Rival Stars Horse Racing: 100% Achievement Guide

Complete Guide on how to get all Achievements in Rival Stars Horse Racing.


First steps
Reach player prestige 2

Easy to achieve – simply follow the Story Missions.

Horse friends
Own 2 horses

Follow the Story Missions. -> Breeding/Market.

First foal
Own a grade 2 horse

Achieve this by breeding two grade 1 horses (% chance) or one grade 1 and one grade 2 horse. Or simply buy a grade 2 horse off of the market.

Having a mare
Breed a mare

Breed a female horse.

Hat trick
Win 3 races in a row

Pretty simple once you have a good horse, but can also be obtained at the start of the game. Try to play your missions, but not the Rival ones. Train your horse until it is marked as the best quote (not handicapped!), pay a rider to ride for you or play yourself.

Silver stallion
Breed a stallion

Breed a male horse.

Chomping at the bit
Win 10 races

Simple – overall win 10 races. Pay a rider or play yourself.

Four’s a party
Own 4 horses

Obtained through breeding or buying from the market.

Amateur owner
Own a level 10 horse

Train your horse (grade 1+) on story or gallopping rides until it reaches Lv. 10, no need to train the stats ’til Lv. 10, the horse counts.

Great positioning
Spend 5,000m in preferred position

This one is a bit more complicated if you are new to the game – let me help. Your horse has differened preffered positions in which it likes to run in the race. i.e.: Front, this horse likes to be in front of the other horses. i.e.: Middle, this horse likes to be neutral and stay inbetween his competitors, in a race of 10, 5 would be the favorite. You should see a Pop-Up Text on your screen, telling you that your horse is in their favorite position once you reach it.

Putting them through their paces
Train horses 50 times

This one is very easy. Just follow the story missions and you should get it very early at your first playthrough. Train your horses’ speed, agility, etc., 50x to obtain this achievement.

Perfect positioning
Spend 10,000m in preferred position

Same as “Great positioning“, see above for help.

Amateur breeder
Breed 10 horses

If you follow the story missions, you should have this achievement by now. If not, simply breed grade 1 horses (cheaper) 10 times and you’re done.

Crowded house
Own 6 horses

You need 6 horses in your barn at the same time, simply buy or breed them to achieve this. Don’t forget to expand your Barn for more horses!

Winning your spurs
Win 50 races

Play and win first place in Story Race 50 times to get this.

Genetically superior
Own a grade 5 horse

You just need to own a grade 5 horse, by breeding one or buying it from the market.
You need a high enough Player Level to get a grade 5 horse, be sure to check that and play your story missions to earn EXP for your Level.

Put a champion out to pasture
Sell a horse worth more than 15,000 Gold

The higher grade your adult horse is, the more money it sells for. But this also is the same for horse level, stats and how much money it accumulated over time.

Experienced trainer
Train horses 250 times

In total, train your horses 250x. You get this easily by following the story missions.

Experienced owner
Own a level 25 horse

Basically own a grade 5 horse and max it’s stats.

On the road to greatness
Reach player prestige 10

Play. The. Story. Missions. !!!

Horse Tycoon
Accumulate 1,000,000 Gold

Very easy if you’re end game, but for newbies, I’d recommend doing the cross-country ride because you can mostly finish it under a minute and get anywhere from 3k to 500k.

Training master
Train horses 500 times

Same as “Experienced trainer“, see above for help.

Hoofing it
Win 250 races

You should have a decent horse by now, and maybe you’re also in a need of money. This achievement can be easily obtained with “Horse Tycoon“, ride as many races as you can manually, once you have enough money, you can appoint jockeys to ride. Through races you gain money, items, and your horses get some EXP. You simply need to get to¬†first place.

Experienced breeder
Breed 50 horses

Breed 50 horses in total.

Eat my dust
Win 4 races when riding against Richard

You need to do the story missions to get this. Win against your Rival in the race 4x and you’re done.

Full house
Own 12 horses

So you need to buy all horse stalls and fill them up with 12 horses at the same time.

Win a race despite a win pay of 15.00 or worse

Okay this can get difficult. Your quote needs to be 15.00 or less to get this. I recommend playing the race yourself, and also do a race that would be too hard for you. Equip your horse with Boosts if you can.

Trojan horse
Win after passing 5 horses in the final stretch

I struggled with this one too, it’s really hard. Save your sprints up for the final stretch, then you can maybe try outrun the other 5 horses in front of you. Do not take an handicapped horse, it will hinder you way too much. Try to balance the stats for the race, maybe even a horse with the right attributes.

Master breeder
Breed 100 horses

Same as “Experienced breeder” and “Amateur breeder“, see above for help.

Bred to win
Own a grade 10 horse

This can only be obtained through breeding for the first time (grade 9 + grade 8/9). It has a low chance to breed but it will more or less be worth it. Only achieved in end game.

World class
Reach player prestige 20

Congratulations! You’re officially end game now, enjoy the expensive breeding and speed-up costs. Only obtained by completing all story missions.

Championship owner
Own a level 50 horse

Max out your grade 10 horse, race your horse a lot of this with jockeys, or else you’ll be stuck at this forever.

Practice makes perfect
Complete a set of 3 races in Quick Race

Go to the menu and click on quick race, basically just play it 3x and you’re done.

Down to the wire
Win 10 races in a photo finish

In my opinion, this is way easier early on, and gets harder the further you progress. Try to stick close to the other horses in the race, and you may get a photo finish.

Multiplayer challenger
Complete a set of 3 races in Online Racing

It’s November 2022, nobody plays Online Racing on PC anymore. Just go to the menu and click on Online racing, play and win a few times, and also bet, the person with the most cash wins.

Racing Life
Complete a round of Betting Party

Okay, this is really boring if you do not coincidentally have 7 friends around you who want to play horse racing with you. Basically pick one of the Players as your “Winner” and give them the best horses and let them bet realistic. Make the other players lose money with bad horses and high bettings.

Championship racer
Win 5 races in Online Racing

Same as “Multiplayer challenger“, see above for help.

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