Riley & Rochelle: Diary Dates Guide

This is a quick text-based walk-through of R&R main story provided to solve the written dates of R&R’s diaries.



This is a quick text-based walk-through of R&R main story provided to solve the written dates of R&R’s diaries.

Spoilers are constructed in the following format:

Related Clues: Where to look besides the diary entry in question (e.g. clue collections, records, other diaries, etc.)
Hints: Key info to help you out of being stuck (hopefully :D)
Solution: Highlights / quotes from related clues and some deduction if the answer can’t be easily deducted from these quotes
Answer: The date

Note that we might miss hidden hints or even misunderstand some, but fortunately all written dates worked out so we are sure they are correct. There could be multiple logic chains to get the same answers. Also it’s suggested to work with calendars and search engines (Remember many mentioned events could be irl in R&R!).

Feel free to point the mistakes out or add any other details. Anyways have fun in R&R.

Collection 1: Waiting for Love

It’s On The Record – Riley

Related clues: Waiting for Love: Riley 1990 (Record), Letter From Robin Grayson (Collection)
Hint: Lyrics of Waiting for Love
It’s On The Record: “…this song came to me all of a sudden” followed by the lyrics of Waiting for Love which was recorded in 1990.
Letter From Robin Grayson: “August 21st (top-left of the letter)…today he sang me a song of his called ‘Waiting for Love’, which he said he’d written the day before”.

Answer: 20 Aug 1990

Pageant Win – Rochelle

Related Clues: Pageant Letter (Collection)
Hint: Date of the pageant
Pageant Win: “…crowned me as Miss Quebec.”
Pageant Letter: “July 2nd 1990 (top-left) …For the show today…”
The diary was written on the day when Rochelle won the crown.

Answer: 2 Jul 1990

Report Card – Riley

Related Clues: Riley Report (Collection), In Your Pocket: Disco Fries, Live 1991 (Record), It’s On The Record (Diary)
Hint: The order of the events.
Report Card: “…the report card they sent me home with today. …mom mentioned radio station. …Disco Fries rehearsal tomorrow”
Riley Report: Aug. 7th (top-right of the report card)
In Your Pocket: Disco Fries, Live 1991: “Goodbye 1991!” (warm-up words in the live)
For the year, Riley’s mom mentioned the radio station, which should be after the date of Diary It’s On The Record i.e. 20 Aug 1990. The live was held in 1991. Thus the only possible date for ‘tomorrow’s’ rehearsal should be 8 Aug 1991.

Answer: 7 Aug 1991

Leaving Home – Rochelle

Related Clues: Interview With Stephanie Lavoie (Collection)
Hint: Birthdays
Leaving Home: “I wished her a happy birthday. …It’s going to be 1992 soon”
Interview With Stephanie: “She was born Oct. 18th, exactly one week after me”
Therefore the diary was written on Stephanie’s birthday i.e. 11th Oct. in 1991.

Answer: 11 Oct 1991

Collection 2: A Broken Heart (Coeur Brisé)

Spectrum – Rochelle

Related Clues: Radio Show With Osman (Collection), Letter From A&R Man (Collection)
Hint: Headings and endings of the materials.
Spectrum: “Last night at the Spectrum…”
Radio Show With Osman: “We have a show case tomorrow night down at The Spectrum. … It’s a French language record… Play of the Day for January 6th.”
Letter from A&R Man: “Jan 1992 (top); Saw her(Rochelle) last night at Spectrum”.
Diary was written two days later after the show. The song in French language should be Coeur Brisé (Broken Heart in English) which was also recorded in 1992.
A trifle here: in the show the host mentioned that “In the year Turkey withdrew (Eurovision) due to international pressure?” – we checked the Archive of Eurovision carefully – the above-mentioned year should be 1979 (see Wikipedia – Eurovision Song Contest 1979, “Turkey later ended up withdrawing from the contest following pressure from Arab states”) – only a kind remind of the fact that the game is based on real events.

Answer: 8 Jan 1992

Not Where You Eat – Riley

Related Clues: In Your Pocket: Disco Fries, Live 1991 (Record), Chat Show With Sadie (Collection)
Hint: New Year’s Eve
Not Where You Eat: “Sadie broke my heart yesterday. …around New Year’s. Recording of gig pretty good, should I cut Sadie shouting out year at start of song?”
Radio Show With Sadie: “There was this incident after we played a New Year’s eve gig.”
In Your Pocket: Disco Fries, Live 1991: “Goodbye 1991! “(warm-up words of the record)

Answer: 1 Jan 1992

Meeting Aimee – Rochelle

Related Clues: Interview with Aimee Heron (Collection), Spectrum (Diary)
Hint: Bonnie Blair’s gold
Spectrum: “She said there’s a big singing competition for my age group next month on the 10th.”
Meeting Aimee: “…give up singing today. The competition was a total disaster… Then something amazing happened: I met Aimee.”
Interview with Aimee Heron: “…(the audience) watching Bonnie Blair bring home the gold at the Winter Olympics. …and took her out for some tea and sympathy.”
Bonnie Blair won a gold in the 500 meters at the 1992 Winter Olympics (Wikipedia, Bonnie Blair). Also the competition is one month after the date of Diary Spectrum, namely in February.

