Requiem: All Collectibles Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to find all collectibles, we will also bring you some tips to have a good game.


Requiem All Collectibles Guide

“P” = Pause Menu (But be careful. Sometimes the camera is buggy after that)

Level 1 – Lust
– Behind the bar is a photo. You can pick it up with “E”.
– Be careful with this boss. It could be that she starts to attack you while the angel and demon are still talking to you. Skip the text fast in that case. If she kills you, you need to start the level from the start again. But the boss is easy. Just stand behind crates. She will try to grab you and instead she picks up the crates. As soon as you see the hook is coming to you, go away. Otherwise the crate will hurt you because she pushes it a bit back. When she got 4 crates ( or also within the fight – there is enough time) you can collect the ring on the right site.

Level 2
– Put the bomb in front of the wooden bridge. With “E” you get the bomb, with right mouse you place it and can go a bit away and with another right mouse click it will explode.
– Collect the paper in the right side of the big pipe. Hide in the side corners when the ball is coming.
– Be careful of the big green guy. Sometimes when he can see you, he will throw a ball after you.
– But a bomb into the boll, walk over the sticky ground and then let it explode so you can cross the waterfall.
– After a lot of jumping action and using the same mechanics you can collect the TV remote.
– No bossfight in this level.

Level 3 – Greed
– Collect the goblet and enjoy a bit Harry Potter doubling-magic 😉 before you just jump out of your cell.
– Collect the leaver next to the big crystals. Just jump over the abyss and repair with that the leaver.
– In one room you can collect papers on the right side.
– when you get the yo-yo you can switch between you tool with the mousewheel. use the yo-yo on the glowing hook points at the ceiling.
– Dragon boss: Jump to him and place a bomb next to him. Then use the yo-yo to reach him again and place another bomb. Just dont let him make barbeque out of you.

Level 4 – Gluttony
Welcome to Pan’s Labyrinth. 😉 I had a big bug in this level so it has skipped for me after the half part.
– Run as soon as you can. Jump over things, run to left or right and be careful when knifes are coming from the sides. There will aslo be other monsters sitting at the table.
– There is one bottle-picture on the middle of the table. Maybe you can collect it.

Level 5
Now it feels a bit like we’re in the girls toilet from Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets. At least the mirror-sink looks like it. 😉 But there is no real danger here.
– After a lot of jumping and using the yo-yo you reach a room where you can collect a bomb (again?) and on the righ side use the bubbles to jump on it and reach the top.
– Later jump over the white bubbles to reach the bowl where you can place a bomb in it. Go a bit back, jump over the bubble and use the hook over you to reach the parfume that you can collect.
– When you got the slingshot you can shoot on the blue panels to activate them.
– The blue guy is no boss. So dont be scared of him.
– When youre out of the level and back in the main hall, use the slingshot to activate the panels on the wall.

Level 6
– Use the crate as cover and shoot you mirror-self with the slingshot.
– In the room with the 4 evil mirrors, you do the same. After that walk through the broken mirrors and collect the key in one of the rooms.
– When you reach the room with the 3 mirrors, push the crate through the mirrors to solve the small riddle. (Activate 2 levers and press 1 button on the ground).

Level 7
– Step on the buttons on the ground, walk over the shining sticks. Destroy the 2 stones to reach 2 more leavers.
– Later you need to shoot through a portal to reach the button behind a stonewall.
– Collect a key and the music sheet.
– Activate the buttons to raise the 3 cubes. Jump over it and shoot with the slingshot on the button.
– Jump over the stones (be quick!), then jump on the cubes and activate all buttons on the.
You finished the game.
And the end is your choice.

By Vani-Fox

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