multiple playthroughs are required to see everything. But if you just want to unlock all scenes for the gallery, go to Adeline’s page of the gallery and you’ll find an option to do just that.

Q: There’s an error in the walkthrough.
This is very possible! My knowledge of the game is not perfect. Leave a note in the comments and I’ll have it fixed in the next version.

1.2) About Character Names

When you first meet a character, you usually won’t know their name. Until you learn it, they’ll be identified by a descriptive moniker. This walkthrough will use both names for easy comprehension. Nevertheless, if there comes a point where you don’t know who I’m talking about, consult the following list:

Chanwe the Abbess
Chia the Handmaid (not named in game)
Cooch the Drunk (sometimes known by her proper name, “Cuchilla”)
Darja the Fangirl
Eburon the Wolfboy
Enid the Commoner
Heloise the Inquisitrix
Issa the Kobold (sometimes called “the Chamberlain”)
Maelys the Huntress
Marie-Anne the Farmgirl
Mina the Merchant (sometimes called “the Trader”)
Naho the Wolfgirl
Rain the Nun (not named in game)
Sabetha and Inej the Rogues (sometimes called “the Thief Sisters”, or “the Catgirls”)
Valzira the Witch

Umaults and other diacriticals will be ignored in this walkthrough; Apologies, but I am a sylvan gamer, I do not speak high ASCII.

Incidentally, the dragon has no canon name; his name is whatever you name him. Declining to choose a name gives him the name “Ravager”, but this is just a placeholder; the developers and fandom refer to him as “the dragon”.

1.3) The Basics

1.3.1) Main Menu

Before you even get started, you want to take a trip to the Preferences menu, to fully customize your dragon-porn experience. Note a dozen tags up top, indicating some of the game’s more esoteric fetishes. Anything lit is on; anything not will be dummied out of the story. As mentioned above, you can change Preferences mid-game if a branch you want is not presented, though you have to scrollback a few lines to engage the new settings. First time you boot up the game, all tags will be unlit. I suggest turning them all on, so all content is available. You can usually nope out or rollback to a branch if you run into something you don’t like. But, if you’re particularly squicked or triggered by something, or you just find it more convenient, go ahead and turn stuff off. Ravager does not judge, and neither will I. πŸ™‚

While we’re here, notice the Gallery option. This is a catalog of lewd scenes, indexed alphabetically by waifu. Scenes which you’ve seen before can be viewed from here. On the first page, near the bottom, note the option to Unlock All (if you don’t feel like scavenger-hunting for them). You can also Relock All by clicking it twice. The Main Menu also has options to view credits, a walkthrough, and the game’s Discord. The Discord is where fans hang out and can communicate with the developers, including submitting bug reports. I recommend checking it out. It’s a fun hangout, and you get a free Achievement for clicking the link. πŸ™‚

All the options on the Main Menu- except for the gallery- are also available on the in-game status screen, accessible by pressing ESC at any time in-game. The status screen also lists your statistics, which we should probably talk about…

1.3.2) Statistics

Your dragon has a bunch of statistics, which are checked at various points in the story. There’s no element of chance in a stat check- if your stat is X or higher, you succeed. Otherwise, you’ll fail, though failure isn’t always a bad thing- sometimes you get a boost to the relevant stat by making a good try.

Note that you’ll get a bonus point of both Strength and Charm for completing Act II, and another of each for completing Act III.

The statistics are:

– Wounds: Your HP. Certain bad decisions or failed stat checks will give you a wound. If you take three wounds, it’s Game Over. Your wounds score is reduced by 1 whenever you complete an Act, and can be reduced to zero by using the bathhouse in your lair. Don’t worry too much about your Wound level; it shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re reckless, and you can always use rollback to choose a different option.

– Strength: How good you are at violence. You can increase it by failing strength challenges, or eating meat. It has to be either live meat, or freshly killed; cooking it or letting it sit too long gives no bonus. Note that human meat- including your waifu- IS an option, but it’s not necessary- if you know what you’re doing, you can make every skill check in the game without resorting to man/woman-eating.

– Charm: How good you are at getting your way using words. You get extra Charm points from conversation, or occassionally from failing Charm checks.

– Potency: How horny your dragon is. No, really. Potency goes up by one point whenever you bang someone new. Where the game draws the line between sex acts that increase Potency and those that don’t is a little unclear, but generally the Potency increase is only triggered when your partner takes your semen inside her vagina, mouth, or anus. You only get the bonus after your first time with a new partner (or victim- consent is optional), so you can’t just pick one waifu and grind her to increase your potency. (You can always grind her for fun, though. πŸ™‚ ) Higher potency has the practical effect of making you more supernaturally powerful, allowing you to resist magics and- on rare occasions- intimidate puny humans with your draconic aura.

– Cruelty/Mercy: Two different stats, representing your reputation in the eyes of the general public. Note that this is NOT a karma meter or measure of how noble or evil you are- rather, it denotes what people have heard about you. Hence, this stat will only increase in response to actions that are witnessed, either at the time or after the fact. You can- for example- earn a high Mercy stat by acting noble and honorable in public, while still being an amoral monster in private. Cruelty and Mercy are tracked independently of each other, so it’s quite possible to live the Machiavellian ideal of being loved and feared at the same time, if you’re good enough.

Opportunities to raise stats are common at first, but become rarer as the game goes on. If you’re having trouble raising a stat to the level you need, a complete list of opportunities can be found in section 4 of this walkthrough.

1.3.3) Power Fantasy Mode

At the beginning of the game, you can choose to play “Dark Fantasy” or “Power Fantasy”. “Power Fantasy” is easy mode; all skill checks are made automatically, and wounds, treasure requirements, and horde morale are ignored. In other words, the game becomes more of a straightforward visual novel. Note that this does NOT make you invincible; “Dead End” branches still mean Game Over, and your actions may still have consequences you don’t want to face.

2) Main Plot Walkthrough

2.1) Act I

Act I is a prologue- a mostly-linear sequence of scenes that introduces some of the major characters and the central conflict of the game. In addition to setting up the plot, it also serves as character creation; not just in determining your starting stats, but in giving an opportunity to get into character and decide what kind of personality your draconic avatar has. Stats aside, most of your choices in Act I will not have a substantial effect on the game going forward. The only exception is your interactions with Enid the Commoner. Depending on your actions, she may be capturable later on, show up later for a quick cameo, or not appear again. None of the other choices you make will have an effect other than your stats and an occasional changed line of dialog.

So, then: hit start, choose Dark Fantasy or Power Fantasy mode, get yourself hatched, and away we go!

2.1.1) The Palace

First thing that happens upon hatching is that you meet Adeline. You then have some opportunities to interact with her.

  • Biting her grants +1 STRENGTH, and the opportunity to spit fire in her face. Spitting fire doesn’t go as planned, but gives +1 CRUELTY.
  • Nestling closer grants +1 CHARM, and the opportunity to Mount her.
    • Attempting to mount her fails, but gives you a second chance to bite and spit fire, for the STRENGTH/CRUELTY bonus above.
    • Alternatively, following up Mounting with Pouting or Growling gets you nothing, but gives you an additional option in the next scene.
  • All other options proceed to the next bit with no changes to your stats.

You then get some exposition, and the chance to name yourself. After a bit more dialogue, which doesn’t affect anything, Adeline will leave, and shortly thereafter her handmaiden (not named, but called “Chia” in the Gallery) will enter with a plate of meat.

  • Looking at the food gives you the option to either accept it, or pounce the handmaid.
    • Taking the food gives you +1 STRENGTH for the meal and +1 MERCY for having good manners.
    • Pouncing her has the same result as Lunging for her, below.
  • Lunging for her gives you +1 CRUELTY, and the option to continue molesting her:
    • You have two or three options to nope out of this interaction and eat instead, gaining +1 STRENGTH.
    • If you choose to go all the way, you gain +1 POTENCY (Chia’s gallery scene “Service”).
  • If you went Nestle -> Mount -> Pout OR Growl earlier, you’ll have the additional option to “Look at her body”, which allows you to:
    • Take the food after all, getting +1 STRENGTH and +1 MERCY.
    • Or “Approach her” and take her in a gentler fashion, (Gallery scene “Service”, again) and getting +1 POTENCY, but no extra Cruelty.

However you deal with the handmaid, Adeline returns and we proceed to the great hall. Here we meet Regent Balthorne, who quickly establishes himself as the villain of the story.

  • Roaring at him requires 1 Cruelty to succeed
  • Pretending to join him requires 1 Charm to succeed, but gives you +1 CHARM on failure.
  • Staying put automatically fails.

Then you get the choice to either:

  • Run for it.
  • Bite Balthorne’s arm off.
  • If you succeeded in the previous Charm/Cruelty check, you have a third option: “Bite his d*ck off!” This requires 1 Strength. If you fail, you gain +1 STRENGTH for trying.

If you bite either bit of his anatomy off, you then have the choice to:

  • Run for it
  • Or keep fighting, which doesn’t work out. You get +1 WOUNDS and then have to run anyway.

However you play it, you wind up running for it and getting shot, getting +1 WOUNDS (which, if you tried to fight your way through the guards, will give you a total of 2 WOUNDS. Remember, 3 WOUNDS means Game Over!)

2.1.2) The Escape

Landing on the street, you have the option to either run or hide. Running winds up with you trying to hide anyway, (sometimes getting you +1 WOUNDS for your trouble), so cut to the chase and hide. You’ll pick out a likely-looking house and get three options:

  • Bashing down the door fails and prompts you to pick again.
  • Going for the second-floor window takes you to Enid the Commoner’s room.
  • Diving over the gate presents additional options:
    • Climbing into the window takes you to Enid’s room.
    • Hiding under the cart results in two guards coming around searching for you.
      • Picking off one of the guards gets you +1 CRUELTY and the choice to:
        • Toy with them, which gets you +1 WOUNDS before you escape to the sewers.
        • Or make good your escape, heading to the sewers without getting additional wounds.
      • Subduing them gets you +1 MERCY, and you escape to the sewers.
      • Staying hidden takes you straight to the sewers, with no stats gained.

If you wind up in Enid the Commoner’s room, then you get the following options:

  • Jumping back out the window gets you +1 WOUNDS and takes you to the sewers.
  • Staying hidden gets you +1 CHARM and unlocks a cameo later in the game. Then, after a tense scene, you escape to the sewers.
  • Pouncing on Enid gives you further options:
    • Killing her gives you +1 STRENGTH (from snacking on the corpse afterwards), then takes you to the sewers.
    • Holding her still (Enid’s Gallery scene “Rude Awakening”) offers a rather interesting decision point:
      • Taking her roughly gets you +1 WOUNDS, and her a very bad night, before you escape to the sewers.
      • Taking her gently gets you +1 POTENCY, and gives you further options:
        • C*m on her does exactly that, and offers the additional choice to:
          • Make good your escape, gaining +1 MERCY and going to the sewers.
          • Or kill her, gaining +1 STRENGTH and going to the sewers.
        • C*m in her offers the same two options:
          • Killing her gains +1 STRENGTH and takes you to the sewers.
          • Making good your escape gains you +1 MERCY AND unlocks

          the chance to capture Enid later in the game.

      • Making good your escape gives you +1 MERCY and unlocks the cameo, after which you escape to the sewers.
      • Killing her gives you +1 STRENGTH and takes you to the sewers, as above.

Note that Pounce on her -> Hold her still -> Take her gently -> C*m in her -> Make good your escape is the ONLY path that allows you to capture Enid later on.

However the escape works out, you wind up fleeing to the sewers (if you don’t die from Wounds), where you rest up until the heat dies down. Meanwhile, a brief cutaway scene introduces Maelys the Huntress, whom Balthorne charges to track you down and kill you. And that’s it for Act I.

2.1.3) Suggested Paths

Note that the following are by no means the only paths through Act I. In fact, I recommend you ignore this section; Ravager is meant to be played as you want to play it, and nothing you can do in Act I will cripple your game beyond repair. You should use the opportunity to get into character and do what you think a dragon would do. But, sometimes you gotta min/max- especially in pursuit of those sweet, sweet achievements- so here’s some options for you:

High Cruelty:
– Nestle, Mount, Bite, and Spit Fire on Adeline
– Molest the Handmaid
– Hide under the cart and pick off a guard
Result: 1 STR, 1 CHM, 1 POT, 3 CRU, 0 MER

High Mercy:
– Nestle, Mount, Bite, and Spit Fire on Adeline
– Take the food.
– Take Enid gently, then make your escape. (c*mming in her allows another Mercy point later on, if you’re willing to not capture her.)
Result: 2 STR, 1 CHM, 1 POT, 1 CRU, 2 MER

High Strength:
– Nestle, Mount, Bite, and Spit Fire on Adeline
– Take the food.
– Take Enid gently, then kill her and eat her.
Result: 3 STR, 1 CHM, 1 POT, 1 CRU, 1 MER

High Charm:
– Nestle, Mount, Bite, and Spit Fire on Adeline
– Take the food.
– Enter Enid’s room and stay hidden.
Result: 2 STR, 2 CHM, 0 POT, 1 CRU, 1 MER

High Potency (“Bad Dragon” way):
– Nestle, Mount, Bite, and Spit Fire on Adeline
– Molest the chambermaid.
– Take Enid gently, then kill and eat her.
Result: 2 STR, 1 CHM, 2 POT, 2 CRU, 0 MER

High Potency (“Good Dragon” way):
– Nestle and Mount Adeline, but do not Bite her.
– Eye up the chambermaid, then Approach her.
– Charm Balthorne and then attempt to castrate him.
– Take Enid gently, then make your escape.
Result: 1 STR, 1 CHM, 2 POT, 0 CRU, 1 MER

Zero Cruelty and Mercy (For the “Dragon, What Dragon?” achievement):
– Nestle and Mount Adeline, but do not Bite her.
– Eye up the chambermaid, then Approach her.
– Charm Balthorne and then attempt to castrate him.
– Take Enid gently, then kill her.
Result: 2 STR, 1 CHM, 2 POT, 0 CRU, 0 MER

Lowest Possible Stats (for a challenge):
– Do not Nestle or Bite Adeline
– Take the food
– Freeze up against Balthorne (you can still bite his arm off, if you want.)
– Hide under the cart and wait for the guards to pass.
Result: 1 STR, 0 CHM, 0 POT, 0 CRU, 1 MER
(Alternatively, Lunge at the handmaiden for 1 CRU, then either eat for 1 STR or molest her for 1 POT.)

2.2) Act II

Having escaped the capital via the sewer tunnels, you are now free, but you can’t rest easy. Balthorne has sent hunters after you, including a particularly dogged one by the name of Maelys the Huntress. No matter how fast you run, she’ll find you. Meaning you need a lair to hide out in. So, time for dragon to go house hunting. And along the way, maybe you can meet some interesting people. And f*ck them. Because dragon.

2.2.1) New Mechanic: Exploration and the timer

The first thing you’ll notice on starting Act II is a number in the upper-right corner of the screen. This is the number of days you have before Maelys catches up with you. If you don’t find a lair before it hits zero, it’s Game Over. Best get moving, then. The initial screen of Act II offers you a choice of four destinations- The Highlands, The Lowlands, the Mountains, and The City. The City is inaccessible- after all, you just came from there, and as well-guarded as it is, you’ll need an army to get back inside. The other three are regions containing several locations each. Exploring a location takes one day. While you have plenty of time to explore most of the game world before settling in to your new digs, there’s also a case to be made for finding a lair as soon as possible. Most of the Act II exploration events will remain accessible in Act III, sometimes with small modifications. One major exception to be aware of is the Forest. The event there is inaccessible after Act II is completed, and while optional, it offers significant benefits.