Answer: 10 Feb 1992

New Place – Riley

Related Clues: Building Letter (Collection)
Hint: Use the calendars
New Place: “I’ve got my own place and I’m out here living my own life! … I had to leave Detroit…Take out bins today!!!”
Building Letter: “Firstly, welcome to the building. …We have garbage collections on Tuesday… This Friday (Apr 24)…”
Riley left Sadie after the New Year’s eve gig so the year should be the new year 1992. It’s easy to have a double-check here from the calendar: 24th Apr 1992 was a Friday. BTW, the movie mentioned in the building letter Beaches was released in 1988 (another trifle :D).

Answer: 21 Apr 1992

Collection 3: Strong

A Speech – Riley

Related Clues:Voicemail From Orla (Collection), Interview With Aimee Heron (Collection)
Hint: Thanksgiving Day
A Speech: “Now she’s asked me to make a speech at dinner tonight. … When i first moved to Chicago… …for believing in me Happy Thanksgiving.”
Voicemail From Orla: “…it’s 1993 for god’s sake.”
From calendar, Thanksgiving Day in 1993 was 25 Nov 1993 (US). Note that it might be a different day in some other countries like Canada but Riley was in Chicago at that moment.

Answer: 25 Nov 1993

Working with Aimee – Rochelle

Related Clues:Missed Delivery Slip (Collection), Interview With Aimee Heron (Collection)
Hint: If u r confused about the year it’s better go to the others first.
Working With Aimee: “Anyway now a film studio has licensed the track for a movie coming out later this year. …it’s the last day to pick up the shipment from Maman.”
Missed Delivery Slip: “Date: Jan 5th; Your Pallet of: Shack Cakes is at the depot 1176 Kearney Point … Unclaimed items will be destroyed seven days after arrival.”
Interview With Aimee Heron: “You know, even when we had the hits it took an age for the money to come in. … In September I hooked her up with Sabrina Sawyer.”
From the delivery slip we got the date: 7 days after the arrival i.e. 12th January. The most tricky part here is the year, and what we only know is the song Strong (not the movie Strong) released in 1994. But from Aimee Heron, it took an age before they getting money, so the year should probably be 1993 rather than 1994. We could confirm this when we finish the later diaries.

Answer: 12 Jan 1993

Funeral – Riley

Related Clues:Letter From Sadie (Collection), Do You: Riley, 1994 (Record), New Place (Diary)
Hint:Riley’s leaving & his new song
Funeral: “Dad’s funeral was today. ”
Letter From Sadie: “Tomorrow it will be the same day you left town. … Just like your new song on the radio says, you’ve got to ‘Do what you have to.'”
Do You: Riley, 1994: “Do do what you have to” (lyrics from Do You)
From Diary New Place, Riley left Detroit on 21 April 1992 so the date should be 20 April. The mentioned new song in Sadie’s letter is Do You, which was released in 1994.

Answer: 20 Apr 1994

Premiere – Rochelle

Related Clues:Review Of Movie Strong (Collection)
Hint: Release dates of the MOVIE’S’
Premiere: “There’s gonna be so many celebrities at the premiere! … Go see Sleepless in Seattle next week? Should be in theatres.”
Review of Movie Strong: “June Movie Reviews (title of the review); Strong sees a general release on the 23rd, with its theatrical premiere a week earlier.”
For the year, Sleepless in Seattle was released and in theatres in 1993. Obviously the premier of movie Strong happened later than the licensing of the song Strong. So from here we could confirm the year of Diary Working With Aimee should be 1993.

Answer: 16 Jun 1993

Meeting Sabrina – Rochelle

Related Clues:Letter From Sabrina Sawyer (Collection), Interview With Aimee Heron (Collection)
Hint: Labour Day
Meeting Sabrina: “Sabrina Meeting Notes: …NEW RECORDS TO LISTEN TO (RESEARCH)…”
Letter From Sabrina Sawyer: “A pleasure to meet you today. … It has made my Friday. Happy (U.S.) Labour Day this Monday.”
Rochelle met Sabrina. three days earlier than the Labour Day. From calendar, the Labour Day in 1993 (U.S.) was 6 Sept., exactly a Monday. Also from Interview With Aimee Heron, Aimee did hook Rochelle up with Sabrina in September.Also: the release dates of albums in Diary Meeting Sabrina were fall between May 1993 and Aug 1993. Considering these were “new records”, this further confirms the year is 1993.

