Rustler: All Unique Horse Locations

A short screenshot guide on where to find all the horses.


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There are a lot of guides online about how the horses look, but not many on how to find them. After hours upon hours of trying to figure out how to catch horses, I have decided to make this little guide.

Now, a lot of people saying there are more chances to find unique horses if you ride the same breed around (a.i., ride a White Horspeed to find a Red Horspeed on the road), or wearing a horse mask, and that may be true for spawn rates on the road where you can Grand Theft Horse. However, I have never seen any of these unique horses being ridden myself, and every single unique one (but the latter) were found as you would find a Pokemon: in the wilds.

Here is a small guide with screenshots on where to find unique horses.

Note that you have to lose the chase if you want to give the horse to the trainer, as it is hard to navigate inside This Neigh Land, and you might just lose the horse you’ve ridden half-a-map to give out.

Fourhoof and Guardneigh

Not unique, but wirth a mention. Neither really needs a screenshot. These two horses are introductory to mechanics of this (not so-) hidden quest.

Fourhoof is the first horse you get, and early in the game nearly every peasant rides one, and nearly every parking has one. Picking it up straight from the road is easy, or finding it in the civilised world.

Guardneigh is just a little bit trickier. Guards ride them, and you can obtain one by Grand Theft Horsing it from the guard. In rare cases you can find one on the parking lot, or in the wilds in case you got chased and the guard got off the horse and left it be.

In rare cases both types can be found at the tolled horses section at the screenshot below.

Red Horspeed

Black and White Warhoof

White Dotted Hackney

Spotted Charger

Blue Horsepeed

Rainbow Charger

This one is a tricky one: I have found it at where you see the screenshot, however, some people claim it’s not there for them. It might be that the horse has a random spawn rate around the map, so you’ll need just to scout for it, unfortunately. It didn’t take me much time, however: whether it is luck-based, or the horse spawns nearby, I am not sure. The tricky part is, however, it doesn’t fit the in-game description of a horse: instead of a rainbow on the neck, it has large stripes of bright colours along its body, therefore, is very easy to spot.

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