RETRIS: Tips & Tricks to Achieve High Scores

Strategies and fundamentals that can help you achieve high scores and improve your gameplay.


Managing your well

Stack your pieces to one side andĀ leave one, two or three spaces at the opposite side of the board, keep in mind that the wider your well is, the less options you’ll have for stacking, but also the amount of pieces suitable for clearing lines increase.


A single well, our only option to clear lines is the I piece, clearly.

A double well, we have far more options to clear lines here, I could’ve used a vertical T piece, a 2-wide stair piece or any of the vertical J/L ones. 4 out of 6 pieces are suitable.

A triple well, this one has the most options to clear lines by far, we can use: horizontal J/L, horizontal I, 3-wide stair or T. 5 out of 6 pieces are suitable.

Remember to use soft or hard drops to clear multiple lines all at once thanks to the corruption trail mechanic!


Get used to tucking pieces under others and to the sides as well. Your best friend is the 2-wide stair, it complements a lot of pieces and it can help you fix misplacements.


Some of the trickiest pieces to accommodate are the T and the 3-wide stair piece, if you come from Tetris with deeply ingrained habits of keeping the board flat this will be your first obstacle to overcome, these are the ones I end up destroying the most with pills. Another tip is to try and keep a slope going downwards your well, eventually when the pieces fall faster you’ll have more time to maneuver them.


This is an advanced move that requires you to rotate a T piece correctly, it won’t work with the 2-wide stair piece.


Align the piece first, in this case, vertically.

Once the piece reaches the bottom, rotate it accordingly (counter-clockwise in this situation).


This is useful but situational, I would recommend learning it once you’ve mastered the basics.

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