Answer: 3 Sep 1993

A Big Gig – Riley

Related Clues:Mystery Record (Collection)
Hint: Invitation to the private party
A Big Gig: “I don’t know why I’m so nervous about tonight. … – it’s a private party… 1994 has been a hell of a year so far.”
Mystery Record: “Anyway, enjoy and hopefully you’ll join us on June the 22nd!”

Answer: 22 Jun 1994

Collection 4: Where Did The Summer Go?

End Of Tour – Rochelle

Related Clues:Greek Newspaper (Collection)
Hint: The President of Greece
End Of Tour: “I have to admit I’m very happy today is the last day of the tour. … And my foot is finally feeling better!”
Greek Newspaper: “June 20th (day of the Newspaper); … She had been entertaining a crowd of several wealthy denizens when the mishap occurred… With 20 days of the tour still to run, …, including the new President – Konstantinos Stephanopoulos.”
Rochelle finished the tour 20 days after June 20th. For the year, K.S. was elected President of Greece in 1995 (see Wikipedia, Konstantinos Stephanopoulos).

Answer: 10 Jul 1995

Film Awards – Riley

Related Clues:Film Review Show (Collection), Selling Out (Diary, actually it’s recommended to solve these two diaries together)
Hint: Trophy of Hallstrom
Film Awards: “Thankfully she’s still coming with me to the Hallstrom’ tomorrow night.”
Film Review Show: “Now returning to Film 96 with Rich Gleeson. … I am Cody, which swept the Hallstrom awards in February this year is the indie debut film by the Le Boeuf brothers. … Particularly notable is Riley Stone as the mute cousin Roscoe.”
Selling Out: “Speaking of which, the Hallstrom trophy finally arrived! 4 months to the day!!!”
From the review show it should be Feb 1996. From the day of Diary Selling Out, ‘tomorrow’ (the Hallstrom’ night) should be 23th and therefore ‘today’ should be 22nd.

Answer: 22 Feb 1996

Summer – Rochelle

Related Clues:Voicemail From Sabrina (Collection), Summer: Rochelle, Unreleased 1996 (Record), Interview With Stephanie Lavoie (Collection)
Hint: Unreleased Song
Summer: “The song keeps running through my head and now nobody will ever hear it.”
Voicemail From Sabrina: “They’re not going to put out Summer as a single or the album at all. … Obviously not the news you want on your Birthday I am so sorry.”
Interview With Stephanie Lavoie: “She was born Oct 18th, exactly one week after me”
On her birthday, Rochelle got the sad news that the song Summer would not be released. From title of the song record this happened in Year 1996.

Answer: 18 Oct 1996

Selling Out – Riley

Related Clues:Save the Orcas (Collection), Film Award (Diary)
Hint: Again the trophy of Hallstrom
Selling Out: “Got home stinking of sea salt and fish guts from being out on SF Bay all day. … Speaking of which, the Hallstrom trophy finally arrived! 4 months to the day!!!”
Save the Orcas: “Monthly Members Newsletter 1996 (Ed.6); Well done to all our members who took to the bay on the 23rd to protest illegal orca trawling. In particular, we would like to thank Riley Stone, who largely ‘orca-strated’ the whole venture.”
For the month, it’s four months after the date of Diary Film Award i.e. June.

Answer: 23 Jun 1996

Sweden – Rochelle

Related Clues:Backstage Pass (Collection)
Hint: Christmas Eve
Backstage Pass: “In 1996, Frida got a chance to work with new star Rochelle Robert. …I have never had someone ask for so many air fresheners. We were far outside of Gothenburg and such things were in short supply, especially on the day before Christmas Eve.”

Answer: 23 Dec 1996

Breakup – Riley

Related Clues:Riley Stone Profile (Collection)
Hint:The unaffordable Lexus
Breakup: “…and now i gotta pay for them by the 12th (in 2 days?!?). …Should trade it in for something else.”
Riley Stone Profile: “Aug 1996 (top-right of the profile); … But recently you’ve received some backlash for doing a car commercial.”