2.2.2) Exploration Events

So, where you can go and what will you find there? Well, here are your options:


Fishing Village (Gutter’s Cove): You have a choice here. Choose “Pick off one of the townspeople” to meet Cooch, the Drunk. Or, choose “Infiltrate a ship” to try and stow away on one. This requires 2 Strength. Success unlocks the Sunken Temple as a possible lair. Failure gets you +1 STRENGTH. Either way, The alarm will be raised in the Cove, meaning you won’t be able to return to meet Cooch until Act III (unless you meet her first).

Swamp: Again, you have a choice: Follow the smoke, or follow the lights. (You can come here twice and do both.) Following the smoke unlocks the Shack, and lets you meet Valzira the Witch, who has no time for your crap; no matter what you do, you wind up outside the shack, pwned but unhurt. Following the lights is more productive- you encounter a Wisp, who you can converse with about a variety of subjects. Asking about “SURROUNDINGS” unlocks the Sunken Temple as a potential lair. The other subjects just provide lore. Talking to the wisp also grants you +1 CHARM, and- though it’s not immediately obvious- may unlock a way to capture Valzira later.

Wildlands: You meet up with the Wolf Tribe, and Naho the Wolfgirl picks a fight with you. See Section 3.11 for the details, but the short version is that you need 4 Strength to win. Failing the first time gets you +1 STRENGTH as a consolation prize, in exchange for +1 WOUNDS. Failing a second time is Game Over.


Town (Bastion): You’ll run into Sabetha and Inej, the Rogues. Attacking is a bad idea- not only do you get +1 WOUNDS, but you’ll be locked out of capturing both them and Heloise the Inquisitrix. On the other hand, listening and agreeing to their offer gets you +1 CHARM, and unlocks the Bastion Heist (Heloise the Inquisitrix’s capture event) in Act III.

Roads: Meet Mina the Merchant; see Section 3.10 for details. If the event goes down a certain way, you can unlock the Abandoned Mine lair.

Farmsteads: You have a choice: Visiting the barn will introduce Marie-Anne the Farmgirl. Among other possible outcomes, Marie-Anne can give you the location of the Abandoned Mine lair. Eating the cattle grants +1 STRENGTH, but locks out the Farmlands for the remainder of Act II.

Forest: Encounter Maelys the Huntrees, facing down some centaurs. Note that this event is ONLY available in Act II; if you don’t trigger it before you claim a lair, it’s lost for good.


Fortified Village (Coldreach): There’s nothing to do here. Coldreach is a fortress, too well-guarded for even a dragon to assault alone. Going here only wastes a day.

Campire: Meet Darja, the Fangirl. She can guide you to the Spire lair. Note that this is the only way to unlock the Spire as a lair.

Monastery (Convent): Meet Chanwe, the Abbess.

The Peaks: Going here does nothing. Something might be implemented here in a future version.

Details on events where you meet waifu are available in Section 3 of the walkthrough, in their respective articles.

2.2.3) Act II Finale: Picking a lair

So, as you might have noticed reading through the above, there are three lairs available, and you can only pick one per playthrough. The main difference between them is that each provides access to a different Lair Faction- an ally who provides information and magical assistance. There’s a price, though. Each lair faction requires you sacrifice a particular waifu to get them up and running, and then further waifu to keep their morale up. We’ll get more into this in Act III, but for now here are your options:

The Spire provides access to Malagar, the Warlock, who will assist you with advice and alchemy until you sacrifice Valzira the Witch to him, after which he’ll be able to use magic to warp the laws of nature. To unlock the Spire, go to the Campsite and let Darja the Fangirl escort you there.

The Abandoned Mine puts you in touch with Zizeryx, the Infernal Demon. Zizeryx (“Ziz”, to the fandom) will be able to craft monsters from the Inferno for your army. Ziz is also a futanari- a hermaphrodite with prominent characteristics from both physical sexes- and the two of you can share some lewd times. Before any of that, though, she’ll ask you to bring her Heloise the Inquisitrix. As noted above, you can unlock the Abandoned Mine by getting a tip from either Mina the Merchant or Marie-Anne the Farmgirl.

The Sunken Temple allows you to ally with Mother, a primordial Chaos God. Mother is beyond mortal comprehension- your puny mind will interpret her speech as riddles and metaphors, and the world turns into an acid trip in her presence. But she can mold reality itself like potter’s clay, and put hideous creatures at your command. To forge an alliance, you’ll need to give Mother Chanwe the Abbess, to serve as her divine vessel. The Sunken Temple is unlocked by conversing with the Wisp in the Swamp about “SURROUNDINGS”. Alternatively, you can stow away on a boat in Gutter’s Cove, but this requires 2 Strength and you may wish to fail instead for the sake of the Strength bonus.

Once you’ve chosen your lair and moved in, you’ll bed down for the night, only to be awoken by a tribe of scrawny little lizardmen. Their leader, Petruk, explains that they’re kobolds, descended from the previous dragon-king, and here to serve a new master- you. You don’t actually have a choice in this. (You can squish Petruk, but he’ll just be replaced by his twin brother Grokkan who, like a D&D character who’s player was too lazy to roll up a replacement for his old one, will proceed to act exactly as Petruk would for the entire game.) But oh well, kobolds are clever- if not exactly smart-, loyal, strong, and occasionally hilarious. And they’ll help protect your new lair. So, why not?

Meanwhile, a cutaway shows Maelys the Huntress reporting back to Balthorne. He’s not pleased that she hasn’t caught you yet, but Maelys isn’t giving up.

2.3) Act III

So now you’ve got a lair, but your troubles are nowhere near over. The Huntress is still coming for you, now backed up by some of the regent’s best troops. And Balthorne still holds the throne that is rightfully yours. To take it back, you’ll need more than just a dragon’s power; you’ll need an army. So you’ll need to scour the lands to collect funds, troops, and allies. And waifu. Because really, what good is it to be king if you don’t have a harem to go with it?

2.3.1) New Mechanics: The Lair

From now on, the lair will be the hub of your activities. The lair is more than just a convenient hole to hide in; it’s your home base. A place to gather your forces, put your plans in motion, and house your waifu- whether they’re there willingly or not. Most storylines are advanced primarily through events that take place in your lair. Some events are triggered by visiting a certain location in the lair, or by making conversation with a waifu. Others are triggered by returning to the lair from the exploration screen, or by sleeping. There’s no element of randomness; events have a priority list, with the highest priority available event always being triggered. So save-scumming will not help you get different events, but on the other hand, you’re guaranteed to see all available events with enough time and checking in on your guests frequently. (And since the turn timer will be disabled in Act IV, you have no excuse. πŸ™‚ )

From the lair menu, you can take the following actions:

Summon your attendant: Calls Petruk (unless he’s busy with something, like a lair upgrade). You can ask him the following:

  • “HOW IS MY HOARD?”: Check on the state of your Treasure.
  • “WHAT CAN YOU MAKE?”: List available Lair Upgrades.
  • “MAKE SOMETHING FOR ME”: Build a Lair Upgrade.
  • “USE MY PROPER TITLE”: Change how the kobolds will address you. “Master” is the default.
  • “I HAVE A NEW NAME FOR YOU”: Change Petruk’s name.
  • “THAT WILL BE ALL”: Return to the main lair menu.

Visit someone: Offers the following options:

  • The first option on the list is for visiting your Lair Faction. Note that in the Spire, this option won’t be available immediately.
  • Visit your captives: Visit one of your waifu in their quarters. Various actions are available when visiting a waifu; see their respective sections for details.
  • Survey your horde: Visit one of your armies.
  • Nevermind: Return to the main lair menu

Rest for the night: Resting advances time by one day and triggers a lair event in the morning. Some lair events won’t happen if you don’t rest, so don’t run yourself ragged. Resting also gives the opportunity to Dream, see below.

Depart: Leave the lair to explore. Act III opens up some new exploration events.

A few other options can be added by Lair Upgrades.

2.3.2) New Mechanics: Treasure

Check the status screen, and you’ll find you now have a new stat, Treasure. This represents your material wealth. Treasure can be spent to build Lair Upgrades, or given to Armies to increase their Morale. On occasion, you’ll also need some to advance certain storylines. You start Act III with 1 Treasure, and can earn more from certain events; See Section 4.6 for a complete list. You can also send the kobolds raiding to gain 1 Treasure, at the cost of losing 1 Kobold Morale.

2.3.3) New Mechanics: Lair Upgrades

Lair upgrades are purchased with treasure- they cost 1 Treasure apiece- and built by the kobolds. Building an upgrade takes time, but usually not much. There are 5 available:

  • Traps: Needed to capture Sabetha and Inej, the Rogues. Useless otherwise.
  • Sacrifice: A huge freakin’ meal (some of the meat possibly kobold or human) that grants +3 STRENGTH.
  • Dragon Idol: An idol that grants +3 CHARM
  • Torture Chamber: Introduces Breaker the Torturer, and adds an option on the lair menu to torture disobedient waifu and break their spirits.
  • Bathhouse: Adds an option to the lair menu to “Have a bath”, reducing WOUNDS.
2.3.4) New Mechanics: Armies and Morale

Your main objective in Act III is to recruit armies. There are three available: the Kobolds, the Mercenaries, and the Wolf Tribe. You start with the Kobolds, but the other two require some legwork to ally with. Once you’ve allied with an army, you can visit them using the “Survey your horde” option in the lair menu. Visiting will sometimes trigger events, so look in on them regularly.

Armies have morale, which decreases when they attack (during Conquest in Act IV), or do jobs for you. To keep morale up, you’ll have to provide them gifts of money or waifu. 1 Treasure or one waifu is worth 1 Morale. Waifu given to an army cannot return to your harem- you’ve lost them for good. You will, however, randomly see them tending to the army’s needs when visiting in the future. Waifu with a gallery scene stemming from being given away will be noted in that waifu’s section of the walkthrough. Note that while recruiting all armies does have benefits, it can spread your resources thin keeping everybody’s morale up. Therefore you might find it more efficient to work with a smaller force.

Armies will mainly be used in Act IV, for Conquest, but you can also give them special tasks when visiting. Currently, there are only two available.

  • The Kobolds can be ordered to raid, bringing you +1 TREASURE, at the cost of 1 Kobold Morale. This can be repeated as long as they have Morale.
  • The Wolf Tribe can attack the swamp to capture Valzira. They need 2 Morale to win, and they lose 1 Morale, win or lose.

For details on recruiting armies, see below.

2.3.5) New Mechanics: Lair Faction

Your lair faction is an ally with supernatural powers. There are three available, but you can only ally with the one that matches your lair. Each lair faction will require a specific waifu from you before they’ll commit fully to your cause. Once they have the given waifu, they’ll be able to provide lore and other favors, as well as functioning as an army during Conquest in Act IV. Like an Army, your Lair Faction has Morale, which you must keep up by giving them waifu. (Unlike armies, you cannot offer your lair faction Treasure.)

2.3.6) New Mechanics: Dreams

Whenever you sleep, you have an opportunity to dream. Some dreams offer sexytimes, others just provide lore. The following dreams are available if you meet the conditions to have them:

  • The place you were born: No conditions. Dream of Adeline.
  • A strange direction: Requires having met Naho the Wolfgirl and Darja the Fangirl, “Goofiness” tag active. An out-of-genre experience.
  • The rolling countryside: Requires having met Marie-Anne the Farmgirl. A dream of the farmgirl. Maybe her past? (Marie-Anne’s Gallery Scene “Trojan”)
  • Your encounter with Heloise: Requires having f*cked Heloise the Inquisitrix. You can’t get that elf out of your head. (Heloise’s Gallery Scene “Memories”)
  • The texture of your scales: Requires having impregnated either Heloise or Valzira. Meet Malice the Naga, your future daughter. (Malice’s Gallery Scene “Premonition”)
  • Your upcoming reunion with Adeline: Requires having unlocked the Protean lair faction. Be visited in your dreams by Adeline. Is it really Adeline? (Mother’s Gallery Scene “Nightmare”)
  • A void beyond the world: Requires trying to impregnate Heloise or Valzira after impregnating the other. Get chided for your irresponsibility.
2.3.7) Exploration Events

Act III opens up some new exploration events; Note you have to clear the Act II event at a given location before the Act III event at that location become available.



Gutter’s Cove: You can return to capture Cuchilla, the Drunk or (if your initial meeting on the roads went a certain way) Mina the Merchant. Additionally, you can recruit the Mercenaries here.

Swamp: No new events available.

Shack: No new events available.

Wildlands: Meet Eburon the Wolfboy and ally with the Wolf Tribe, if you’ve defeated Naho. Recruiting the tribe will also gain you Naho the Wolfgirl as an unhappy captive.



Bastion: Reunite with Sabetha and Inej, the Rogues, to rob the Heloise the Inquisitrix’s keep. If things go well, you will be able to capture Heloise as well. See Section 3.6 for details.

Roads: Meet Mina the Merchant a second time and capture her, if your first meeting went badly for her.

Farmsteads: Capture Marie-Anne the Farmgirl. As before, eating the cattle for +1 STRENGTH is possible, but will lock the Farmlands and lock out the opportunity to capture Marie-Anne.

Forest: No new events available. The Act II event at this location is also inaccessible.



Coldreach: No new events available.

Campfire: Capture Darja the Fangirl, if you left her behind before claiming the Spire lair or claimed another lair.

Convent: Capture Chanwe, the Abbess.

The Peaks: No new events available.

2.3.8) Building Your Army
The Kobolds


The product of dragons breeding with human woman, kobolds are unceasingly loyal to their draconic fathers, so you never have to worry about them screwing you over. They have morale the same as your other armies, though, and you have to keep it up. On the other hand, kobold morale is a bit more useful than other kinds, since you can spend it to send them raiding and gain treasures.

Nothing needs to be done to recruit the kobolds; they will introduce themselves at the start of Act III, and stick with you to the end.

The Wolf Tribe


A tribe of wolfmen (and wolfwomen) from the Wildlands. As worshipers of the Moon, they have no love for dragons, but they respect strength. When the dragon defeats their leader Naho, he earns the tribe’s respect, and the especial loyalty of their new leader, Eburon. Wild and rowdy, they’ll serve you willingly in exchange for the opportunity for carnage and the right to live free.

The wolf tribe is tied to Naho’s capture event. Build your Strength stat to 4 or greater, visit the Wildlands, and defeat Naho in battle. Afterwards- or on returning in Act III, if you did it earlier- throw Naho to them and take control of the pack. Eburon the Wolfboy will step forward to negotiate for the pack’s loyalty. You can make a number of offers, but only two will convince him: “MORE β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ -> AS MANY AS YOU WANT, WHEN I AM KING,” and “THE LOWLANDS AS YOUR ROAM”. Offering them the Lowlands currently has no consequences, but it will in Act V. Successfully allying with the Wolf Tribe gains you Naho as a captive, and also allows you to pursue Eburon romantically. If he’s your type.

The Mercenaries


The Hundred Companies are headquartered out of Gutter’s Cove, and led by Rhyll, a former pirate captain. They call themselves a mercenary band, but let’s be honest: they’re a bunch of thugs dealing in banditry, extortion, and the occasional bit of sex slavery. They’re loyal to two things: Rhyll, and coin. Fortunately for you, you’ve got plenty of coin, and Rhyll has ambitions you could help him fulfill.

Recruiting the Mercenaries is a bit complex. Visit Gutter’s Cove, and choose “Crash the Bar”. You can scare the guards off for +1 MERCY, Kill them for +1 CRUELTY, or walk away and return to find they’ve wandered off and left the bar unguarded. Inside, you’ll meet Rhyll. You have the option of attacking him, but it’s a bad one; you’ll get +1 WOUNDS, and then killed. (Probably. More on that in a minute.) Sit down. Rhyll will order drink, and ask you to order food. Ordering “MAN” will get you +1 CRUELTY later on, unless negotiations break down. (Curiously, it doesn’t get you any extra Strength). The other two options get you no bonus, but are otherwise fine. Talk with Rhyll for a while, then get down to business. He offers to delay the regent’s men for you, if you have something to offer in return:

  • “POWER” requires 4 CRUELTY. If it succeeds, you ally with the Mercenaries, and adds 7 days to the timer.
  • “GLORY” requires 4 MERCY. If it succeeds, you get the Mercenaries and the extra 7 days.
  • “RICHES” will simply pay them 1 Treasure for the extra 7 days, but you don’t get the Mercenaries. (You can also do this after failing one of the checks.)
  • “NOTHING” leaves without getting either. You won’t be able to come back and try again.

