s&box: How to Change Keybinds

How to change the default keybinds using the developer console


Finding the inputs and changing them
Press F1 to open the developer console

Then type key_listboundkeys

This will print a list of all the current bound keys as well as the name of the input.

For example, the input for switching between First and Thirdperson is called “+iv_view”
so if you want to change that just type: bind b +iv_view (Change b to whatever key you want of course)

If something goes wrong during this process you can always revert to the default key bindings by typing: binddefaults

Extra: Disable bloom
This is a personal prefrence of course but I think the default bloom effect is way overkill and a lot of custom maps just look like a blur

If you want to disable it type r_post_bloom 0

With bloom

Without bloom

(The map is Wuhu Island by Epic Gamers)

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