Answer: 10 Aug 1996

Collection 5: What It Takes

Brandon – Rochelle

Related Clues: Press Junket With Brandon (Collection), Riley Radio Interview (Collection), Review of Cowboy and What It Takes (Collection), What It Takes: Rochelle and Brandon, 1997 (Record), Backstage Pass (Collection)
Hint: The connection in time between two events
Brandon (Entry): “He(Brandon) was such an idiot in the press conference today… Brandon went off on some indie guy calling him a ‘meat puppet’… That fortune cookie was right, February is total ♥♥♥♥!…”
Press Junket With Brandon: “…yesterday you were called on the radio a ‘gel spiked meat puppet making ♥♥♥♥ music’…”
Riley Radio Interview: “Wednesday 12th… he’s kind of a gel spiked meat puppet making ♥♥♥♥ music…”
So far, we can see that “today” (the day of the press junket) is in February, “yesterday” (the day of the radio interview) is a 12th and a Wednesday.
Review of Cowboy and What It Takes: “Oscars Nominations”(on top), “best song (Rochelle Robert and Brandon Boynton)…” (In What It Takes review)
What It Takes: Rochelle and Brandon, 1997: “From the hit movie” (On the cover)
Press Junket With Brandon: “…Obviously we’re incredibly excited for the best song nomination…”
Backstage Pass: “…Nevertheless, one song in particular began to take shape. R: When I first wrote the chords to ‘What It Takes’…”
So the press junket happened after December 1996 (from diary entry Sweden’s deduction), and before 1997 ends. The year should be 1997.
To further confirm, the calendar shows that 12 Feb 1997 is indeed a Wednesday.

Answer: 13 Feb 1997

Radio Apology – Riley

Related Clues: Review of Cowboy and What It Takes (Collection), Brandon (Diary)
Hint: Connect time and place
Radio Apology: “That radio interviewer really got under my skin… Out on film tour with T-Bone… Bought a cheesecake (best in New York, apparently?)…”
Review of Cowboy and What It Takes: “Nominations include best screenplay (Dan ‘T-Bone’ Le Boeuf) and Best Song (Riley Stone). The two nominees are on the panel for special screenings in the following cities in February:… New York – 23rd…”
Riley is in New York and on a film tour with T-Bone, so the day is Feb. 23rd. From the deduction for diary entry Brandon, the radio interview Riley talks about is on 12 Feb 1997, entry Radio Apology should be written shortly afterwards, so the year is 1997.

Answer: 23 Feb 1997

Meet Cute – Rochelle

Related Clues: Parking Ticket (Collection)
Hint: Parking fee
Meet Cute: “I sneakily paid his parking ticket today… won’t tell him it was $230!”
Parking Ticket: “Date: 24 Mar 97… Fine Due: $100, Fine doubles after 7 days then $10 for each additional day”
The parking fee is $230, so the diary is written 10 days after 24 Mar 1997, in 3 Apr 1997.
Also, from the parking ticket, we can find that the date to the Oscars is 24 Mar 1997, which will be important later on.

Answer: 3 Apr 1997

Dating with Riley – Rochelle
& Dating with Rochelle – Riley

Related Clues: Dining Menu (Collection), I Rochelle (Collection), Meet Cute (Diary), Radio Apology (Diary)
Hint: Specials, tour
Rochelle’s entry: “…Should’ve had Huevos Rancheros…”
Riley’s entry: “I got the Robin…”
Dining Menu: “Monday – Huevos Rancheros” (In Breakfast Specials), “The Robin:… Mondays only” (In Special Burgers)
So the day of this date is a Monday.
Rochelle’s entry: “Riley’s off on tour soon (start of June)…”
Riley’s entry: “…but I’m really looking forward to this short tour I’m doing at the start of next month (just a few dates)”
So it’s just “a few days” (I think it should be “days” not “dates”, but I could be wrong) away from the start of June, and it’s a Monday. I Rochelle shows that the two of them met on the Oscars night in 1997, and later that night, Rochelle got invited to Casey’s party as shown in diary entry Meet Cute and fell in love with Riley, this can be further confirmed by Riley’s entry Radio Apology: “Set for Casey – 24th March”. The dating should start not long afterwards, so the year is 1997. Check the calendar to find the nearest Monday from the start of June is 26 May 1997.

Answer: 26 May 1997 and 26 May 1997

Recording with Rochelle – Riley

Related Clues: I Rochelle (Collection), Parking Ticket (Collection), Press Junket with Brandon (Collection), Dating with Rochelle (Diary), Silver Lining: Rochelle and Billy Mannish 1997 (Record)
Hint: Brandon, the record
Parking ticket shows the date to the Oscars: 24 Mar 1997.
I Rochelle: “The night of the Oscars… Three month later he(Brandon) would check himself into rehab…”
Recording with Rochelle: “Orla is around tomorrow (14th)… Orla told me that the ol’ meat puppet booked himself into rehab…”
Brandon is the “meat puppet” as shown in the Press Junket, from these quotes we get the date: Jun. 13th.
Dating with Rochelle: “When I get back I’m in the studio working on Billy’s stuff. Invited Rochelle into the sessions to check it out.”
Recording with Rochelle: “She suggested the lyrics for Silver Lining…”
The record Silver Lining: Rochelle and Billy Mannish is made in 1997, so the recording happened before 1997 ended and after the dating between Riley and Rochelle. This locks the year: 1997.