If you successfully recruit the Mercenaries, it’ll lock off Gutter’s Cove for the remainder of Act III. However, if you haven’t captured Cooch the Drunk yet, she’ll tag along with the Mercenaries and wind up with your captives. Note that locking off Gutter’s Cove may still lock you out of recruiting Mina the Merchant, depending on how your first meeting shakes out.

Speaking of which, Mina has bad blood with the Mercenaries; if you wind up with both in your lair, you’ll have to either lose one or figure out a way to smooth things over. See section 3.10 for details.

One more thing: If you have 6 Strength or more, you can attack Rhyll and then get away alive (you still get a Wound). Rhyll’s death will cause the mercenaries to fall apart. You won’t be able to recruit them, but you won’t have to conquer Gutter’s Cove during Conquest in Act IV.

The Proteans (Lair Faction)


The Proteans are recruitable only if you choose the Sunken Temple as your lair. From the “visit someone” menu, choose to investigate the deep chambers. You’ll find a bizarre statue, which gives you a brief psychic connection with an entity of some kind, that needs “a priest”. Said priest is Chanwe, the Abbess, whom you can find in the Monastery in the Mountains. See Section 3.1 for details on how to capture her. After capturing Chanwe, go to her quarters and tell her “THERE IS A GOD HERE.” She’ll follow you back to the statue, and get molested by the thing inside (Chanwe’s gallery scene “REVELATION”). The sacrifice will awaken Mother, the god in the statue who will now aid you with her divine powers and the assistance of vile Protean beasts.

The Infernals (Lair Faction)


The Infernals will join you only if you choose the Abandoned Mine as your lair. From the “visit someone” menu, choose to investigate the depths of the Mine. You’ll find an ancient, profane temple, inhabited by the hermaphrodite demon Zizeryx. The demon offers to aid you in retaking the Draconic Throne, if you can do something in exchange: capture Heloise the Inquisitrix. See section 3.6 for how to do this. After accomplishing this, return to Zizeryx and turn over the Inquisitrix. You can f*ck Heloise first, but only once; otherwise Heloise’s storyline will take over and sacrificing her becomes impossible. Watch Zizeryx corrupt Heloise. (Zizeryx and Heloise’s Gallery scene “Sacrifice”.) Then Zizeryx will be able to help you out, offering knowledge and the assistance of her infernal minions.

After giving her Heloise, asking Zizeryx’s to “ENTERTAIN ME.” gives Zizeryx’s Gallery scene, “Infernal Entertainment”. Ziz has another sex scene, “Ignition”, that’s attainable at the end of Act IV.

By the way, Zizeryx identifies as an “it”. Do not refer to it as “she”. (Yes, I’ve probably misgendered it in here myself. Futa fan habits die hard. πŸ™‚ )

Malagar, the Warlock (Lair Faction)


Malagar is only available if you lair at the Spire. Recruiting him is a little more complex than the other Lair Factions. Instead of going looking for him, you’ll have to wait until he comes to you. Early in Act III, a lair event will introduce him, having a bit of a tussle with your kobolds. He wants to join forces. You can either send him on his way (locking you out of recruiting him), or accept. If Darja the Fangirl is a captive, she’ll show up and you’ll learn that Malagar is her uncle.

Note that Malagar is VERY protective of Darja. If you get on her unhappy route, or give her to one of your armies, the next time you visit Malagar you’ll find that he’s absconded with Darja, leaving behind a “present” that gives you +1 WOUNDS and knocks 3 days off the timer. Needless to say, this also locks you out of meeting Malagar or Darja again. If Darja is already unhappy or with an army when Malagar arrives, you’ll get one chance to set things right with no hard feelings.

After recruiting Malagar, visit his lab and have a chat. Ask him about what he could do for you. He’ll mention he needs Valzira the Witch, an old friend turned bitter enemy, to gain magic powers of his own. Unlike other Lair Factions, though, he’ll still be able to provide some help until then, including answering questions about various subjects. (He tends to ramble, but it’s interesting rambling. πŸ™‚ )

On the subject of capturing Valzira, see section 3.13.

2.3.9) Act III Finale: Showdown

When the count of days remaining ticks down to zero, ready yourself and then go to sleep in your lair. You’ll awaken in the middle of the night to find the lair under attack by the Regent’s men. Petruk has barely enough time to warn you before Maelys the Huntress takes him out. (If Maelys got r*ped by the Centaurs during Act II, Petruk will die. Otherwise, he’ll just be knocked out.) Then she turns her ire towards you.

Maelys is a formidable opponent; you can’t beat her without an advantage. Fortunately, you have several possibile advantages:

  • Playing the Forest event in Act II, regardless of how it turns out.
  • Recruiting the Wolf Tribe.
  • Recruiting the Mercenaries.
  • Kobold Morale at 2 or greater.

If you can satisfy at least one of these conditions, you’ll win the fight. If not, it’s Game Over. (If this happens and you don’t have a recent save, try rolling back to the lair menu and giving treasure or waifu to the Kobolds until their morale is high enough.) Winning the fight gives you the option to capture Maelys alive; see section 3.8 for how to do that. You can also just kill her. Either way, you wind up collapsing from your wounds thereafter.

After a brief cutaway to Balthorne freaking the hell out that you’re still alive, you wake up. With one of your army leaders by your side (which one is randomly chosen), you survey the damage, then head to the newly-constructed War Room. After getting a briefing on the state of your armies, you’ll have to choose a war leader for the Kobolds:

  • Petruk, despite his misgivings, is a competant leader who will defer to you as to whether to spare or pillage territories.
  • Issa, available only if you haven’t killed him, will always spare territories.
  • Breaker, available only if you’ve built the torture chamber, will always pillage territories.
  • Kralak, available only if Maelys killed Petruk, will let you decide whether to spare or pillage, but you lose 1 Kobold Morale if you choose him.

I recommend you stick with Petruk, as he has no disadvantages, But any leader will get the job done (and sometimes the battle text will be different). Just remember you’ll have to plan around the others’ foibles if you choose them.

With that, we move on to Act IV!

2.4) Act IV

The attack on your lair was a disaster for the regent’s forces. Maelys the Huntress, the regent’s best chance at killing you, is either dead or captured. Many of Balthorne’s best soldiers also died in the attack, and he had the remainder executed in a fit of pique. Meanwhile, your armies have gathered, your wounds healed, and the regent has pulled his remaining forces back to the capital city of Pale Rock, abandoning the realm in the name of saving his own neck. The time is now to start taking back your kingdom, piece by piece.

2.4.1) New Mechanic: Conquest

For Act IV, the focus of the game switches from exploration to conquest. On the main lair menu, the “Depart” option is replaced with “Consult with your War Council.” This will let you start a round of conquest. First your army leaders will appear and update you on their readiness for battle. (It’s better to check the status screen if you want to know this, however; there, you get actual numbers.) Then a map of the realm appears. Conquered areas appear in red, unconquered will be illuminated as you mouse over them. After choosing an area, you’ll choose an army to attack alongside you.

(Be aware that you can’t rollback past the map interface, so it may be a good idea to keep a save before it, just in case.)

Act IV ends when you choose to conquer Pale Rock, the capital city. You don’t technically need to conquer anything else; you can just go straight for Pale Rock and end Act IV quickly. However, this is a bad idea for two reasons: first, it means less time to spend with your harem (and your consort, see below). The second reason is Prosperity. Prosperity is an invisible value that measures your kingdom’s strength and your subjects’ loyalty, and it affects how easy or difficult a time you’ll have ruling in Act V. You get 1 Prosperity for each territory you conquer, and an additional 1 Prosperity if you opt to spare the territory instead of pillaging it. So you want to conquer as many territories as you can without exhausting your armies too much.

(Of course, Prosperity is an Act V problem, and Act V isn’t implemented yet, so you could just ignore it entirely. But where’s the fun in that? πŸ™‚ )

The conquest scenes are elaborately written, but the actual mechanics are very simple. Each territory has a Defense value, concealed from the player. When you attack, your chosen army’s morale is checked against that value. If your army’s Morale is less than the territory’s Defense, you lose and slink back home, losing 1 Morale. You’re free to take another shot after resting up. If Morale is greater than or equal to Defense, you win. The territory becomes yours, and you gain 1 Prosperity. Your general then asks you whether to spare or pillage the territory. (If you’re attacking with the Kobolds, this choice may be made for you, depending on who’s leading them; see above.) Sparing (“LEAVE THEM BE.”) gains you an additional 1 Prosperity, but your army loses 1 Morale. Pillaging (“TAKE WHAT YOU WANT.”) gets you no extra Prosperity, but your army will not lose Morale for the fight.

Some territories have additional attributes. Depending on decisions in Act III, some areas may be conquered before you even start Act IV. These are still worth 1 Prosperity. Some territories will also allow you to capture waifu when looting them, assuming you didn’t capture them already in Act III. And a few throw you other interesting curveballs. Here’s the breakdown:

Lootable Waifu
Sparing Bastion grants +2 Prosperity, instead of the usual +1.
Old Forest
Not yet implemented
Valzira the Witch
Pre-conquered if Valzira was captured in Act III. Conquest with a Kobold army always fails. Cannot spare or pillage.
Gutter’s Cove
Pre-conquered if the Mercenaries are allied, or if you killed Rhyll.
Naho the Wolfgirl
Pre-conquered if the Wolf Tribe is allied.
Conquering army gets +1 Morale if pillaged.
Cold Reach
Not yet implemented

Win or lose, you have to rest between conquest rounds. You should take the opportunity to unwind a little with your harem and your consort, or to make gifts to your armies to bring their morale back up. When you’re ready, rest up for the night, and get back to conquering the next day.

2.4.2) New Mechanic: Consort

By now you should have gotten to know your waifu pretty well, and you probably have a favorite. So, you have the option to pick one to be your consort. Your chosen waifu will relocate to your chambers and decorate it to her taste. Thereafter, every night when you go to bed, you’ll be treated to a short scene with your consort- sometimes funny, sometimes sexy, sometimes sweet. The scenes are chosen randomly from a waifu-specific pool, and you usually have the option for sexytimes in place of or in addition to the vignette. Some waifu have new or altered sex scenes available only when they’re consort. In particular, if you decline sex from your consort three nights in a row, you’ll get a “thirsty” scene where she comes to YOU looking for sex.

You’ll be able to choose a consort on the first night of Act IV. If you decline, you’ll have the same chance the next night, and the next after that, until you choose one. If you get tired of your consort, you can give her away to an army and pick a new one the next night. (Assuming you could live with yourself thereafter. πŸ™‚ )

Some waifu require that you meet certain conditions before you can make them consort. See their respective sections for details, but in brief:

Enid the Commoner: Refuses to become consort.
Cooch the Drunk: Always available
Naho the Wolfgirl: Not currently possible.
Mina the Merchant: If happy.
Chanwe the Abbess: Not currently possible.
Marie-Anne the Farmgirl: If happy or broken.
Issa the Kobold: Not currently possible.
Heloise the Inquisitrix: If she’s pregnant, and has revealed her pregnancy to you.
Valzira the Witch: Not currently possible.
Maelys the Huntress: Not possible.
Eburon the Wolfboy: If Wolf Tribe Morale is 1 or greater.
Darja the Fangirl: If happy.
Sabetha and Inej the Rogues: If you’ve advanced their plot to the point of f*cking Inej.

You must also know your would-be consort’s name, which you can usually ask them about by visiting them. (And really should know by now anyway, if you’re planning to make them consort…)

Keep in mind that not being able to make your best girl consort doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is doomed. Act V brings big changes.

2.4.3) Malice

You’ll welcome Malice, the naga child, into your lair early in Act IV if you’ve satisfied the conditions for her appearance. (Which is to say, impregnating either Heloise or Valzira.) It’ll be up to you to raise her to adulthood, and your actions will have consequences during the Act IV finale, and possibly during Act V. Malice can turn out one of three ways:

  • DISOBEDIENT: A disobedient Malice does what she wants, and has no respect for anybody else, including you.
  • OBEDIENT: An obedient Malice respects the dragon’s authority and power and understands having to negotiate to get her way, but still behaves selfishly.
  • THOUGHTFUL: A thoughtful Malice understands that the world is complicated, and tries to determine right and wrong for herself, without the dragon’s help.

Which one you get is determined by a pair of “teaching moments”. The first is triggered by visiting the Kobolds, finding that Malice has stolen a pig. Play the scene how you want; the only decision that matters is whether you tell her not to steal from others, or not to steal from you. The second scene occurs after you’ve visited an unhappy captive. (If you’re playing nice and are having trouble finding one, Naho the Wolfgirl and Valzira the Witch are always unhappy.) Here Malice will ask you why you’re keeping women locked up. How you answer determines how she turns out:

  • If you say your women belong to you, she then asks if that makes them stolen. If you say no, Malice becomes DISOBEDIENT.
  • If you admit it is a form of stealing, the result depends on what you said during the pig scene:
    • If you told her not to take from others, Malice becomes DISOBEDIENT. (Possibly because she figures daddy’s a hypocrite. πŸ™‚ )
    • If you told her not to take from you, Malice becomes THOUGHTFUL.
  • If you tell her that rules are different for dragons, or depend on the situation, she then wants to know how you know what the rules are.
    • Telling her that the strong make the rules makes Malice DISOBEDIENT.
    • Either of the other responsees make Malice THOUGHTFUL.
  • If you tell her that life is about trade-offs, Malice becomes OBEDIENT. (Your answer to the follow-up question affects nothing.)
  • If you don’t play this scene, then how Malice turns out depends on your words to her in the pig scene:
    • Telling her not to take from others makes Malice DISOBEDIENT.
    • Telling her not to take from you makes Malice OBEDIENT.
  • If you miss BOTH events, Malice will be DISOBEDIENT.

There are other scenes with Malice which do not affect her upbringing:

Visit the Mercenaries to find them trying to… entertain her. You can be cool dad about it, or angry dad. Breaking bones gets you +1 CRUELTY. Any other resolution is +1 MERCY.

If your lair is the Sunken Temple, visit Mother and you’ll have a chance to observe some… things on the way. Mother is apparently doing her part to educate Malice.

Malice will also show up for Moonday.

The results of Malice’s upbringing will be seen in the Act IV Finale, when Malice possesses your consort:

  • A DISOBEDIENT Malice will not [let your consort go]. You can punish her using sex or violence (the “Punishment” scene), but that won’t change anything. (Take note that the violent punishment is widely considered one of the most disturbing scenes in the game.)
  • An OBEDIENT Malice will try to make a deal with you. Accepting the deal resolves the situation with no harm done. If you refuse the deal, she’ll refuse to release your consort.
  • A THOUGHTFUL Malice can be talked out of it without trouble.
  • If Heloise the Inquisitrix is your consort, all of the above will be ignored. Instead you’ll get a different scene, regardless of Malice’s upbringing.
  • If you have no consort, Malice won’t appear.

What Malice refusing to release your consort may mean for Act V is unknown at this time.

2.4.4) Act IV Finale: Battle of Pale Rock

When you’ve done all you care to in Act IV, convene the war council and choose to attack Pale Rock. It’ll be a tough fight, requiring all your forces, and you yourself leading the charge. Your generals will each have different ideas on how to prepare you personally for battle. Whichever one you choose will become your vanguard, and get +2 Morale.

