Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space: Chapter 2 Walkthrough

A quick guide to Moai Better Blues, the second Chapter of Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space


Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Sam and Max are back from the north pole, but before they can celebrate – DISASTER – Sybil’s being chased by a giant glowing triangle that’s sucking up everything in it’s path!

Once the cutscene ends, immediately enter Bosco’s Inconvenience, where another cutscene will start and immediately open a conversation with Bosco. Ask him about the Triangle, then ask how to stop it, then ask how to communicate with it. Bosco will tell you you need a Red Octagon to make it stop whatever it’s doing. He will also say that the Triangles are big on shapes and colours. Remember this.

Immediately run back into the street, and cross the street into Stinky’s Diner. Once there, head to the far right and pry the Stop Sign off the wall. Once you have it, head back outside and use the Red Stop Sign on the Red Triangle.

The introduction cutscene will now play.

Once the introduction cutscene has played, head to the left until you talk to the baby waving a gun; it’s Jimmy Hoffa! Once you’ve talked to him to your hearts content, walk left again, and click on the Tiny Tiki sign.

You will now arrive at a Tiki Bar. Walk to the far left to talk to the baby next to the fire; it’s Glen Miller! Talk to him about his music, and he’ll give you the task of finding new sounds for his music: a train whistle, and an electronic tune. While you’re at it, grab the mallet – you’ll need it later.

To make the train whistle noise for Baby Miller pick up the Glass on the Tiki Bar, then use the Glass on the Water Dispenser, then use the now full Glass on the kettle hanging over the fire. Then use the Glass on the Paci-Fire Dispenser, then use the Glass full of questionable cocktail on the fire itself.

In order to get a new Electronic sound, head back to the right, and click on the sign of three Moai Heads, and then head back through the Red Triangle. Head to the far right and talk to the C.O.P.S. about their new game. Keep talking about the game until you play it. To play the game, run over Bagpipes in the DeSoto while avoiding Accordions and not missing too many Bagpipes. Take the horn back to the Tiki Bar and use it on Baby Miller.

If you do the above two tasks, Baby Miller will give you a Conch Shell. While you’re there, fill up the Glass with a random drink, it doesn’t matter which, and head back to the Portal Area. While there, give the full Glass to Baby Hoffa. He will refuse it, and set you the task of balancing a waiter’s table on your head while riding the bucking surfboard.

Head back to the Tiki Bar and use the Waitress’ Tray on the Bucking Surfboard called “Wipeout!”. To complete the mini-game simply lean back and forth, taking care not to drop the baby bottle while avoiding the bottles thrown at Sam’s head (how rude). Once you succeed head back to the portal area and talk to Baby Hoffa, telling him that you have completed his task.

Now walk to the right, until the Portal Triangles are in clear view. Take out your Big Gun and shoot the Large Silver Portal next to the Buried Head. Then run to the far right, and shoot the Large Gold Portal next to the Fountain of Youth. Then run back to the Moai Heads, and use the Conch Shell on the Middle Head. Then, while the Middle Head is whistling, shoot the Buried Head.

Now fill the Glass from the Fountain of Youth and give the Glass to Baby Hoffa. You should now have access to the Secret Cave. Enter the Secret Cave.

Once inside the Secret Cave, there will be a short cutscene followed by a forced talk. Just pick the options one by one, it doesn’t matter which. Once you have finished the conversation, you’ll have three new objectives. To be Anointed by The Feet, to turn water into something tasty, and to have Max’s face revealed by the Island.

To be Anointed by The Feet, first use the mallet on the Gold Gong in the Underwater Cave. Then run back to the surface to the Moai Heads. After a short cutscene plays, shoot the medium Silver Gong next to the Middle Head. Run back into the Underwater Cave and tell the Monkeys that you wish Max to be anointed. While Max is under the feet, quickly use the Conch Shell on the Gold Portal. The feet should dance, Max declares himself the true High Priest, and you have completed one of the tasks.

To turn the water into something tasty, run to the far left of the cave to the Sunken Plane’s Radio. Use the Radio, and tune it until you hear Bosco’s voice. Then use the Speaker to pretend to be aliens and scare Bosco into hiding. Then run back to Bosco’s Inconvenience and pick up some Banang. Run back to the Underwater Cave and use the Banang on the Ceremonial Urn. Max will use the Banang to make the water into something tasty, completing one of the tasks.

To make Max’s face be revealed by the Island, head into Stinky’s Diner, and use the Sea Snail on the Gong. Then shoot the Red Gong. Now talk to Stinky and keep talking to Stinky until you ask about the Special, specifically until Stinky tells you about the Kid’s Special. Jump through the Red Portal and use the Glass on The Fountain of Youth. Then use the now full glass on Sam – enjoy being young again! It is recommended to talk to people while children, it’s hilarious! Anyways, jump back through the red Portal and talk to Stinky, asking for the Kid’s Special. Take the Basalt Sandwich, jump back through the portal, and give it the the Right Head. After that, pick any option, it really doesn’t matter. Then head back to the Underwater Cave and head to the right, pick up the Stalagmite, and then use it on the Maxish Clam near the entrance. Do all this, and you should of have completed one of the tasks.

Once you have completed all three tasks, a cutscene should play. Once it’s over, quickly press the Emergency Button to ring a giant gong. Then, head back down the machine using the Pod, and then grab both the Medallion and the Sock Crown. Use the Medallion on the pool of red slime, and run back to the surface.

On the surface, shoot the Gold Gong in the far distance with your big gun, then run to the faright to shoot the small Silver Gong. Then use the Red stained Medallion on the Silver Portal, and win the game.

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