Answer: 13 Jun 1997

Collection 6: Silver Linings

Fun Fair – Riley

Related Clues: Hotdog Festival (Collection)
Hint: Stars
Fun Fair: “Rochelle surprised me by entering us into a hot dog eating competition at Coney Island!… Later she gave me a gemini pendant to mark the day…”
Hotdog Festival: “Coney Island, Hot Dog Eating Competition”, and on the right: “Sun 15th”
In astrology, Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, considered as governing the period from about May 21 to about June 21. (from Google) The only 15th in this period is Jun 15. It’s also a Sunday, after Riley and Rochelle started dating, the Jun. 15th of 1997 fits all conditions.

Answer: 15 Jun 1997

A New Show – Rochelle

Related Clues: The Sorcerer Pilot Show (Collection), Merry Christmas: Rochelle 1997 (Record)
Hint: Competition
A New Show: “Long day on the set today… they’re all obsessed with being called a knock-off…”
The Sorcerer Pilot Show: “…Buffy’s eating us alive! Season 2 premiere was yesterday…”
They are referring to some TV show, but you may not know what it is. Search “Buffy” on Google will give you the name of the show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the season 2 premiere of that show was on 15 Sep 1997 according to IMDB, so “today” is the next day of it.
If you don’t know how to spell “Buffy”, you can also search it by the year it comes out. Here’s how to figure out the year without knowing the TV show:
A New Show: “Xmas record is going well… I think I’d like Riley to play some guitar on ‘Merry Christmas’…”
The record Merry Christmas: Rochelle is made in 1997, so that’s the year. Search “1997 TV shows” on Google will also get you the name of the TV show.

Answer: 16 Sep 1997

Tabloids – Riley

Related Clues: Blackeye (Diary)
Hint: Solve Blackeye first
Tabloids: “I’m beyond disgusted at what I read at the tabloids today…”
Blackeye: “Riley and I were on the phone for like two hours about that Grapevine article that came out yesterday…”

Answer: 30 Sep 1997

Blackeye – Rochelle

Related Clues: Letter from Label (Collection), A New Show (Diary)
Hint: Record progress
Blackeye: “Not worried: makeup is going to sort me for the show tonight! 1st of the month, new show, new start! Meanwhile the Xmas album is underway. Will swing by the studio tonight to check on the session musicians that are starting today.”
Letter from Label: “October:… get in session musicians”
As seen in the deduction for diary entry A New Show, the Christmas record is made in 1997, so the full date is 1 Oct 1997.

Answer: 1 Oct 1997

To The River – Riley

Related Clues: Indie Festival Poster (Collection), Daily Grapevine (Collection), Tabloids (Diary)
Hint: Indie festival
To The River: “…it was all a good distraction from what went down at that music festival a week ago…”
Indie Festival Poster: “Aug 16-17” (bottom), “Sunday: Riley Stone” (right side)
Daily Grapevine: “Stone himself… was recently booed at an indie festival…”
The Grapevine article was written in 1997, as shown in the deduction for diary entry Tabloids. In 1997, Aug. 16th and 17th is a weekend, so the Sunday is Aug. 17th, a week after that is the date.

Answer: 24 Aug 1997

Christmas – Rochelle

Related Clues: Voicemail from Sarah Spheeris (Collection)
Hint: Sarah’s movement
Christmas (Entry): “Niamh says she needs to catch up with Sarah as we just missed her in New York (she left today)… The Christmas record is about to come out… 1998 is going to be transformative…”
Voicemail from Sarah Spheeris: “Hi Niamh, this is Sarah Spheeris… I’m in town until Tuesday, then back in LA from the 17th…”
The day is a 16th, a Tuesday, in 1997, around the time when the Christmas record came out. 16 Dec 1997 fit all conditions.

Answer: 16 Dec 1997

Collection 7: River Of Roses

River of Roses – Rochelle

Related Clues: Director’s Commentary (Collection), Backstage Pass (Collection), River of Roses: R&R 1998 (Record), Breakup (Diary, the one in the same collection)
Hint: An old song
River of Roses (Entry): “We tracked ROR during today’s session…”
Director’s Commentary: “So here we are, the famous scene where Riley and Rochelle record the song River of Roses… She(Rochelle) kept laughing to herself about how this was the same day she’d written What It Takes…”
In the deduction for diary entry Sweden, Backstage Pass showed that the day Rochelle wrote What It Takes is Dec. 23rd. The River of Roses record is made in 1998, so the year is between 1997 (when Riley and Rochelle met) and 1998 (when the album came out). It could not happen after they’ve broken up (in entry Breakup), so it’s 23 Dec 1997.