While your generals plan and your armies prepare, you’ll wander off to tie up some loose ends. Back in your chambers, you’ll have one last night with your consort. Savor it; once you’re king, everything will change. (If Malice is in your lair, she’ll interrupt the tender moment. See above for how to deal with that.) Once you’ve said your goodbyes, your vanguard will kit you out and make you extra badass. Then the war drums start playing, and the army moves out.

The Battle of Pale Rock itself is a sequence of five challenges, each of which must be met with either a particular army or a particular stat check. Using a stat requires you make the check. If you can’t make the check, using the army will always succeed. However, if the army goes into the fight with 0 Morale, the price of victory will be the general’s life. (Your Vanguard will have a special option that also always succeeds, but in mechanical terms this is moot since their Morale is high anyway.) You also have the option to use dragonfire. This always works, BUT you’ll take a big hit to Prosperity.

The upshot of all this is that you can’t actually lose the Battle of Pale Rock; the objective is to get to the end while minimizing your losses.

(Whether or not your armies’ morale carries over into Act V is unknown at this time.)

The five challenges, in order:

  • The Bridge: Requires 6 Cruelty (presumably the centaur Army will also work here, once implemented).
  • The Gate: Requires Kobolds, or 6 Strength.
  • The Plaza: Requires Mercenaries, or 6 Charm.
  • The Slums: Requires Wolf Tribe, or 6 Mercy. (5 if you met Enid the Commoner in Act I but neither f*cked nor killed her.)
  • The Keep: Requires your lair faction, or 6 Potency.

In between these challenges, you’ll be reading a lot of text. But it’s awesome text. πŸ™‚ After passing all five challenges, you’ll gain access to the palace. It’s your choice whether to head straight for the goal, or take your time and drink in the ambiance. (And examine everything in search of lore snippets.) Either way, the path eventually takes you to the top of the tower, where Balthorne and Adeline are waiting. At your discretion, Balthorne can either be killed or captured alive, while Adeline can be freed, imprisoned, or killed.

And with that, the war is won, and the throne is yours! Bask in the glow of victory. (If Malice is in your lair, bask in the disturbing omen instead.) If Adeline is freed, you’ll retire to the royal bedchamber with her. You get the option to question her about herself, the kingdom, and some interesting bits of lore you may have acquired on your journies. When your curiosity is sufficiently sated, she’ll ask if you want to move on to the very serious business of boning the hell out of her. You can do so, or beg off if you’re tired after a long day’s conquering.

On the other hand, if you opted to take Adeline prisoner, you’ll have more-or-less the same conversation in the dungeons, with her hinting the whole way through that she’d really like it if you let her out of these chains, please and thank you. Afterwards, you can either leave her chained in the dungeon, r*pe her, or eat her.

In either of the above cases, you have the chance to change your mind and move Adeline in to/out of the dungeon after hearing what she has to say. (But you must choose before you bone.)

And that’s all for Act IV!

3.) Waifu

Waifu are the heart and soul of Ravager. Sure, sure, rampaging and conquering is fun, but the harem is where the real action is. You’re intended to spend Act II meeting waifu while searching for a lair, then go back to capture them in Act III. However, if you want to save time, you can claim a lair immediately and then go around gathering waifu. Most of the initial meetings are still available in Act III, with one exception: the encounter with Maelys the Huntress, in the Forests, is ONLY available in Act II. Fortunately, it’s not required to capture her, though it does help a lot.

Waifu in your harem are called “captives”, but this term is somewhat misleading. Waifu have states, which determine what actions and events are available with them. The main states are “happy” and “unhappy”. Unhappy captives are kept under lock and key, as prisoners and slaves for the dragon’s amusement or- in darker cases- as breeding stock. Happy captives are more like guests. They’re usually there of their own free will, free to move about the lair, and sometimes use their own skills to help run the place. Some waifu have other states.

Later on, you can pick a captive to elevate to consort, after which she’ll move into the dragon’s chambers, customize them to her liking, and be there for cute and/or sexy events each night. When the dragon rises to the throne… well, right now the game ends before that happens, but if things work out, you may be able to live happily ever after with your best girl. (Keep in mind that not all waifu can be made consort. This does not necessarily mean you won’t be able to pursue them; some of the storylines just don’t fit the usual pattern.)

On the other hand, if you grow tired of a waifu, there are less pleasant fates available. Any waifu can be given to an army (including your lair faction, once it’s fully unlocked) to boost the army’s morale. Thereafter, you’ll have a random chance of seeing the waifu when you visit that army. What exactly you’ll see depends on the waifu and the army. Some of these scenes are in the gallery. Others reveal lore or backstory. You have multiple playthroughs, feel free to experiment.

3.1) Chanwe, the Abbess

Chanwe is Abbess of the Convent of the Frigid Order, a sect of Moon-Worshipers who eschew sex and find creatures of the Sun- including dragons- repulsive and vile. Chanwe herself is zealous, commanding, and absolutely full of sh*t. She raises “protesting too much” to an art form, talking big about how evil the dragon is while willingly cramming his d*ck up her a**. Naturally, she never admits to a crisis of faith, but nevertheless maybe the dragon can help her resolve it; if he doesn’t sacrifice her to an ancient chaos god instead.

With low Mercy, Chanwe isn’t much more than a sex partner with a ego problem. However, 4 Mercy allows you to follow her storyline, learning about the Moon religion while teaching her about the pleasures of dragon c*ck. She has- unfortunately- no interactions with the rest of your harem, though she can appear at Moonday.

Chanwe is also a required sacrifice to unlock to Protean lair faction.

Story Requirements: 4 Mercy to complete Liturgy storyline. Not possible to make consort at this time.
Notable interactions: None

Meeting/capturing Chanwe

Liturgy (G): Head to the Monastery in the Mountains. (Which proves to actually be a convent, but nevermind that.) You’ll meet a Nun (not named in-game, but called “Rain” in the Gallery). You can choose to attack her, or just try and hold a conversation. Persisting with the conversation gains you +1 CHARM. Attacking her gets you +1 POTENCY (Rain’s Gallery Scene “Desecration”). Either way, the Abbess will step in to trade her own body for her sister’s. (Even if you’re not, y’know, doing anything with the nun’s body.) Accepting the Abbess’ offer gets you +1 POTENCY. If you refuse, and you’re f*cking the nun, you’ll finish up, then have the opportunity to eat the nun.

If you refuse to f*ck both the nun and the Abbess, you’ll just leave, gaining +1 MERCY. (And an Achievement for your trouble.)

If it’s Act III, you can capture Chanwe immediately, by ordering her to follow you. Otherwise, return later in Act III and you can capture her then. Either way, upon returning home you have the option to either throw her directly to the kobolds or claim her for your harem.

Lair Events

Happy Chanwe:
Chanwe’s default state.
Converted Chanwe: Chanwe’s state after f*cking her vaginally during Sermon III.
Reformed Chanwe: Chanwe’s state after refusing sex during Sermon III

Chanwe’s quarters (Happy): From Chanwe’ quarters, you can ask her about herself or the goddess, or “test her faith”. To progress her storyline, ask her about the Goddess. This will unlock a new option: “TEACH ME.” This option requires you to pass a Mercy check. If you succeed, you’ll get a lesson from Chanwe and expand the pool of sex acts she’ll do for you.

Eucharist (G, Happy): Visit Chanwe in her quarters and offer to test her faith. You’ll be able to f*ck her ass either from atop or below. Other options will be available after completing Sermon I and Sermon II.

Sermon I (G, Happy): Ask “TEACH ME.” with at least 1 Mercy. Chanwe will teach you a bit about the origins of the Moon, the Sun, and the World, before sucking you off. Unlocks the ability to get oral sex as a “test of faith.”

Sermon II (G, Happy): After Sermon I, Ask “TEACH ME.” again, with at least 2 Mercy this time. Chanwe will teach about the feud between the Sun and the Moon, while giving you a tit-job. Unlocks the tit-job as a “test of faith”.

Sermon III (G, Happy): After Sermon II, Ask “TEACH ME.” with at least 4 Mercy. After preaching about the goddess’ strength of will, Chanwe will ask you to sex her up vaginally- a violation of her vows. Obliging her will change her state to Converted Chanwe. If you don’t think it’s right for her, you can refuse to f*ck her, and she’ll become Reformed Chanwe instead.

Aftermath (Converted): Visit Chanwe’s quarters after converting her to find that she’s been… umm… celebrating her new faith with your kobolds. Like, a lot of them. Crazy.

Aftermath (Reformed): Visit her quarters after denying her sex. She still professes hatred for you, but seems to have softened a bit. And is still up to have her faith tested.

Notable Bad Ends

Revelation (G): With the Sunken Temple as your lair, visit Chanwe in her quarters and tell her “THERE IS A GOD HERE.” Offer her to the idol in the Temple’s depths. You’ll lose Chanwe, but unlock the Protean lair faction.

3.2) Cooch, The Drunk

Cooch (short for Cuchilla) is a mercenary by trade, but she seems to spend most of her time drinking, f*cking, and sleeping it off. Don’t be fooled by her laid-back attitude, though: she has an amazon’s physique and is formidable in hand-to-hand combat. Nihilistic yet gregarious, she takes misfortune in stride, reacting to everything from wasted booze to personal betrayals with little more than a shrug and a so-it-goes. She’s no princess, but she’s one hell of a drinking buddy.

Cooch’s storyline plays best with a large harem; she only has one sex scene in her quarters, but a number of interactions with other waifu. Her consort path, while appropriately humorous, sexy, and touching, is a bit of a swerve from what you might be expecting. You’ll get to see her sober-ish, and her musclewoman physique – downplayed in Act III- becomes more integral to her character. She retains her “drunken zen” personality, though.

Story Requirements: None.
Notable Interactions: Darja the Fangirl (Happy), Naho the Wolfgirl, Mercenary army, Valzira the Witch, Malagar.

Meeting/Capturing Cooch

Night Visit (G): Go to Gutter’s Cove. Choose “Waylay one of the townspeople”, then “Confront them” to meet Cooch. After a bit of conversation, she stumbles home. Follow her. When you get there, opt to “Take Advantage”. She’ll think you’re Rhyll. Claiming you are will gain you +1 CHARM, ignoring the question has no effect. Either way, you’ll f*ck her. If it’s Act III, you can take her back home with you immediately. If it’s Act II, you’ll have to return when you have a lair.

You can also eat Cooch either before or after getting it on, or just leave. Leaving after following her home but before f*cking her will gain you +1 MERCY. Leaving at any time before f*cking her will lock you out of returning, meaning you can’t capture Cooch the “normal” way, but…

Alternate Capture: If you recruit the Mercenaries to your army in Act III without capturing Cooch first, she will tag along with them and wind up as a captive anyway. You can exploit this to get the Mercy boost in “Night Visit” while still capturing Cooch.

Lair Events

Cooch: Cooch is… well… Cooch. She’s not happy or unhappy, she’s just Cooch, all the time. She goes with what life gives her. The Cooch abides.

Cooch’s Quarters: From Cooch’s quarters, you can ask her name, ask her about herself, change her name, f*ck her, or, if you’ve grown tired of her, eat her. On your first visit, she’ll be snoring when you enter. She apparently wasn’t expecting to wake up in a dragon’s lair, but takes it in stride.

Seconds (G): Visit Cooch in her quarters, and demand sex from her. She’s cool with it.

Cooch’s New Brew (requires Malagar): Visit Malagar. Cooch will be there, telling him about this great idea for a new drink. Nothing will come of it, but it might amuse you.

Drinks with Darja (G, requires Happy Darja or Anal Darja): If Darja the Fangirl is happy, and has been f*cked by you (vaginal or anal), visit Cooch’s quarters. You’ll find Darja hanging out with Cooch and a bottle of something. Join the hangout for a bit, and you’ll get the opportunity to either keep drinking or start f*cking. Drinking gets you an amusing scene and a hangover. F*cking gets you a threesome scene with a number of different varients:

  • “GET READY.” followed by “GET ON TOP.” will have you first f*uck Darja, then get a pu**y sandwich from the both of them. (It’s a thing; look it up.)
  • “GET READY.” followed by “WATCH.” will have you f*ck Darja while Cooch watches.
  • “NOW KISS.” gets you a make-out scene, followed by a pu**y sandwich.

Note that there are also slight variations depending on whether or not you are using Darja’s “dragon hole”.

Cuchilla’s Bet (G, requires Mercenary army): Visit the mercenaries. You’ll find Cooch hanging out with them, drinking and boasting about getting f*cked by dragon d*ck. One thing leads to another, and Cooch gets dared to f*ck a donkey. You have the chance to watch, or you can interrupt the scene and either cut her off for the night, or demonstrate how dragon sex really goes, thus establishing dominance over the mercenaries. πŸ™‚

Dogfight with Naho (G, requires Unhappy Naho): Visit Naho the Wolfgirl’s cell to find Cooch, plastered as usual, wanting to pet the “puppy”. Decline for some kobold comedy, or accept for a dogfight followed by some girl/girl sexytimes. You get to watch, of course.

The Drunken Wisp Gambit (requires Malagar): Have a talk with Malagar about capturing Valzira the Witch. Be sure you’ve visited the swamp and met the wisps there first. You can recommend various allies at your disposal to help capture Valzira. Most suggestions are discarded upon consideration, but bringing up Cooch gives Malagar an idea. He formulates a plan that relies on getting Cooch drunk into unconsciousness- so much so that she can then be possessed by a Wisp, who will capture Valzira after posing as Cooch to get close. The plan goes off without a hitch, but the wisp decides he likes Cooch’s body enough to keep it; and there’s nothing the dragon can do about it that won’t hurt or kill Cooch. So the dragon has to take Valzira and leave Cooch behind. For now…

Operation: Sexy Rescue (G, requires Cooch being captured by Wisps and Valzira given to Malagar): In Act IV, after Malagar has learned how to wield his new power, have a talk with him about rescuing Cooch. He has an idea: f*ck the wisp out of her. Let him do his magic on your dragon-nuts, (this will reduce Malagar’s Morale by 1) then off you go to the swamps. The wisp likes Cooch’s body, but doesn’t like enjoying it alone. And being magically forbidden from leaving the swamp, he’s fairly desperate for some company. Desperate enough to try out some dragon-c*ck, even. Like Malagar said, the creampie will destroy the magic binding the wisp’s soul. His fate is ambiguous; you can warn him, but that doesn’t seem to matter. You’re then free to head back to the lair with your rescued waifu in tow.

Cooch as Consort

Cooch is always available to become consort, so long as she’s in your lair and hasn’t been eaten or given away. If you use her to capture Valzira, you’ll have to get her back first. Cooch’s consort scenes include the following:

A Big Mouthful (G): You wake up to Cooch in some distress. Give her a helping hand, and get your d*ck sucked in return.

Sober Seconds (G): Wake up to find Cooch practicing her flexes. Join in, and/or get yourself some action.

Breaking a Sweat (G): After some exercise, Cooch needs to wash off a bit. Lucky you’ve got a big dragon tongue.

Thirsty Cooch (G): Decline sex with Cooch three nights in a row and she’ll make a move herself.

Notable Bad Ends

Hair of the Dog (G): Give Cooch to the Wolf Tribe.

3.3) Darja, the Fangirl

Darja is an energetic girl who ran away from home to be a dragon’s bride. Which was a very bad move, since dragons had been extinct for years, but wouldn’t you know it? A fool’s luck guided her the only one alive. Darja can be obnoxious and naive, bordering on delusional sometimes, but she’s not without redeeming value. She’s exceptionally good at making friends, and always manages to bring out the fun in a situation. Maybe you can help live her dreams of a luxurious life pumping out baby dragons? Maybe not?

