Re Destiny: 100% Achievements Guide

Here is a guide created by Mikdek to collect all the achievements in Re Destiny.


Ultimate Onmyoj

📌Probably the main reason you’re here, on the screenshot you can see the gold star on the bottom, that’s your main goal.

🔻You need 50 of them to complete achievement.
🔻The more items you combine, the better your chances of getting a star.
🔻No matter what campaign you play, I personally recommend the campaign 4 chapter 1
or campaign 6 chapter 4,5,6 the enemies are stronger here and it will give you a more chance to spawn.

complete campaign achievements

📌After you will clear story you automatically get these achievements

️🔻 Boss fights ️

🔻 Random ones

🔻Campaign finish

Skills and Spells

📌As the game progresses, you will earn money and points to improve your character, which are divided into two categories



Pursuit them all

📌After you finish campaign you can pursuit characters, spend some time with them.

🔻Don’t forget instal dlc first

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