Answer: 23 Dec 1997

Orla’s Wedding – Riley
& Deal Release – Rochelle

Related Clues: Industry Newspaper (Collection), River of Roses: R&R 1998 (Record), Breakup (Diary, the one in the same collection)
Hint: Order of the events
Orla’s Wedding: “…before I spend the rest of September…”
Deal Release: “Riley’s away tomorrow for Orla & Teddy’s Wedding.”
Industry Newspaper: “…with Stone only emerging on the 16th to attend the wedding of his manager, Orla Ryan.”
The wedding happened after River of Roses‘ failure, so the year is at least 1998. This is also before the breakup of Riley and Rochelle. This locks the year: 1998.
Also: In Deal Release, Rochelle mentioned “the Supreme Court decision last month” and it’s about “solidarity”, it’s very likely to be the event that’s important to the deduction for entry Chat Show.

Answer: 16 Sep 1998 and 15 Sep 1998

Chat Show – Riley

Related Clues: Last Night Chat Show (Collection)
Hint: News
Chat Show (Entry): “I totally lost it watching CTV tonight… What’s up with Canadian TV?”
Last Night Chat Show: “…and yesterday our Supreme Court decided Quebec can’t secede without permission.”
Search for “Canadian Supreme Court Quebec secession” on Google will get you the date of this decision: 20 Aug 1998.

Answer: 21 Aug 1998

Riley’s Arrest – Rochelle

Related Clues: A Minor Scuffle (Diary)
Hint: The date of the arrest
Riley’s Arrest: “…I didn’t expect that would lead to a weekend at the police station trying to get my boyfriend out of jail… Now it’s Monday and I’m exhausted.”
The entry is written the next Monday after Riley’s arrest. The deduction for A Minor Scuffle shows that the arrest is on 23 Oct 1998, so the next Monday is 26 Oct 1998, according to the calendar.

Answer: 26 Oct 1998

A Minor Scuffle – Riley

Related Clues: Arrest Report (Collection)
Hint: Reason of the arrest
A Minor Scuffle: “No Syd No Pink!”
Arrest Report: “Rochelle Robert’s boyfriend Riley Stone was involved in an altercation on Friday 23rd of October… over whether Pink Floyd were still the same band after Syd Barrett left the group.”
The dispute happened after the relationship between Rochelle and Riley, so the year is at least 1997. 23 Oct 1997 is not a Friday, 23 Oct 1998 is a Friday, so the year is 1998.

Answer: 23 Oct 1998

Breakup – Riley

Related Clues: Riley’s Arrest (Diary)
Hint: Festival
Breakup: “Kids were dressed up ghosts, vampires, and frickin’ werewolves…”
After the arrest of Riley, Rochelle wrote in Riley’s Arrest: “maybe I have to do what’s best of both of us”, so I assume the breakup happened shortly after the arrest of Riley. Also it’s Halloween, so it’s the Halloween of 1998.

Answer: 31 Oct 1998

Back in Athens – Rochelle

Related Clues: Breakup (Diary)
Hint: Solve Breakup first
Back in Athens: “It’s been two days since I left…”
Rochelle left Riley at 31 Oct 1998, as shown in the deduction for Breakup. Two days later is 2 Nov 1998.

Answer: 2 Nov 1998

Collection 8: Move

Choose to discover more of the story to get this collection of diaries.

The Bar – Riley

Related Clues: Selling Out (Diary), Save The Orcas (Collection)
Hint: Time has passed since an old event
The Bar: “Some of the anti-whaling crew was in port and came over for a drink. Captain Tito reminded me it was three years ago to the day that he watched me freezing my hands off and screaming into a megaphone.”
This is referring to the “Save The Orcas” protest that Riley participated in. Check entry Selling Out for date: 23 Jun 1996.

Answer: 23 Jun 1999

Decorating – Rochelle

Related Clues: Radio Show with Osman (Collection), Spectrum (Diary)
Hint: Time has passed since an old event
Decorating: “It was uncanny but seven years ago today I sat in the waiting room of a dusty radio station while Osman prattled about the things we were doing.”
This is referring to Radio Show with Osman. Look back at the deduction for diary entry Spectrum to find out the date to the radio show: 6 Jan 1992.