Darja is a love-or-hate character, and even if you like her, you might think she’s more of a “support waifu”. On the one hand, she’s childish, dumb, and incompetent at seemingly everything, including sex. On the other hand, she has fun interactions with other waifu, and the Moonday event is one of the most fun moments in the game- well worth keeping her in the harem just for the sake of that one scene. I don’t consider her “best girl” material personally, but if you do, her consort content is extensive, and while much of it is broadly comical, much of it is also sweet and heartfelt.

Be advised that abusing Darja is a BAD IDEA if you’re allied with Malagar the Warlock. He’s Darja’s uncle, and blood is thicker than water.

Storyline Requirements: Must be Happy to make consort. (Anal Darja counts as Happy.)
Notable Interactions: Spire lair, Cooch the Drunk, Malagar, Issa, Doubting Maelys.

Meeting/capturing Darja

Fan Club: Head to the Campfire in the mountains to meet Darja. No matter how you play the scene, you wind up in a conversation, and Darja does most of the talking. The only decision you can make is whether to leave or let her show you the Spire; this is the only way to unlock the Spire lair. If you let her take you there, you can claim the spire as your lair immediately and move right into “First Night”, below. In the morning, your kobolds will find Darja and you can decide whether to keep her as a consort-to-be (making her a happy captive), refuse (making her an unhappy captive), or give her the kobolds.

Alternatively, after Darja gives you the Spire’s location, you can ditch her (gaining 1 CRUELTY) and go there yourself, or you can kill and eat her.

Alternative Capture: If you choose another lair, or claim it after ditching Darja, you can pick her up at the Campfire in Act III and choose whether she will be a happy or unhappy captive back at your lair.

Lair Events

Happy Darja: Darja if you agree to make her consort. (You don’t have to follow through on this come Act IV.)
Unhappy Darja: Darja if you refuse to make her consort when Petruk asks.
Anal Darja: Darja if you trick her into anal. Functions as Happy Darja, except that she’ll only do anal.

When Darja first moves into the lair, she declares herself your consort. You can either agree, starting the “Happy Darja” route, or refuse, which gives you the choice of the Unhappy route, or giving her to the Kobolds right away.

Darja’s Quarters (Happy or Anal): From Darja’s quarters, you can ask her about herself, get her name, change her name, and replay seen sex scenes.

Darja’s Quarters (Unhappy): Whenever you visit, Darja will ask if she’s forgiven. “YES” switches her to Happy Darja. “No” allows you to ask for sex. Strangely, you can’t get her name if she’s unhappy.

First Night (G, Happy): If you claim the Spire lair with Darja in tow, this scene is triggered immediately. You have the choice of f*cking Darja, or refusing. If you refuse- or capture her later in Act III- she’ll show up in your chambers shortly thereafter at night. Or you can trigger the event by visiting her in her quarters and saying “IT’S TIME”. You get the choice of anal of vaginal. Darja objects to anal since she wants dragon babies, but you can convince her that she can get pregnant from anal, after which she’ll switch state to Anal Darja and put off sex until she’s had the opportunity to stretch out her “special dragon hole”. Vaginal is much more straightforward: you f*ck her, and that’s that.

Damsel in Distress (G, Unhappy): (Not actually listed in the Gallery, for some reason) Visit Darja in her quarters while she’s unhappy and f*ck her. A bit dim, Darja doesn’t realize she’s being r*ped and goes along thinking you’re trying to role-play.

Special Present (G, Anal): 7 days after convincing Darja to take it in the ass, she’ll waylay you on the way to bed and say she’s ready. Get to it!

Drinks with Cuchilla (G, Happy or Anal, requires Cooch): The other side of “Drinks with Darja”. See section 3.2 for details.

Moonday (Happy or Anal): Early in Act IV, Darja throws you a surprise party for your one-month-I-guess birthday and invites the entire lair. Hang out and have fun; Darja went to a lot of work to set this up.

Darja as Consort

Darja can be made consort in Happy or Anal states. Having Darja as consort enables the following scenes:

Licky Dicky Action: (G) Wake up in the morning to find Darja using your d*ck for a cuddle pillow. You can get a BJ from her, provided you’re able to teach her what a BJ is…

Her Other Hole: (G) Darja tries to seduce the dragon by sprawling in bed by candlelight… [and lights the bed on fire with the candles]. After comforting her for her failure, you can opt to give her some action anyway. You can choose vaginal or anal, even if you’re set up for the other.

Midnight Snack: (G) Decline sex with Darja three nights in a row and she’ll approach you.

Makeover: With the dragon’s help, Darja makes herself a dress fit for a princess.

Puppet Show: Darja tells you her backstory in the form of theater. She made hand puppets!

Notable Bad Ends

The Dragon Princess: Turn Darja over to the Infernals. Zizeryx has something special planned for her.

3.4) Eburon, the Wolfboy

After the dragon defeats Naho, Eburon steps up as the new leader of the wolf tribe. He’s big, buff, ruff & tuff… and secretly a bit of a beta. Bisexual with a preference towards men, he takes a liking to the dragon- which he’ll keep secret until and unless the dragon gives a hint that he’s interested.

Eburon is the game’s “gay option”, for players who are into that. He’s not a captive, instead you’ll find him hanging out with the Wolf Tribe whenever you’re in the neighborhood.

Storyline Requirements: 4 Strength required to recruit. Must keep Unhappy Naho to unlock his Act III sex scenes. Wolf Tribe Morale must be at least 1 to make consort.
Notable interactions: Unhappy Naho

Lair events

In Heat: (G, requires Unhappy Naho) Visit Naho the Wolfgirl. You may have to visit her a few times, but eventually, you’ll find Eburon in her cell. Naho is in heat, and Eburon wants a piece of that. This scene branches several ways, but if you want to get some from Eburon later, the only way is the “Pincer Movement” varient, which goes “GREETINGS.” -> “CHALLENGE HER.” -> “CONTINUE.”

Workout: (G) After you two are done with Naho, visit the Wolf Tribe to find Eburon getting a workout. Discuss the threesome; when he asks if he overstepped his bounds tonguing you, say no. Continue with the conversation, and he’ll work around to propositioning you. Take it or not as you like, but note that Eburon does not grant Potency.

My Hero: While it’s not exactly an event, note that Eburon can save you during your duel with Maelys the Huntress at the climax of Act III. You can force this outcome by not visiting the Forest in Act II, not recruiting the Mercenaries, and keeping Kobold Morale at 1 or lower.

Eburon as Consort

Eburon will agree to be consort as long as the Wolf Tribe has at least 1 Morale. The following scenes are available with consort Eburon:

Lap It Up: (G) After Eburon has moved in, he’ll redecorate your room and offer a brief lesson on the Wolf Tribe’s culture. When you’re done learning, he’ll be up for a bit of fun.

Rough and Tumble: (G) Burn off some steam with a little sparring match, and take advantage after you get Eburon on his back.

3.5) Enid, The Commoner

Enid is an ornery, stubborn, hard-working woman who takes pride in her lower-class origins. Whether due to fearlessness or a certain school-of-hard-knocks nihilism, she takes no sh*t from nobody. Not even a giant, fire-breathing dragon with a predilection for sexual predation. The dragon first meets Enid while trying to escape Pale Rock. If that scene is played a certain way, she’ll reappear later in Act III.

Enid is in an odd place. She’s not a fully pursuable love interest, and technically not even a captive. She actually turns down promotion to consort, something that no other waifu does. But she’s also more than just a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” girl.

Storyline Requirements: Must pay 1 Treasure to capture her happily. 4 Charm required to f*ck her a second time. Refuses to become consort.
Notable interactions: None.

Meeting Enid

Rude Awakening: (G) During the escape from Pale Rock in Act I, escape the guards by climbing a building and slipping into the window. You’ll wind up in Enid’s bedroom, where the noise of your entrance wakes her. There are several resolutions to this storylet, but if capturing her in the future is your goal, you want to pounce on her, hold her down, take her gently, come inside, then leave her alive. If you neither f*ck nor kill her, she won’t be able to join your harem, but will show up to put in a good word for you during the Battle of Pale Rock in Act IV.

Capturing Enid

Enid’s Gift: (G) If you meet the requirements listed above, Enid will make a surprise appearance at your lair in Act III, carrying a belly full of kobold eggs and looking for their deadbeat dragon-dad. Well. Banter with her until she’s interrupted by contractions. You can stay to watch the egg-birthing, or give her some privacy.

Enid’s Gift, part 2: When you’re ready, visit the Kobolds and watch the eggs hatch. The kobolds are overjoyed. Enid, not so much. After the experience, she’s ready to bail. You can let her go, gaining +1 MERCY while losing Enid, throw her to the kobolds, or “take responsibility” by paying 1 Treasure to get her to stay. Happy or not, keeping her is worth +1 KOBOLD MORALE. You’ll be able to ask after her when visiting the kobolds thereafter, but nothing of interest will happen until Act IV.

Lair Events

Broodmother: (G) Visit the Kobolds in Act IV to stumble upon one of your kids. Enid will show up chasing him. Follow her back to her makeshift kobold-nursery and watch her do the Mom thing for awhile, then you’ll get a chance to talk. As noted, she’ll turn down an offer to be consort, but you can discuss other things. When you’re done with words, you can get a taste of her milky tits, if you’re keen. Or, if you took responsibility earlier, and have 4 Charm, you can f*ck her.

3.6) Heloise, The Inquisitrix

Heloise is an Inquisitrix: an expert in supernatural creatures, including dragons. She is graceful, imperious, and always in command of her peers. Often literally; as a sky-elf, she has mind-control powers, and she doesn’t hesitate to make use of them. Her talent and skills have brought her immense wealth and status, but yet she seems bored with her life and its endless stream of responsibilities. A dragon on the loose seems to be just another one; but you may prove more than she can handle. Curiously, she might not be too upset about that…

Heloise has been described as a “dom-turned-sub”. She’s initially presented as an antagonist, and a coldhearted one, but after some dragon-sex/dragon-r*pe induced character development, she comes around to being controlled. (If this triggers, squicks, or confounds you, that’s fine, I won’t judge, but understand it’s a common storyline in BDSM fiction.) The early stages of her story are risky; an unprepared dragon could easily find himself in her thrall, and that’s Game Over. Post-development Heloise is as warm as her initial version was cold; indeed, the dragon is liable to find himself at the head of a loving, slighty screwed-up family.

Assuming he doesn’t nip all that in the bud by sacrificing her to Zizeryz. πŸ™‚

Storyline Requirements: Either 4 Charm or 6 Potency required to capture her. Advancing her storyline requires the Pregnancy tag and also not impregnating Valzira first. Can only be made consort if pregnant. Required sacrifice to unlock the Infernals lair faction.
Notable interactions: Doubting Maelys, Malice.

Meeting/Capturing Heloise

Bastion Heist, Prelude: Visit the city of Bastion, in the Highlands. On your first visit, you’ll meet Sabetha and Inej the Rogues in the sewers, discussing a plan to burgle the Inquisitrix’s keep. Navigate the dialog without attacking them, and agree to join in. (This gains you +1 CHARM). Then leave them be to work on their plans.

Bastion Heist: Return to Bastion in Act III to rendezvous with the Rogues and put the plan in motion. BE SURE to save your game before doing so, because an unwinnable situation is possible if your stats are low. Follow the rogues, and deal with the guards however you wish. It all goes smoothly until you meet the Inquisitrix herself. She quickly demonstrates her mind-control powers, first by convincing the guards to leave, then by overriding your choice of conversation options. Play along until you get the option to resist. Getting the better of her requires either 4 Charm or 6 Potency. Failure means Game Over. Succeed, and you and the Rogues have to figure out how to divide the spoils. They recommend that you take Heloise, but you can’t carry both her and your share of the loot. You have several options:

  • Take the loot, and leave Heloise. This locks you out of capturing Heloise.
  • Take the loot, and eat Heloise.
  • Take the loot, then change your mind after the rogues leave and take Heloise instead, leaving the loot behind.
  • Take Heloise, and let Sabetha and Inej keep your share of the loot.
  • Take Heloise, and tell the Rogues to drop off your share of the loot at your lair. This gets you Heloise AND the option to capture the Rogues later.

The loot, if you choose it over Heloise, is worth +2 TREASURE.

Lair Events

Unhappy Heloise: Heloise when you first capture her.
Pregnant Heloise: Heloise after f*cking her twice, assuming you haven’t already impregnated Valzira.
Happy Pregnant Heloise: Heloise if you agree to upgrade her lodgings after she becomes pregnant.

Absorption (G): Visit Heloise in her chamber and f*ck her. Why you should do this may not be immediately obvious (aside from, y’know, it’s a porn game), but go with it. You have the choice of removing the gag, removing the blindfold, or leaving both on. Gag-less requires 6 Charm and results in a gentler scene, possibly- but ambiguously- consenting. Blindfold-less requires 6 Potency and the scene is more r*pey. Either way, you can remove the other AFTER you’re done for +1 CHARM. Removing both before then- either by choosing to or failing the relevant check to defy Heloise’s commands- means Game Over. Keeping both gag and blindfold on gives you a VERY r*pey scene and no Charm bonus, but always succeeds. Any way you slice it, you also lose 1 day for going at it so long.

Memories (G): After f*cking Heloise for the first time, dream of “Your encounter with Heloise.”

Repletion (G): Visit Heloise a second time and bang her some more. If you want to give Heloise away to someone (like Zizeryx), do it before this. After this point, Heloise cannot be given away. The reason for this will be explained shortly…

Announcement: The third time you visit Heloise, she’ll reveal that she’s pregnant. (This won’t happen if Valzira is or has been pregnant; instead “Repletion” will repeat indefinitely.) Then she’ll explain to you what an awful thing this is. You can terminate the pregnancy, but under the circumstances, this requires terminating the mother as well. (Aside from the heist, this is your only chance to kill Heloise. You won’t get another.) If you decline this opportunity, you have the choice of moving her to better quarters, which turns her into Happy Pregnant Heloise. Refusing locks you out of getting sex with Heloise again, but you can reverse your decision by making her consort in Act IV.

Bonding (G, Happy Pregnant): Visit Heloise a forth time, learning that she’s settled in rather nicely. Talk with her a bit, then you can get a BJ.

Malice’s Birth (G, Pregnant or Happy Pregnant): On the first night of Act IV, you’ll be awakened by Petruk, with the news that Heloise is about to give birth to Malice’s egg. Go with him to witness it and welcome your daughter into the world. Alternatively, you can go back to sleep, but Malice herself will not be pleased. If Heloise is your consort, the scene will play out slightly differently, though you still have the option whether you attend the birth or not.

Heloise as Consort

Heloise can only be made consort if she is in the Pregnant or Happy Pregnant State. If she has already given birth, she can still be made consort, but the promotion scene will play out a bit differently. Making Heloise your consort gives access to the following scenes:

Daughters of The Goddess (G, requires Doubting Maelys): Heloise has heard about your capture of her old acquaintance, Maelys the Huntress. Heloise asks to visit Maelys, and she wants you to come along. If you go, you’ll see them have a little chat, which leads to some girl/girl action. Then you get to join in.

Mother’s Milk (G): Wake up in the morning to find Heloise breastfeeding Malice. Get a little taste for yourself, if you’re keen.

Inquisitrix’s Weakness (G): Decline sex with Heloise three nights in a row and she’ll take matters into her own hands.

Notable Bad Ends

Note that Heloise can not be given away after she becomes pregnant.

Sacrifice: Offer Heloise to Zizeryx, who will corrupt her into something different. Note that this is necessary to unlock the Infernals Lair Faction.

Turnabout: Offer Heloise to Malagar as a test subject. Malagar will be able to reverse the polarity on her mind-control powers, forcing her to obey every command given.

3.7) Issa, the Kobold

Issa is intersex, though not by choice. Born male like all kobolds, he was given to Valzira the Witch for her experiments. Whatever Valzira was trying to do, she failed, but Issa gained enhanced intelligence and feminine features- including breasts. He also has a predilection for being punished- whether this is another result of Valzira’s tinkering is unclear. Kobold at heart, Issa wishes only to serve the dragon, or so he says. But he has a habit of “borrowing” things, especially books, and takes a little more initiative with disobedient waifu then his master might like.

