Rock Simulator 2: How to Improve Your Game Performance

Make game run gooder 🙂


Nvidia Users:

if you have an Nvidia Graphics Card you can use Nvidia Control Panel to lock your fps to 20… we’re looking at an unmoving rock so I’m sure you wont mind.

How to do it:
-Open Nvidia Control Panel
-Go to 3D Settings, Manage 3D settings
-Select Program Settings, use the Add function to hunt for Rock Sim 2
-Scroll halfway down until you see Max FPS, click the right section to find an fps slider and slap that bad boy all the way down to the lowest possible


From here we are simply setting everything to as low as they can possibly go, just spam the low option on every single setting in Quality Settings.

Bonus points if you run the game in windowed and just scrunk it down to be real small, this wont improve fps but it will make your little rock champ really really small.

(note: rock simulator loves to randomly detect controllers that are being used in other games, the only solution I’ve found as of right now is to click into rock sim, then click back into the actual game you want to use your controller in… this will surely get fixed in the near future.)

The Ultimate Map for FPS:

The home page… it still provides rock levels while consuming like 10% of the resources the game normally takes up.

Basically unless you’re doing a puzzle or looking for small rocks then the home page is the best place to be for performance.

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