Answer: 6 Jan 1999

The Pager – Riley

Related Clues: Riley Thinkpiece (Collection), River of Roses: R&R 1998 (Record)
Hint: Year, month, day, separately
The Pager: “Also sorted out where to take that reporter for the big profile interview today.”
Riley Thinkpiece: “Tomorrow is his birthday (people remember the day because it’s the age all rockstars die he smirks)… A year earlier, Riley released the record River of Roses with his then-girlfriend Rochelle Robert… That Magnetic Fields record that came out last month with like 70 songs on it.”
Google “the age all rockstars die” gives you the result: “27 Club”, so the day is 26th. River of Roses was released in 1998, so the year is 1999. The Magnetic Fields record here refers to 69 Love Songs, released in September 7, 1999 (according to Wikipedia), so the year is confirmed to be 1999 and the month is October. Combine all these to get the current date.

Answer: 26 Oct 1999

Wise Counsel – Rochelle

Related Clues: Rochelle Radio Show (Collection), Back in Athens (Diary), The One That Got Away (Diary)
Hint: Unlucky date
Wise Counsel: “Helena – from the radio show – went for a coffee with me today. Wouldn’t meet me yesterday, unlucky, she said. (I thought it was just for Fridays… careful woman)… ”
Rochelle Radio Show: “March in Greece is like summer back where I am from”, and “Hello Rochelle, my name is Helena…”
The combination of “unlucky” and “Fridays” refers to “Friday the 13th”, so the day is Mar. 14th.
For the year: Rochelle Radio Show: “Hello and welcome to another beautiful day in Athens.”
Wise Counsel: “Later, Sabrina called me… wanting to see if I’d do some work for Brandon.”
In the deduction for The One That Got Away, it’s shown that this work is Stay, which came out in 1999. The only Mar. 14th after Rochelle left for Athens (November 1998) and before the album came out (1999) is 14 Mar 1999.

Answer: 14 Mar 1999

Daphnee – Riley

Related Clues: The Pager (Diary), Interview with Daphne (Collection)
Hint: The pager and the code
Daphnee (Entry): “Daphne’s vocal session today was really special. Move is such a great song.”
The Pager: “Got Daphne a pager to remind her of upcoming sessions. Worked out a complicated code to have a bit of fun:… Vocals – Jenny Song…”
Interview with Daphne: “Class of ’99. November 11th” (beginning), “(Pager goes off). Hang on a second… 8675309…” (near the end)
Google “8675309” and you will get a song: 867-5309/Jenny. According to Riley’s code system, this is to remind her of an upcoming vocal session (“Vocals – Jenny Song”), which is exactly what the diary entry mentioned, so the session and the interview was on the same day.

Answer: 11 Nov 1999

Writing for Brandon – Rochelle

Related Clues: Review of Movie ‘Strong’ (Collection), Back in Athens (Diary), The One That Got Away (Diary)
Hint: Time has passed since an old event
Writing for Brandon: “Another gorgeous day in Athens… A journo called me up today to give my thoughts on the anniversary of Strong’s release.”
Review of Movie ‘Strong’: “June Movie Reviews” (top), “Strong sees a general release on the 23rd…” (bottom)
The anniversary is Jun. 23rd. The deduction for The One That Got Away shows that Rochelle is writing Stay at this time, after she left for Athens and before the album came out in 1999, so the year is 1999.

Answer: 23 Jun 1999

The One That Got Away – Riley

Related Clues: Postcard to Orla (Collection), Brandon Chart Show (Collection), Stay: Brandon 1999 (Record)
Hint: Small detail on the card, small detail in the show
The One That Got Away: “Sent a postcard to Orla.”
Postcard to Orla: “NY 29th” (top right corner), “I heard the ‘meat puppet’ scored No.1 in the UK yesterday and Rochelle wrote the song…”
Brandon Chart Show: “It’s time for the official UK chart countdown… coming in for our Christmas No.1… Brandon Boynton with ‘Stay’.”
The record Stay: Brandon is made in 1999, so the date should be around the Christmas in 1999. The most reasonable choice is 29 Dec 1999.

Answer: 29 Dec 1999

End of Tenancy – Rochelle

Related Clues: Rochelle Lease (Collection)
Hint: Time left
End of Tenancy: “Time to decide what’s next (only one month left).”
Rochelle Lease: “This lease agreement is made 1st January 1999… For 1 year lease of premises…”

Answer: 1 Dec 1999


There are 4 different endings, with different diary entries in the epilogue.

Only the choices under the question “Who is the hero?” will affect which ending you will get. Other choices will either affect whether you’ll see the 8th collection “Move”, or affect which clues (about the lives of some supporting characters after the game’s events) you’ll get in the epilogue.

Ending #1: The One Where Riley Wins

The ending where you choose Riley to be the hero of the movie.