Despite being listed as a captive, Issa is more of a support waifu; opportunities to sex him up are limited and non-repeatable, and (for now at least) he has no consort route. He has plentiful interactions with his harem-mates, though, and certainly makes things interesting. Whether or not he can be trusted remains to be seen.

Storyline Requirements: Maximum of three opportunities for sex- Naho and Valzira needed to unlock second and third.
Notable Interactions: Happy Darja, Unhappy Naho, Unhappy Valzira, Malagar

Meeting/Capturing Issa

Demonstration: (G) Shortly after claiming your lair, you’ll see a brief bedtime event where you find evidence of a thief picking over some of your tchochkies. (Or, the tchochkies given to you by the kobolds, at least.) The event will end inconclusively, but on a later night you’ll be woken to see Issa captured by the kobold guards. He’ll go into a long-winded intro speech. You have several chances to interrupt by eating him, or you can throw him out (which implicitly kills him), have the kobolds punish him, or send the kobolds away and either punish him yourself, or just let it go (which disappoints Issa- little masochist). If Issa survives, he’ll move in with your other waifu in the captives area. If you don’t mind f*cking a femboy, I recommend punishing him yourself for the Potency- you may not get another chance at it.

Lair Events

Issa’s Chambers: Visiting Issa in his quarters allows you to talk to him about his backstory, but not much else. Unless he does something that merits punishment, but we’ll get to that.

Issa and Darja 1: (Requires Happy Darja) On visiting Issa with Happy Darja in the lair, you will find Issa braiding her hair. Converse for a while, then Darja will leave.

Issa and Darja 2: (Requires Happy Darja) On a later visit, after Issa and Darja 1, you’ll find Darja visiting Issa again, and tricking him into accepting a kiss from her. When she runs off to find you, you can hide, ending the event, or you can reveal yourself. You then have the option to encourage them to make out for your amusement. (No CG, though. What a gyp!)

Issa’s Revenge: (Requires Unhappy Valzira) Visit Issa with Valzira the Witch as a captive, and you’ll find he’s paid Val a visit. A cutaway will show what they’re discussing, but the dragon arrives too late to overhear anything. You can punish Valzira for the incident with dragon-r*pe, or track down Issa. Once you find Issa, you can interrogate him about his motives, after which you can kill him, punish him, or forgive him.

Issa and Malagar: (Requires Malagar) If Malagar is in your lair, he’ll show up in Issa’s quarters to complain about Issa “borrowing” some of his magic books.

Issa and Naho: (Requires Unhappy Naho) Visit Naho the Wolfgirl and find her nearly dead from poison. After getting the story from the guards, visit Issa to discuss the matter. You can either praise or punish him.

Punishment: (G) When given opportunity to punish Issa, you can choose either the stocks or the kobolds. (You can also opt to do it yourself, playing or replaying the sexy part of “Demonstration”.) If you choose either, stop in at the Kobold dens later to see the results of Issa’s punishment, and let him go back to his quarters.

Issa’s New Clothes: Visit Issa to find him fiddling with a runed chest with some kobolds. They can’t get it open by themselves, but a draconic version of the “Boot Key” gets the job done. Alas, the chest contains nothing but an… interesting new outfit for Issa.

3.8) Maelys, the Huntress

Maelys is a forest elf to whom dragon-slaying is a vocation. Hired by Balthorne to kill the dragon, she pursues him from one end of the kingdom to the next. Ruthlessly determined, formidable in combat, and doggedly persistent, she makes for a dangerous enemy. And yet her anger and bluster conceals a deeply-rooted sense of weakness and powerlessness. A bad dragon could use this to break her. A good one, on the other hand, might be able to turn her into an ally- if he can help her to deal with the traumas of her past.

Maelys is the most difficult waifu to court, by a broad margin; she will die or kill you at the end of Act III if you haven’t played the game to that point correctly. If you want to capture her alive, there are two ways: make her doubt her path in life, or make her despair any hope of success. These two methods have wildly different results: Despair gives a bad dragon gets the chance to savage the Moral Event Horizon with relish, whereas doubt earns a good dragon a rewarding redemption arc.

Storyline requirements: Capture requirements are complex, see below; Happy Marie-Anne required for wardrobe upgrade.
Notable Interactions: Heloise (if Heloise is consort), Happy Darja, Happy Marie-Anne.

Meeting Maelys

The Centuars (G): Head to the Forest in Act II and follow the screaming. You’ll find the Huntress in a difficult position with a herd of centaurs- one that only gets more difficult once you distract her and let them get the upper hand. Then the centaurs notice you and ask what you want. You have three options here. Answering “NOTHING”, or walking away, leaves Maelys to get gang-r*ped by the centaurs. Alternatively, you can stick around and watch a bit of the r*pe before making yourself scarce.

If neither of those options is to your liking, you can try to play hero. Intimidating the centaurs requires 2 CHARM; failure gets +1 CHARM for trying, and you can still take the violent approach. Fighting requires 2 STRENGTH; failure gets +1 STRENGTH for trying, and +1 WOUNDS from a cracked skull. At this point you’re allowed to reconsider and watch the r*pe, but if you’re still determined to show the centaurs who’s boss, the third try always succeeds. Left alone with the huntress, you may be tempted to finish her off. Don’t. She’s not as helpless as she looks, and attacking is an instant Game Over. Instead, let her go.

Rescuing Maelys puts you on the “doubt” path. Getting her r*ped- whether you watch or not- puts you on the “despair” path. In neither case is the choice permanent; you will be able to change your mind on this the next time you meet Maelys IF you build your stats right.

Note that if Maelys gets r*ped by the centaurs, she will kill Petruk during the Act III finale, and will also help Balthorne to torture Adeline between now and the next time you see her. That effect of the latter is unclear at this time.

Capturing Maelys

At the end of Act III, Maelys will lead an attack your lair and face you in single combat. Assuming you win, you can convince her to surrender rather than die, if you choose the correct options during the fight:

  • For the doubt capture, say “I’M SORRY.” (requires 6 Charm), then “IT CAN CHANGE.” (requires 4 Mercy), and finally “JOIN ME.”.
  • For the despair capture, say “I’LL DO WORSE.” (requires 4 Cruelty), then Pounce! (requires 6 Strength), and finally “SUBMIT.”.

In either case, you have to make both checks, UNLESS you encountered Maelys in the forest during Act II. If you did, and she was r*ped by the centaurs, you can miss one check along the despair route and still make the capture. If you saved her from the centaurs, you can miss one check along the doubt route and still capture Maelys alive.

If you lose the fight and die, that’s a different story altogether- see section 2.3.9 for info on that.

Lair Events

Doubting Maelys: Maelys if captured using “JOIN ME”. Stuck in a cell, she has nothing to do but rethink her life’s path.
Despairing Maelys: Maelys if captured using “SUBMIT”. Stuck in a cell, she can do nothing but wait for death, enduring the dragon’s cruel attentions in the meantime.

Compromise: (G, Doubting) The first time you visit Maelys in her cell, you’ll find her looking pretty rough. Apparently, she’s had time to consider the whole “JOIN ME” thing, and it’s… complicated. Have a talk and learn about her mission, then her backstory. Girl’s got a lot of baggage. You get the opportunity to “Take her”. For various reasons, full-on dragon sex would be very bad for her, but she’s willing to offer you a little something. In the ensuing scene, you can either let her have control, or take some for yourself. The end result will be the same. (Note that you get no Potency for this.)

Dragon Expert: (G, Doubting, requires Happy Darja) Return to Maelys’ cell to find Darja bickering with the guards. Apparently, she wants to meet the elf. You can either send her on her way, or let her in. If you do the latter, Darja soon proves to be seriously deficient in tact, and she and Maelys are WAY apart on their opinions of dragons. Nevertheless, the little meet n’ greet ends without serious incident.

Put Some Clothes On: (G, Doubting, requires Happy Marie-Anne) Go to Maelys’ cell and you’ll find Marie-Anne with a gift for her- the Farmgirl heard through the kobold rumor mill that Maelys could use some clothes, and put together a crude but usable garment for her. Agree to take it in. Maelys will have trouble believing that you don’t want something for it, but it’s better than being naked. Play the scene however feels right to you. Take note, however, that taking the option to “Show her who’s in charge”, will lead to you r*ping Maelys and switching her state to Despairing.

Severence: (G, Despairing) Be advised that this scene is widely considered to be the single most evil thing you can do in the entire game. Visit Maelys’ cell. You start by questioning her for information. You can then continue to question her about more… personal matters- which isn’t useful information, but that’s not the point, is it? The point is to enjoy forcing her to relive it. You can move on to “Tormenting” her- i.e. torturing her in a more physical sense. Finally, you can r*pe her. As you’ll know if you’ve interrogated her thoroughly, this is more than just physical and mentally harmful for an elf. It destroys her on a far deeper level, and you get to experience every bit of doing it. When it’s all done, give yourself a pat on the back; you have achieved peak Evil Dragon. Have a nice day. πŸ™‚

3.9) Marie-Anne, the Farmgirl

Marie-Anne is a sweet and warmhearted country girl. Since her parents’ death, she’s run the family farm by herself, with little company except the animals. Despite the tragedy, Marie-Anne is endlessly optimistic and cares deeply for those around her. But her idyllic life has made her timid in the face of new things, and when the dragon shows up on her doorstep, it throws her life into disarray. And yet, a civilized dragon will find her surprisingly receptive to his advances.

Marie-Anne has a reputation as the most wholesome waifu. And indeed, her storyline can be played as a heartwarming romance. But dragons with darker inclinations also have ripe opportunities to abuse her, including breaking her into a twisted mockery of her wholesome self. Marie-Anne is also a zoophile- something which she is ashamed of- and having the Bestiality tag on will unlock a significant number of scenes themed around this paraphilia.

Storyline requirements: Happy state requires 4 Charm to capture, OR spending 1 Kobold Morale after Unhappy capture. Torture Chamber required for Broken status. Must be Happy or Broken to make consort. Some content requires Bestiality tag.
Notable interactions: Wolf Tribe, Unhappy Valzira, Doubtful Maelys

Meeting Marie-Anne

Farm Raid (G): Go to the Farmlands. Offered the choice of the cattle or the barn, choose the barn to meet Marie-Anne. After she’s done freaking out, she asks you what you want.

  • “DEATH” lets the dragon kill and eat her.
  • “NOTHING” has him just walk away. This gains +1 MERCY, but locks you out of recruiting Marie-Anne.
  • “PLEASURE” gives the option of how to go:
    • “Wait patiently” gets her to consent, getting you +1 CHARM and allowing you to recruit her as a happy captive in Act III.
    • “Force her” makes it r*pe. You have the choice of anal or vaginal.
      • Anal, if you go through with it, locks you out of capturing Marie-Anne, and gives you the further choice:
        • Eat her
        • Or leave her hanging (+1 CRUELTY).
      • Vaginal allows you to either:
        • Let her go after you’re done (gaining +1 MERCY, but locking you out of capturing her).
        • Or leave her stuck for +1 CRUELTY and the opportunity to recruit her as an unhappy captive in Act III.
  • “SHELTER”, available only during Act II, unlocks the Abandoned Mine lair. Afterwards:
    • You can opt to leave her be, gaining +1 MERCY and letting you recruit her as a happy captive by returning in Act III.
    • Or you can either kill and eat her, or r*pe her (the latter redirects to “Force her”, above.)

Note that killing the cattle locks off the farmlands immediately for the remainder of the current Act. If you do it before investigating the barn in Act II, you’ll have to put off meeting Marie-Anne until Act III. Killing the cattle in Act III locks you out of capturing Marie-Anne completely, if you don’t capture her first.

Capturing Marie-Anne (happy)

Come Away: Capturing Marie-Anne willingly requires either leaving without unpleasantness after she shows you the Abandoned Mine, or taking her with her consent on your first meeting. Return to the Farmlands in Act III. With 4 CHARM, you can convince her to come along with you. Failing the check gains you 1 CHARM, and lets you either r*pe her and then capture her as an unhappy captive, or walk away. Curiously, if you walk away, the event will repeat on your next visit, allowing you to grind CHARM until you have the 4 points you need. This is probably a glitch- take advantage before the devs catch wise. πŸ™‚

If you put off your first meeting until Act III, you can make the charm check to capture her happily by requesting “YOUR SERVICE”, skipping the sex. But where’s the fun in that? πŸ™‚

Capturing Marie-Anne (unhappy):

Farm Raid II: (G) If you r*ped Marie-Anne vaginally and then left her hanging, you can return in Act III to find that her situation has gotten even WORSE. You can then “rescue” her, claiming her as an unhappy captive.

If you put off your first meeting with Marie-Anne until Act III, or if you r*pe her after failing the Charm check for a happy capture, you can abduct her immediately after r*ping her.

Lair events

Happy Marie-Anne: Marie-Anne if you capture her using your charm.
Unhappy Marie-Anne: Marie-Anne if you abduct her by force.
Broken Marie-Anne: Marie-Anne after Breaker has been able to work on her. Functions as Happy Marie-Anne, but with different dialog.

Marie-Anne’s Quarters: (Happy or Broken) In Marie-Anne’s quarters, you can chat with her about various topics (including getting her name), or ask for “relief”. If she’s broken, you can also eat her.

Marie-Anne’s Quarters: (Unhappy) Visit Marie-Anne to get her name (which you can change), r*pe her, or eat her. On the other hand, if you regret treating her bad, you can ask her how she’s doing. With 2 Kobold Morale or greater, you’ll have the option to spend 1 Kobold Morale to bring Marie-Anne some creature comforts, which will switch her status to happy.

Serving: (G, Unhappy) Force Marie-Anne to have sex with you while imprisoned.

Breaking (G, Unhappy): Turn Marie-Anne over to your torturer for… re-education. Give Breaker a hand to start off, then come back later to see the results. If you’re satisfied, you can take her back into your harem as Broken Marie-Anne. Otherwise, you can let Breaker keep her for +1 Kobold Morale.

Tending: (G, Happy or Broken) Ask Marie-Anne for relief to get a BJ. Asking for more- and following up with “YOU ARE MINE”- allows you to take things to the next level, getting vaginal sex with the option to give her cunnilingus before hand.

Breeding Season: (G, Happy or Broken) After getting “MORE” during “Tending”, you can jump straight to it on later visits by asking to breed.

Lullaby (Happy or Broken): At some point, you’ll enter Marie-Anne’s quarters to find her singing. After asking her about the song, you’ll be able to ask her to sing for you on future visits.

Trojan: (G) After meeting Marie-Anne, you will have the option to dream about “The rolling countryside”. Do so and figure out why she seemed so familiar with that horse when you first met her.

Down Boy: (G, requires Wolf Tribe) In the morning, you’ll find Marie-Anne taking a bath in a small pool. A wolf approaches, looking to bury his bone. You can put a stop to it, or watch the show. When it’s over, you have the chance to reveal yourself and make her clean him off as well.

Down on the Farm: (G) After witnessing either “Down Boy” or “Trojan”, you can talk to Marie-Anne in her quarters about her animal “thing”. If you offer, she’ll narrate a flashback for you about how she learned about her paraphilia. It starts with a big storm that forces her to let the hounds sleep inside…

Marie-Anne as Consort

Marie-Anne can be made your consort if she’s in a happy or broken state. As consort, she’ll be available for the same sex acts as before, and you’ll also be able to ask her to sing you to sleep at night.

Tender’s Need: (G) Decline sex with Marie-Anne three nights in a row and she’ll get so pent up she’ll come to you for once…

Notable Bad Ends

Shared Passion: (G) Offer Marie-Anne to Malagar; he’ll be able to turn her innate empathy for others into something extraordinary.

