River City Saga Three Kingdoms: Resource Locations & Ultimate Moves

Listing where to find resources and hidden stores so you don’t have to wander all over the world looking for wood and metal for quests. Plus Ultimate Attacks as I learn them.

Resource Locations


  • Handan Sewers, 2x
  • Tunghai Highroad, 2x
  • There is another spot on some hilltop, will update when I run across it again.


  • Beiping Highroad
  • Jieqiao
  • Guangzong
  • Huazhou
  • Guanling
  • Xiapi Highroad
    Chapter 5
  • Xianyang Highroad, 2x
  • Xinye
  • Nan Highroad
    Chapter 6
  • Fankou, 2x
  • Chaisang


  • Zhuo Highroad
  • Henei Highroad, 2x
    Chapter 5
  • Xianyang Highroad
  • Wan
    Chapter 6
  • Jiangxia Highroad, 3x
  • Xishui Highroad, 3x

Hidden Shops

  • Julu Highroad, in third waterfall from the left.
  • Puyang, can use bow kick to hit the switch above the sluice to drain the water and gain access.
  • Yuyang, under the bridge right side path.
    Chapter 5
  • Xianyang, all the way left right before the exit break the crates then walk up against the wall.

Ultimate Moves

Aura Gatling = Aura Punch + Mach Punch?
Super Shadowless Kick = Mach Kick + Aerial Guillotine?
Green Dragon Crescent Blade = Rapid Slash + ?
Demonic Tide = Nut Shot
Slash Flurry = Iai Slash
Meteorite Special = Hawk Fist + Rocket Kick
Dragon Tail Kick = Typhoon Kick
Blast Crash = Dragon Kick + ?

Super Special Offense = Given in chapter 4.

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