Turn Off The Lights – Rochelle

Related Clues: Rochelle Radio Ad (Collection), Riley Tour Shirts (Collection)
Hint: Connect time and place
Turn Off The Lights: “Today was the last day at the flower shop… Pretty ironic he(Riley) is playing in town tonight…”
Rochelle Radio Ad: “Our last day is Sunday and then we’re closed forever!… River of Roses, the best flowers and arrangements in Los Angeles.”
Riley Tour Shirts: “March 2009 Dates: …Los Angeles – 22…”
22 Mar 2009 is a Sunday, checks out.

Answer: 22 Mar 2009

Tour – Riley

Related Clues: Riley Tour Shirts (Collection)
Hint: Before the tour starts
Tour: “Our tour (starts tomorrow)…”
Riley Tour Shirts: “March 2009 Dates: Detroit – 1…”
The tour starts at 1 Mar 2009, the day before is 28 Feb 2009 because 2009 is not a leap year.

Answer: 28 Feb 2009

Ending #2: The One Where Rochelle Wins

The ending where you choose Rochelle to be the heroine of the movie.

What Happens… – Rochelle

Related Clues: Rochelle Residency (Collection)
Hint: The end of residency
What Happens…: “Evan proposed tonight – on stage right before the grand finale on last night of my residency!”
Rochelle Residency: “Premiere event on April 18th, 2007 and showing running until May 29.”

Answer: 29 May 2007

Last Train – Riley

Related Clues: Train Ticket (Collection)
Hint: The end of a business
Last Train: “Well, that’it for Exile, 1999-2008 RIP… already burned the last of my cast on a one-way ticket to Mexico. Leaving tomorrow.”
Train Ticket: “Date: 12th May”

Answer: 11 May 2008

Ending #3: The One Where Both Win

The ending where you choose both Riley and Rochelle to be the heroes of the movie.

Saying Goodbye – Rochelle

Related Clues: Interview with Benz (Collection), Muse Magazine (Collection)
Hint: The last show
Saying Goodbye: “Last night was our last show…”
Interview with Benz: “Tour manager, Riley & Rochelle reunion tour… tonight October 19th, is our last show.”
Muse Magazine: “JUNE 2009” (top left corner), “America’s anti-power couple talk about their last shows ever” (bottom)
I assumed that the shows begin not long after they talked about them openly. Tried 2009 and it worked.

Answer: 20 Oct 2009

Back In The Limelight – Riley

Related Clues: Muse Magazine (Collection)
Hint: Cover story
Back In The Limelight: “Perfect Monday… We got the last laugh with the cover story that came out today. Got another big one out on Friday (5th).”
Muse Magazine: “JUNE 2009” (top left corner)

Answer: 1 Jun 2009

Ending #4: The One True Happy Ending

The ending where you choose no one to be the hero of the movie.

Perfect – Rochelle

Related Clues: Christening Invitation (Collection), Getting The Ranch (Diary)
Hint: I don’t think you need hints on this one if you’ve gone this far
Perfect: “He surprised everyone at the reception after Oscar and Zazie’s christening today…”
Christening Invitation: “Sunday 20th September”
Getting The Ranch: “She’s been a good mother to Peach — and now, Zazie and Oscar.”
Oscar and Zazie were born around 2007. Considering christening is often for babies or very young children, the only year within the reasonable time frame where Sep. 20th is a Sunday is 2009.
Also, The input-able year only goes up to 2010, so this is the only possibility.
But… right now I don’t know why, but the correct answer is 2007, but 20 Sep 2007 is not a Sunday, this is confusing, could be a typo.

Answer: 20 Sep 2007

Getting The Ranch – Riley

Related Clues: Voicemail from Bernice (Collection), Interview with Stephanie Lavoie (Collection), Pageant Win (Diary)
Hint: Stephanie’s birthday and age
Getting The Ranch: “…don’t forget to pick her(Bernice) up from the airport in two days…”
Voicemail from Bernice: “I want to remind you to pick me up at the airport this evening… I was at a big 35th birthday party this morning for Stephanie Lavoie…”
Interview with Stephanie Lavoie: “She(Rochelle) was born October 18th, exactly one week after me… We were together in secret from ages 13 through 17… It was very hard for me, when she started going out with Osman after the pageant.”
Leaving Home: “I wished her(Stephanie) a happy birthday…”
Stephanie and Rochelle broke up around the time when Rochelle started going out with Osman, which is after the pageant in 2 Jul 1990. Stephanie was 17 years old then, so 11 Oct 1990 would be her 18th birthday, then her 35th birthday should be in year 2007. “In two days” is Stephanie’s birthday Oct. 11th, so “today” is Oct. 9th.

Answer: 9 Oct 2007

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