3.10) Mina, the Merchant

Mina is a tsundere with caramel skin, massive tits, and a sharp tongue. A travelling merchant, she struggles to get by in a land where the roads are plagued by bandits and the caravan guards are just other bandits. Her first meeting with the dragon doesn’t go so well, but she soon recognizes the benefit of a giant, fire-breathing business partner. And she’s not averse to a bit of snappy banter or unprofessional quid pro quo. If the dragon doesn’t decide to just enslave her, at least.

Mina is a lot of fun for a bad dragon to abuse. But with her quick wit, she’s also a lot of fun for a good dragon to tease. She has a lot of content (so much so that she exceeds Steam’s character limit for this entry πŸ™‚ ) and her secret scene “Bed of Riches” is, IMHO, one of the hottest in the game. She can also get you some Treasure, if you play things right. The only real downside of courting Mina is that she mostly stays in her room- of all the waifu, she has the least interaction with other characters. On the other hand, this makes her a good fit for a dragon who doesn’t keep a big harem. Or habitually feeds them to his minions.

Required for storylines: Capturing may require a check for either 4 Charm or 4 Strength, depending on your method. Mina will leave your lair if the Mercenaries are recruited, unless forced to stay. Hidden sex scene requires 3 Treasure. Must be happy to make consort.
Notable interactions: None.

Meeting Mina

Stand and Deliver (G): Head to the Roads in Act II to indulge in some light banditry. You’ll wind up in a standoff with Mina.

  • Hear her out, and she’ll give you a lead on the Abandoned Mine lair. You get +1 CHARM for this.
    • You can then let her go, getting +1 MERCY for playing nice.
    • Or knock the crossbow away, as below.
  • Knocking away the crossbow takes 2 STRENGTH.
    • Failure gets you +1 STRENGTH and +1 WOUNDS and releases Mina (Not like you have a choice, having just been shot).
    • Success continues negotiation on your terms:
      • “DIE” kills and eats Mina, and gives the option to eat her oxen.
      • “RUN” grants +1 MERCY, and releases Mina. You can then eat the oxen.
      • “STRIP” gets you a little show. After which:
        • “ENOUGH” lets her go and gets you the oxen.
        • “YOU” is refused, Giving you further options:
          • “THEN RUN” releases her without her cart, getting you the oxen and +1 CRUELTY.
          • “THEN DIE” kills Mina and eats her, as above.
          • “BARGAIN” gives you one more chance to release or kill her, or you can choose:
            • “ACCEPTABLE” to get some semi-consenting titf*cking action.
            • “UNACCEPTABLE” to r*pe her. Play the scene however you want, it doesn’t matter for the future.
            • Either of the above options gives you three options to wrap it up:
              • Eat her and (optionally) the oxen.
              • Choose “YES” to release her.
              • Choose “GO” to release her naked, gaining +1 CRUELTY and the option to eat the oxen.

Eating the oxen is worth +1 STRENGTH.

If you leave this event until Act III, it’ll play out a little differently. Instead of the Abandoned Mine, Mina will offer you a load of silks worth 1 TREASURE. You get +1 MERCY for this path, but not +1 CHARM. You can also take these silks instead of the oxen along any path that you can eat the oxen. Also, after “BARGAIN”, you’ll be able to capture her as an unhappy captive outright, before or after having your fun.

Capturing Mina

Have I Got An Offer: If Mina gives you the location of the Mine, and you take it, AND you don’t make her strip before leaving, She’ll show up at your lair early in Act III to offer her services, becoming a happy captive.

Lesser of Evils: If you don’t take the Mine, but release Mina without demanding she “STRIP”, you’ll meet her in Act III the first time you visit Gutter’s Cove, allowing you to recruit her as a happy captive.

Looted Goods: (G) If you told Mina to “STRIP” during “Stand and Deliver”- regardless or whether or not you molested/r*ped her- you’ve got a bit more legwork to do. Return to the Roads in Act III, and you’ll find her working, under duress, for some mercenaries. Scaring them off requires 4 CHARM. If it doesn’t work- or you’re not feeling merciful- killing them requires 4 STRENGTH. In either case, you get an extra point as consolation prize for failing, but if you fail with Strength, you get chased off and the event will end. If you succeed, you’ll have Mina all to yourself. Between trading snappy comebacks with her, you have a few choices:

  • Choosing to r*pe her does so, and gives the choice of taking her as an unhappy captive, or leaving her behind for +1 CRUELTY.
  • Removing the gag and then releasing her gains you +1 MERCY, and +1 TREASURE from looting the caravan, but locks you out of capturing Mina.
  • Or, you can make a deal to gain her as a happy captive.

If you leave this event without capturing Mina, you’ll be locked out of capturing her for good.

One more thing: If you recruit Mina as a happy captive but would rather have her unhappy, you can change your mind by telling Petruk she’s your f*cktoy.

(Mina con’t)
Lair Events

Happy Mina: Mina after she strikes a deal to become your business partner.
Unhappy Mina: Mina if you capture her by force, imprison her to keep the mercenaries happy, or tell Petruk that she’s your f*cktoy.
Angry Mina: Mina after you overstep your bounds during sex. Counts as Happy Mina, with the exception that certain sex scenes are blocked off.

Mina’s Quarters: (Happy or Angry) From her quarters, you can ask Mina for either resources or “relief”. Asking for resources will get you +1 TREASURE, but she has a big ask: Countess of Bastion, when you’re king. Having Mina in charge of the city might actually be pretty good for you (though this happens in Act V, which isn’t implemented yet), but if you’re not keen, you can get the Treasure for free with 6 Charm. Failure on the skill check gives you the option to r*pe her and make her an unhappy captive, but doesn’t get you the treasure.

Mina’s Quarters: (Unhappy) Visiting an unhappy Mina allows you to get her name, listen to her rant for a while, eat her, or r*pe her.

Paying Rent: (G, Happy or Angry) Asking Mina for relief gets you some sexytimes, with Mina being a consenting- if not entirely happy- partner. You start with a titjob, and have the option to either take that to completion, or press her for more.

Extortion (G, Unhappy): Demand Mina’s body. She’ll try to talk her way out of it. Let her do so for a tit-job, or r*pe her either anally or vaginally. Vaginal includes the option of forcible breeding.

The Sweetened Deal: (G, Happy) Ask Mina for “MORE” during “Paying Rent” to request vaginal sex. Getting her agreement requires you to have promised to make her Countess of Bastion- if you haven’t, then you’ll get the chance to do it now, or you can r*pe her, which makes her an unhappy captive. If you do get her to give it up willingly, following her directions is advisable. Deviating results in her becoming Angry Mina, and she’ll refuse to do it again, meaning you’re back to titjobs with an option to escalate to r*pe.

Forcible Renegotiations: (G, Happy or Angry) Taking the opportunity to r*pe Mina while she’s Happy or Angry results in you doing just that, and changing her State to Unhappy.

Little Black Dress: At some point in Act III, ususally in the morning, Petruk will find a dress. You have the option to give it to Mina, changing her character sprite. If Mina is unhappy, this will change her to happy. You then have the choice to tell her you like it (keeping her new look) or say it’s gaudy (reverting to her old look, but keeping her happy). Alternatively, you can tear the dress up and make her unhappy, even if she was happy before. Alternatively to all this, you can keep the dress in your hoard, getting +1 TREASURE. You can change your mind and give it to Mina at any time by visiting your treasure hoard and spending 1 TREASURE.

Bed of Riches (G, Happy, requires 3 Treasure): There’s a hidden scene with Mina available if you have 3 Treasure or more. Summon your attendant, ask about your treasure hoard, then ask to see your gold to begin. After basking in the glow of it for a while, Mina will join you. Enjoy it together, then progress to enjoying each other. Mina is apparently very horny for rich guys; she’ll let you be a bit more aggressive than usual, and even let you c*m inside her. ([She won’t know that she’s fertile, though the dragon will be able to smell it.]) Note this scene cannot be played if Mina is Angry.

Mina as Consort

Mina can be made consort if she’s Happy or Angry. No unique scenes are available, but the dialog for her existing scenes changes as consort. Most significantly, she’ll allow you to c*m inside her after you make her consort, though she’ll still be tsuntsun about it afterwards.

Notable Bad Ends

Shift Change: Give Mina to the kobolds; she’ll make the most of it by introducing some organization to their operation, including her own duties as kobold stress reliever.

Thinking With Portals: Give Mina to Malagar. He has a twisted idea about how to get the most use out of her…

3.11) Naho, the Wolfgirl

Naho is a b*tch, and that’s not just clever wordplay. She leads the Wolf Tribe of the wildlands- at least she does before the dragon deposes her- and even after being captured and imprisoned, she has a huge ego and a massive chip on her shoulder. By no means a willing recipient of the dragon’s affections, she will fight him every step of the way, requiring him to have a thick skin and a willingness to force himself- or others- upon her. Curiously, she seems to enjoy the rough treatment- almost as if she wants to be forced.

It is currently impossible to make Naho a happy captive or consort. She will be a prisoner and sex slave throughout.

Storyline Requirements: 4 Strength required to capture. Cannot be made consort at this time. Torture chamber required for Broken status.
Notable interactions: Eburon, Cooch the Drunk, Issa

Meeting Naho

Defeat: (G) Travel to the Wildlands to meet Naho and her tribe. After some taunts, Naho will attack. Be warned that Naho is tougher than she looks- you need 4 Strength to win. The first time you lose, she’ll send you on your way with +1 WOUNDS (and +1 STRENGTH for failing the check). If you go back and lose a second time, she’ll kill you outright. On the other hand, if you win, you can have some fun:

  • Eating her gains you +1 STRENGTH, but locks you out of recruiting the Wolf Tribe horde and Eburon the Wolfboy.
  • Turning her over to the pack gains you +1 CRUELTY, plus you get to watch.
  • Making her submit gains you the privlege of f*cking her yourself, gaining +1 POTENCY.
  • Letting her be gets you +1 MERCY.

Either turning her over or making her submit unlocks the “Defeat” Gallery Scene. If you do this in Act III, you can then proceed directly to “The New Alpha”, below. If it’s still Act II, you’ll have to come back.

Reprimand: (G) If you opt to take the merciful route in “Defeat”, you can return to the Wildlands later for some more fun (“REPRIMAND”). After taking your pleasure, you can turn her over to the pack for +1 CRUELTY. You can repeat this event as many times as you want in Act II, but will only get the Cruelty bonus the first time. However, you can get a SECOND Cruelty point by playing this same event in Act III (which may be a glitch).

Capturing Naho

The New Alpha: Go to the Wildlands in Act III. Depending on whether you’ve visited previously and what happened, you’ll either fight Naho, watch the “REPRIMAND” scene, or show up to see Naho getting spitroated by her fellow wolves. Any way it is, when it’s over you’ll get the option to “Take Control of the Pack.” Do so, and Eburon the Wolfboy will step forward to negotiate for the pack’s loyalties. See section 2.3.8 for details on that. Succeeding in negotiations gets you Naho as a captive and Eburon and the Wolf Tribe as part of your army.

Lair Events

Unhappy Naho: Naho after being captured and chained up. She’ll try and rip you up whenever you show your face, but won’t succeed.
Broken Naho: Naho after Breaker has gone to work on her. Much more well-behaved.

Naho’s Cell (Unhappy): From her Naho’s cell in your lair, you can talk to her to get some backstory on the wolf tribe, or f*ck her. You can also eat her, if you’re tired of her B.S.

Naho’s Cell (Broken): Once broken, Naho will be more willing in sex, but not useful for much else. “Oblige her” to have her ride you, or wait for her to beg to get your choice of three other flavors.

Leashed: (G) F*ck Naho in her cell. You can do it three different ways.

In Heat: (G) Visit Naho in her cell to find Eburon and a wild wolf paying a visit. Naho’s apparently in heat, and as usual she won’t admit to it. It’s up to you how to handle it:

  • Handle it yourself for “One on One.”
  • Let Eburon handle it for “Pincer Movement”. This turns into a three-way, which can advance your relationship with Eburon. (See section 3.4)
  • Sic the wild wolf on her for “Animal Instincts”.

Puppy Tamer: (G, Unhappy, Requires Torture Chamber) Have a talk with your torturer and give him Naho. He’ll go to work on her with a potent date-r*pe drug. You get to stay for the start, then leave him to his work. Come back later and he’ll have her nice and well trained. This switches Naho’s state to Broken.

Notable Bad Ends

Remade to Order: Give Naho to Malagar. (This can’t be done until Act IV.) With his new toy, Malagar is eager to try his hand at fleshcrafting. At your discretion, he can either petrify her, bimbofy her, or- if you’re feeling daring- try to make her a half-dragon.

3.12) Sabetha and Inej, the Rogues

Sabetha and Inej are sisters, catgirls, and thieves. Sabetha is cocky, creative, and clever, though not as much as she thinks. Inej is more levelheaded, if less bold. Together they’re a marvelously effective pair of catgirl-burglers. However, Sabetha’s ambitious ideas tend to blow up in both of their faces. Robbing a dragon’s lair is not the exception…

Sabetha and Inej are a matched pair; where one goes, the other does too. You can’t separate them. Their plotline is a little odd: it feels like it should be dark, with themes of incest and sex slavery, but it’s actually a very light, breezy affair. They have fine comic chemistry, playing of each other- and the dragon- amusingly. Plus, hey, ongoing sister threesome. πŸ™‚

Required for Storylines: Capture requires traps in your lair and proper handling of Heloise the Inquisitrix’s capture. Doing anything sexy requires the Incest tag. Must complete storyline up to “Kitten Gets The Cream” to make consort.
Notable Interactions: None.

Capturing Sabetha and Inej:

Cat Burgled: You’ll first meet the rogues in Bastion, where you’ll help them to rob Heloise the Inquisitrix’ keep. See section 3.6 for the details on that. At the end of the heist, opt to take Heloise in place of your cut of the loot, and give the catgirls the location of your lair to deliver your share later. After returning home, spend 1 treasure to build traps (Or better yet, build them BEFORE the heist.)

Later on in Act III, the catgirls will show up to rob you, because there’s no honor among thieves. If you don’t have traps, you’ll lose Treasure (but gain a Steam Achievement for your trouble.) If you do, Petruk will bring the news that the thieves have been captured. Check in on them and banter for a bit. You have the choice to eat them, gaining +1 STRENGTH (yes, even though there’s two of them), give them to the Kobolds, set them free (gaining +1 MERCY and the warm fuzzies, but still not getting your share of the loot from the Bastion job), or keep them for yourself.

Lair events

Unhappy Sabetha and Inej: After being caught, Sabetha and Inej have nothing to do but hang around their cell and try to scheme against you

Cat Got Her Tongue (G): First time you visit the rogues in their cell, you have the option- again- to release them for +1 MERCY. If you refuse, Sabetha will offer you a bit of service in exchange for getting Inej down. Inej, who blames her sister for the whole “rob the dragon” idea, will help out. Your second visit will repeat the same scene with slightly different dialogue.

Backdoor Break-In (G): Your third visit to the thief sisters, you’ll find some kobolds eavesdropping. Join in to hear the sisters having a bit of a tiff, then enter. You can go for oral again- the prologue to it is pretty funny- but to advance the story, take another look at Sabetha’s butt. You have your choice of holes, but the mouth just repeats what you’ve seen twice before, and the pu**y goes badly- Sabetha and Inej escape, leaving you with +1 STRENGTH and a kick to the nuts. Go anal to advance the story. Inej helps.

Kitten Gets The Cream (G): On your next visit, you’ll arrive to find Inej cat-napping. Sabetha, still awake, wants to make a deal. Waking Inej gets you the chance to replay previous scenes; hearing Sabetha out gets you an offer to turn the tables on Inej. Agreeing finally gets you some catgirl pu**y. Too bad that the sisters are divided on the subject of whether or not dragons can impregnate catgirls. πŸ™‚

Sabetha and Inej as Consorts:

You can make Sabetha and Inej your consorts after advancing their storyline to “Kitten Gets The Cream.” Yes, you take both. They’re a package deal, remember?

Splitting the Winnings: (G) Request sex from Sabetha and Inej and you can convince them to give you a double-BJ. There’s a lot of different ways to play it, all of which wind up with them getting spunk-covered.

Bonus Scene

Remain Indoors: (G) A brief, informative vignette that plays the first time you boot up the game. Due to how Ren’Py handles save data, it’s difficult to view it again after first bootup, so the devs put it in the Gallery for anybody who wants a chuckle. It’s unlocked from the start, and remains so even if you re-lock all scenes.

3.13) Valzira, The Witch

Valzira is a river elf with a big ego and a nasty attitude. She initially seems to be an unremarkable hedge wizard, living a hermetic existance in the swamps. She forages for her meals and provides medicine to those daring or desperate enough to seek her out. But there’s more to her than meets the eye; An attentive dragon will note her name coming up quite a bit in the backstories of allies and waifu. An initial encounter winds up with the dragon thrown about and humiliated, an action which Valzira may very well come to regret.

Valzira is a difficult waifu to capture, and even more difficult to be civil with. She will NOT come willingly, and it will take more power than even a dragon has to subdue her. She can’t be brought around after being captured, either. And she’ll never shut up about how she’s better than you. (Unless you decide to gag her with some dragon-c*ck πŸ™‚ ) Having a relationship anybody could call “wholesome” with her is a fool’s errand. But on the other hand, a nasty dragon has plenty of options to give her some comuppance, of which two stand out in particular: Giving her to Malagar, and forcibly impregnating her.

Required for Storylines: Capturing is difficult. Must be given to Malagar to unlock him as a lair faction. Advancing storyline requires Pregnancy tag and not impregnating Heloise first.
Notable Interactions: Marie-Anne (Happy or Broken), Cooch, Issa.

Meeting Valzira

Visit the Swamp in Act II or III and follow the smoke. You’ll find your way to Valzira’s hut. However you play the encounter, the result is the same: you get caught, β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ out, and ejected from the hut to land in a heap in the mud outside. Rude. Hope you weren’t planning on being friends.

Capturing Valzira

There are currently four methods of capturing Valzira, all of which require some assistance:

  • Send the Wolf Tribe to capture her. You can do this by visiting them once they’ve joined your lair and and asking them to do a job for you. This requires 2 Wolf Tribe Morale and consumes 1. With less than 2 to start, they’ll fail.
  • Wait until Act IV and conquer the swamps with an army. Any army will do except the kobolds. Again, 2 Morale is required.
  • With Malagar and Cooch the Drunk in your lair, and after meeting the Wisps in the Swamp: ask Malagar about using Cooch to capture Valzira. You’ll formulate a plan using Cooch and the Wisps to do the dirty work. This method will result in losing Cooch, but you can get her back in Act IV. See section 3.2 for details.
  • With Malagar in your lair, ask him about doing it yourself. He’ll have a method that involves supernatural doping, but there are risks: if your Potency is less than 4, you won’t survive. If you succeed, you’ll capture Valzira, but lose 3 days recovering from the ordeal.


Lair Events:

Unhappy Valzira: Valzira’s never happy, but she’s moreso than usual chained up in a cell in a dragon’s lair.
Pregnant Valzira: …and even LESS happy after that dragon has knocked her up with a hideous abomination. Bad time for grape elf. >:)

Payback: (G, Unhappy) Once captured, visiting Valzira in her quarters gives you the option to r*pe her. Anal and oral are highly unpleasant for her, but if you want to be REALLY mean, go for the vagina and c*m inside to impregnate her. (This won’t work if Heloise is already pregnant.) Note that once the pregnancy is confirmed, you’re permanently locked out of giving Valzira to Malagar. Or anybody, for that matter.

A Little Hospitality (Requires Happy Marie-Anne or Broken Marie-Anne): Visit Valzira’s cell to find Marie-Anne the Farmgirl bringing her some food. (And, implicitly, hoping to gawp at the elf. At least she’s got more tact than Darja.) You can put a stop to it, or let Marie-Anne in while you observe. Valzira, however, is not keen on hospitality. You can intervene, or let Marie-Anne handle herself.

Fancy Meeting You Here (Requires Cooch): Visit Valzira’s cell in Act IV to meet an uncommonly-grumpy Cooch. Assuming you don’t give Cooch the brush-off, she’ll go with you to visit Valzira. Listen in- either in the room or from outside- to pick up a few interesting tidbits, including the fact that Cooch and Valzira are infrequent lovers. (Note that if you use Cooch to capture Valzira, this scene is locked out since the two of them will never be in the lair at the same time.)

Unforeseen Consequences (Pregnant): After giving her a creampie in “Payback”, visit Valzira to discover her new state and hear from her just how badly you’ve screwed up. After her exposition, you can either leave her be, r*pe her again, or kill her. (You do not get Strength for the latter.)

Desperate Measures (Pregnant): In the morning, you’ll wake up to find a nervous-looking kobold standing in your doorway. Let him lead you to Valzira’s cell, where you find her deathly ill. Play the scene however you want- the outcome will be the same for all concerned. (Except, at your discretion, the idiot kobold. πŸ™‚ )

Unwanted Delivery (G, Pregnant): The morning after your first sleep of Act IV, Petruk will wake you with the news that Valzira is about to birth your daughter’s egg. You have the choice whether to attend the birth or not.

Notable Bad Ends

Anomalous Materials: Give Valzira to Malagar, before or after f*cking her. Malagar has big plans for her. This unlocks Malagar as a fully-featured lair faction.

3.14) Other Encounters

Chia, the Handmaid: “Service”
Early in act I, Chia is sent by Adeline to bring the dragon a hot meal in preparation for his presentation to the court. A dragon who has other hungers can instead assault her and make her his first conquest, gaining 1 CRUELTY and 1 POTENCY in the process. Alternatively, if the dragon lets Adeline know he’s horny beforehand, Adeline will order Chia to “see to your other needs” and the dragon can take her semi-willingly, gaining 1 POTENCY but no Cruely. Either way, you have the option to take the food instead, forgoing the sex and violence for 1 STRENGTH and 1 MERCY.Rain, the Nun: “Desecration”
You’ll meet Rain on your first visit to the Convent of the Frigid Order. Chanwe the Abbess will interrupt your meeting, but before that you can either talk to her for +1 CHARM, or buttf*ck her for +1 POTENCY. If you refuse Chanwe’s offer to tag in in Rain’s place, you can finish it off by eating Rain for +1 STRENGTH.Malice, the Naga: “Premonition”
Dream the “Texture of your own scales” dream after [impregnating either Heloise or Valzira. Your daughter, grown to maturity,] will visit you in a dream. After giving her a name, she’ll want to bang. You can resist or go along with it, but it’ll happen either way.

Malice, the Naga: “Punishment”
Raise Malice poorly, and she’ll do… something fairly ghastly during the climax of Act IV. You have the option to punish her, either sexually or violently. Note that the violent option may be disturbing.

Zizeryx: “Infernal Entertainment”
After giving Zizeryx Heloise, thus unlocking the Infernal lair faction, ask Zizeryx to “ENTERTAIN ME.” You’ll go on a field trip to the Infernal Court itself, then see what Ziz can do for you personally. This delightful little jaunt gives you +3 POTENCY (!)

Zizeryx: “Ignition”
Before the Battle of Pale Rock, choose the Infernals for your Vanguard. They will prep a ritual to open the inferno, which requires you f*cking Ziz.

Mother: “Nightmare”
After giving Chanwe the Abbess to Mother, dream of “Your upcoming reunion with Adeline.” You’ll encounter Adeline in a dream, but it’s really Mother in disguise. You can go along with it and kiss “Adeline”, or decline until Mother drops the facade. It you choose the latter, you can then have sex with Mother in her standard form, or, if this is all too weird for you, decline and wake up.

Adeline: “Royal Reunion”
Free Adeline after conquering Pale Rock in Act IV, then, after pumping her for as much information as you wish, take her to bed and pump her in a different way. πŸ™‚

Adeline: “Right of Conquest”
Imprison Adeline in the dungeons after conquering Pale Rock and r*pe her.

4) Stat Points

Following is a list of stat points obtainable in-game.

4.1) Strength

1) Bite Adeline.
2) Eat the meal provided by Adeline’s Handmaid.
3) Hunt cattle at the Farmlands in Act II.
4) Hunt cattle at the Farmlands AGAIN in Act III. (Locks out capturing Marie-Anne the Farmgirl.)
5) Eat Mina the Merchant’s oxen.
6) Complete Act II
7) Complete Act III
8) Try to r*pe Sabetha vaginally while she’s imprisoned. (You lose Sabetha and Inej as captives.)
9) You get 3 points of Strength from buying the Sacrifice lair upgarde.You also gain Strength from FAILING at the following tasks:1) Castrating Balthorne (Requires <1 Strength)
2) Stowing away on a ship at Gutter’s Cove. (Requires <2 Strength)
3) Fighting Naho the Wolfgirl in the Wildlands. (Requires <4 Strength; second failure means Game Over.)
4) Disarming Mina the Merchant while robbing her. (Requires <2 Strength)
5) Killing the mercenaries to rescue Mina the Merchant. (Requires <4 STRENGTH, locks out capturing Mina.)
6) Defeating the Centaurs to rescue Maelys the Huntress. (Requires <2 STRENGTH)
7) Pounce! Maelys the Huntress during your showdown (Requires <6 STRENGTH)

Additionally, you can eat the following characters to gain 1 STRENGTH apiece. Note that eating a character will lock out any future events or storylines they’re involved in, for reasons that should be obvious.

Enid the Commoner (First meeting)
Cooch the Drunk (First meeting or while captive)
Naho the Wolfgirl (First meeting; locks out recruiting Eburon and the Wolf Tribe. Can also eat while unhappy captive.)
Mina The Merchant (First meeeting or while unhappy captive.)
Marie-Anne the Farmgirl (First meeting or while unhappy captive.)
Rain the Nun (First meeting; one chance only)
Darja the Fangirl (First meeting)
Issa the Kobold (First meeting, or when punishing him.)
Heloise the Inquisitrix (First meeting, or when learning of her pregnancy; two chances only.)
Sabetha and Inej, the Rogues (When first captured; one chance only.)

4.2) Charm

1) Nestle against Adeline, before biting her.
2) While escaping the capital, hide in Enid the Commoner’s room, but do NOT pounce her (Locks out capturing Enid.)
3) Talk to the Wisp in the Swamp.
4) Talk to Sabetha and Inej the Rogues in Bastion, without attacking them.
5) Impersonate Rhyll while f*cking Cooch the Drunk in Gutter’s Cove.
6) Convince Mina the Merchant to show you the Abandoned Mine. (Only available if meeting Mina in Act II.)
7) Decline to r*pe the nun in the convent.
8) Get Marie-Anne the Farmgirl to consent to sex on your first meeting.
9) Complete Act II
10) Remove either Heloise the Inquisitrix’s gag or blindfold, f*ck her, than remove the other one.
11) Complete Act III
12) You get 3 points of Charm by building the Dragon Idol.You also gain Charm from FAILING at the following tasks:1) Use Charm on Balthorne (Requires <1 CHARM)
2) Scare off the mercenaries who capture Mina the Merchant. (Requires <4 CHARM)
3) Intimidating the Centaurs who capture Maelys the Huntress. (Requires <2 CHARM)
4) Convincing Marie-Anne the Farmgirl to come away with you. (Requires <4 CHARM, can be repeated until passed.)
5) Apologizing to Maelys the Huntress (Requires <6 CHARM)

4.3) Potency

Potency is only gained through sex, 1 for each NEW partner:

Chia the Handmaid (One chance only.)
Enid the Commoner (Required to capture Enid.)
Cooch the Drunk
Naho the Wolfgirl
Mina the Merchant
Rain the Nun (Available only once.)
Chanwe the Abbess
Marie-Anne the Farmgirl
Issa the Kobold (First meeting, or when offered the opportunity to punish him. Not available on demand.)
Heloise the Inquisitrix
Valzira the Witch
Darja the Fangirl
Sabeth and Inej, the Rogues
Zizeryx, the Infernal Demon (One chance only; grants 3 POTENCY instead of 1.)

4.4) Mercy

1) Eat the meal provided by Adeline’s handmaid without terrorizing her first.
2) While escaping the captial, hide under a cart and then waylay the guards. (Locks out meeting or capturing Enid the Commoner.)
3) Pounce Enid the Commoner, then leave her alive. (Can “take her gently” before leaving.)
4) Walk Cooch home, then be a gentledragon and decline to bang her. (Locks out capturing Cooch the standard way, but alternative method is still available.)
5) Spare Naho’s virtue after defeating her.
6) Let Mina the Merchant go without robbing or molesting her at your first meeting OR save her from the mercenaries on the road, with no strings attached. (The latter method locks out capturing Mina.)
7) Meet Chanwe the Abbess on your first visit to the convent, then leave without f*cking either her or the nun.
8) Meet Marie-Anne the Farmgirl, than leave without f*cking or killing her. (Locks out capturing Marie-Anne UNLESS she shows you the Abandoned Mine first.)
9) Release Marie-Anne the Farmgirl after r*ping her. (Locks out capturing Marie-Anne.)
10) Chase off (rather than kill) the guards at the bar in Gutter’s Cove.
11) Release Enid the Commoner after she tracks you down in your lair.
12) Release Sabetha and Inej the Rogues when you catch them.
13) Scare instead of hurt the mercenaries when you find Malice with them.You also get 1 Mercy for each territory you spare during Conquest.

4.5) Cruelty

1) Spit fire on Adeline, after biting her
2) Terrorize Adeline’s handmaid
3) While escaping the capital, hide under a cart and pick off a guard. (Locks out meeting or capturing Enid the Commoner.)
4) Turn over Naho to the Wolf Tribe either after defeating her, or after sparing her initially and returning to the Wildlands.
5) Turn over Naho to the Wolf Tribe a second time, via repeating the “REPRIMAND” scene in Act III (probably a glitch).
6) Rob Mina the Merchant and send her away naked.
7) R*pe Mina the Merchant after she gets captured by the mercenaries, and leave her behind. (Locks out capturing Mina.)
8) Ditch Darja after getting directions to the Spire.
9) Leave Marie-Anne the Farmgirl hanging after r*ping her.
10) Kill the guards at the bar in Gutter’s Cove.
11) Order off the secret menu in Gutter’s Cove.
12) Break a mercenary’s arm for bad babysitting.You also get 1 Cruelty for each territory you pillage during Conquest.

4.6) Treasure

1) Already in your hoard at the start of Act III.
2) Take Mina the Merchant’s silks (Only possible if you first meet Mina in Act III)
3) Rob the mercenaries who captured Mina the Merchant OR recruit her as a happy captive and then ask for resources.
4) Leave the girl and take the money after the Bastion heist. (Worth 2 Treasure)
5) Keep the dress Petruk finds instead of giving it to Mina the Merchant.Additionally, you can send the Kobolds raiding, sacrificing 1 Kobold Morale to gain 1 Treasure. You need 2 Kobold Morale to do this, and can only do it in Act III.

5) Credits

Walkthrough by Asterion Del Toro
Ravager by 4MinuteWarningVersion history:v1.0: Initial Version.

Thanks to:

4MinuteWarning and his crew, for making this awesome game.

Valfyr-Var, Zash Gekido, and Catkit, for the original walkthrough (which I cribbed a lot from).

The good people at SS, for having no time for PayPal’s B.S.

The Ravager discord, for being a great place to dissect and analyze the game lore.

And anybody who wrote in with suggestions or corrections.


“It’s amazing what a little bit of Giving A Sh*t can accomplish.”
-Mattrex, Ravager dev team.

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